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75+ baby first and middle names that sound great together

Choosing a baby name can feel like a bit of a minefield. Then throw in having to choose a middle name that goes with the first and you have a real dilemma on your hands!

Picking the right baby name for you is great fun, but sometimes you just draw a blank on inspiration for what names go together.

Writing down baby name ideas when pregnant

There are some middle names that just work incredibly well with a huge range of first baby names.

For girls a lot of these are flower names, such as Rose and Daisy. They’re simple but just seem to roll together nicely with a lot of first names.

May is another great option for a middle name that works very well with a range of first names.

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Tips for choosing a first and middle name that work together

The key to picking a first and middle name combination that works together is to write down all of the names you love first.

Do a brain dump of names you like, starting by thinking of every name you can think of. Keep the list with you (try saving it as a notes document on your phone) and add to it as and when you come across a name you love.

It’s often easier to pick a first name that you love, before then moving onto choosing a middle name that works with it.

However many people choose middle names that have some kind of sentimental meaning, for example you may pick your mother’s name as a middle name for your baby girl.

If this is your starting point, then you would want to choose a first name to go with that middle name.

When it comes to what first name works best with what middle name, it’s really up to you. There’s no tried and tested formula!

Some names just sound great together! Things like alliteration, where you choose two names beginning with the same letter for example Frieda Florence, can help names to flow together.

However it’s worth remembering that as your baby goes through life, their middle name is not the most important as it will be used so rarely day-to-day.

When we chose middle names for our two daughters, will simply went with names we liked and felt sounded right with their first name.

Here are some tips for choosing your baby’s first and middle name:

Is there a particular theme you like?

While you may pick a name simply because you like it, there might be themes that work well for you.

Baby name themes that are popular include floral, nature, traditional, old-fashioned, colours and seasons.

The first and middle name don’t have to be from the same theme, and you can choose two names from totally different themes. Mixing it up can be fun.

Do you worry about the name being too popular?

I personally didn’t care that my baby names were popular when I chose them. And actually we haven’t encountered any other children with my daughter’s name in school yet, even though it’s in the top 50 baby names for the country.

But some people love the idea of a really unique name. So research the top 100 baby names so that you know where the trends are, then you can research unusual names that aren’t so mainstream.

Think about nicknames

How can the first and middle name combined or separately be shorted as nicknames.

Some nicknames are cute, but you may just want to have a think about any nicknames that you don’t like the idea of.

Look at the initials

When you have a first and middle baby name combination that you love, write the initials down along with the surname.

This is just so you can check it doesn’t combine to spell out something you don’t like.

Be prepared to change your mind

You may pick out the perfect baby name before your baby is born.

Or you may have a few options listed so you can make a final choice after they are born.

But remember that it’s totally OK to change your mind after the baby is born, and indeed right up until your register the birth officially!

It’s OK to change your mind if you want to.

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Cute first and middle names for boys

Albert Blake

Archie Eli

Archie James

Benjamin Tate

Benson Scott

Caleb Cole

Cooper Nolan

Dexter Cameron

Dylan James

Eli Jonas

Elijah Dorian 

Emerson Phoenix

Felix Cove

Finlay Ethan

Finn Atticus

Freddie Quinn

George Theodore

Grayson Finn

Gregory Oliver

Harrison Colt

Harvey Lochlan

Heath James

Hunter Maddox

Jack Ezra

Jasper Hendrix

Jaxon Hunter

Jenson Arlo

Joshua Aiden

Lincoln Oliver

Logan Atlas

Lucas Arthur

Luka Bryce

Mason Alexander

Milo West

Nate Isaac

Noah Riley

Oliver Adam

Oliver Hudson

Preston Grey

Rowan Albert

Sebastian David

Tate Sloane

Theodore Joseph

Tyler Elliott

Winston Alexander

Xavier Thomas

Sweet first and middle names for girls

Allegra Christine

Alice Elizabeth

Amelia Ivy

Amelie Fleur

Aurelia Lilac

Autumn Joy

Ava Katherine

Avery Rae

Ayla Rosalie

Camilla Dae

Cordelia Faye

Darcey Wren

Della Faye

Eden Soleil

Elisa Claire

Elsie Skye

Emily Eve

Evelyn Harlow

Fleur Quinn

Florence Leah

Freya Estelle

Harper Avery

Imogen Belle

India Rose

Mackenzie Avalon

Madeleine Harper

Matilda Faith

Margot Juliet

Mia Grace

Mila Beatrice

Olivia Jade

Ophelia May 

Paige Aurora

Penelope Olive

Poppy Louise

Scarlett Isabelle

Sophie Amelie

Sienna Ruby

Summer Rae

Tallulah Jane

Violet June

Willa Jade

Willow Belle

Zara Victoria

First and middle baby name ideas that work great together

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