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100 middle names for Archie 

Do you need a middle name to go with Archie?

This joyful and bold baby boy name is a popular choice among parents and can go with a huge variety of names to create a unique and stunning moniker for your baby! 

Baby boy called Archie

We’ve got a list of over 100 middle name options, plus their meanings, to help you choose! 

What does Archie mean?

Archie means genuine and brave. It is a shortened version of Archibald, which is a name with English and Scottish origins. 

It has become increasingly popular since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle named their son Archie.  

They have also taken inspiration from his name for their charitable foundation, which is called Arche, which means source of action. 

This boy’s name taps into the popularity of using nicknames as given names. It’s both playful and strong at the same time. 

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The name has consistently been in the top 50 baby names for boys in England and Wales since 2003 so it is one of the more popular choices. 

Archie is also one of the fastest rising baby names in the US name charts thanks to the Harry and Meghan effect.

The name jumped up 316 spots in 2019 to number 672. This means it remains a relatively uncommon choice among US parents, but one we may see continue to grow.

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What middle names go with Archie?

Archie works well with traditional middle names such as Harrison (which was Harry and Meghan’s choice) and Alexander but is also a good fit for more unusual and rare names such as Kai and Idris. 

I find that the “ee” sound at the end of Archie lends itself well to shorter names or names that don’t end on a similar “ee” sound. 

One syllable names such as Bear, Kit and Ford go great with Archie as a name for a boy! 

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Middle names for Archie 

Here is a selection of fantastic middle names that go with Archie! 

When it comes to picking one think about the type of names that you love – do you want something quite traditional to go with Archie or to go for a bold and unusual choice! 

Sound out the names in your head and write your favourites down with your surname to see if they are a good fit for your baby’s name as a whole.


Archie Alexander 

Defender of men. 

Archie Ames 

French name meaning friend. 

Archie Atlas


Archie Arrow

After the projectiles you fire from a bow. To fly straight and true. 

Archie Axel

Father is peace. 


Archie Banks

Edge of the river. 

Archie Beau

French name meaning beautiful. 

Archie Beck 

Meaning stream. 

Archie Beckett

Meaning bee cottage. 

Archie Bennett

Meaning blessed. 

Archie Birch 

A nature baby name meaning bright, shining and the birch tree. 

Archie Blake

An Old English name meaning black. 

Archie Blaze

Meaning fire or flame. 

Archie Boone 

Blessing or lucky. 

Archie Brae 

A French name meaning cry out or borderland. 

Archie Brixton

After the district in south London. 

Archie Bronson 

An English name meaning son of brown haired one. 


Archie Caden

Spirit of battle. 

Archie Caleb

A Hebrew name meaning faithful or brave. 

Archie Chance

Good fortune. 

Archie Chase 

A French name meaning to hunt. 

Archie Colton

Old English surname meaning coal town. 

Archie Conrad 

Brave or bold ruler. 

Archie Cosmo

A Greek name meaning order or beauty. 

Archie Cruz

A Spanish name meaning holy cross. 


Archie Dane 

God will judge. 

Archie Dash

Meaning to run quickly. 

Archie Dawson

Son of David. 

Archie Dax

A French name meaning water. 

Archie Dekker

Meaning roofer or piercing. 

Archie Drake 

English name meaning dragon or serpent. 


Archie Edward 

Meaning wealth or fortune. 

Archie Eli

A short and sweet name, meaning high or elevated. 

Archie Ellis

Meaning kind or benevolent. 

Archie Emerson

Meaning brave or powerful. 

Archie Emery

A Latin name meaning brave or loving. 

Archie Everest 

After the tallest mountain in the world. 


Archie Fallon

An Irish name meaning superiority. 

Archie Fenwick 

An Old English name meaning village on the marsh. 

Archie Finn

An Irish form of Fionn, meaning fair or white. 

Archie Fintan

Meaning little fair one. 

Archie Finley 

An Irish and Scottish name meaning blond warrior. 

Archie Flynn

An Irish name meaning red. 

Archie Ford

River crossing. 

Archie Fox

An unusual nature baby name after the wild animal. 


Archie Gatsby

A name made famous by the F Scott Fitzgerald book The Great Gatsby. Means from Gaddesby. 

Archie George 

Meaning farmer. 

Archie Gibson

An English name meaning son of Gilbert. 

Archie Gideon 

Meaning feller. 

Archie Gray

After the colour. 


Archie Harrison

House ruler. 

Archie Hart

Meaning stag, brave or strong. 

Archie Hendrick

Meaning home ruler. 

Archie Hendrix

Rules his household. 

Archie Heston

An English name meaning from Heston, which is a part of London. 

Archie Hiro

A Japanese name that can be for boys or girls. Means abundant or tolerant. 

Archie Hudson

Son of huddle. 

Archie Hunter

One who hunts. 

Archie Huxon

From a Latin word meaning just. 


Archie Idris

Fiery leader or prophet. 

Archie Irwin 

English name meaning boar or sea friend. 

Archie Isaac

One who laughs. 


Archie Jace

Greek name meaning healer. 

Archie Jack

God is gracious. 

Archie Jackson

Son of Jack. 

Archie Jake

Meaning god will protect. 

Archie James 


Archie Jameson

Son of James. 

Archie Jaxon

God is gracious. 

Archie Jensen 

A Scandinavian name meaning son of Jens. 

Archie Jett

Black stone. 

Archie Jonas

Dove or peaceful being. 

Archie Jude

A Hebrew name meaning praised. 

Archie Julian 

Youthful or sky father. 


Archie Kade 

A Scottish name meaning from the wetlands. 

Archie Kai

A Hawaiian name meaning sea. 

Archie Kayden 

Son of Cadan or battle. 

Archie Kasen

A Scandinavian name meaning pure. 

Archie Keaton

Place of hawks. 

Archie Kendrick

From the Welsh word meaning greatest champion. 

Archie Kincaid

Meaning battle leader. 

Archie Kingston

Meaning king’s town. 

Archie Kit

Meaning pure. 

Archie Knox

An English name meaning from the small hill. 


Archie Landon

Long hill. 

Archie Larson 

Meaning crowned with laurel. 

Archie Lathan

An English surname derived from a village in Lancashire in England. 

Archie Lawson

An English name meaning son of Lawrence. 

Archie Lennon

Meaning lover. 

Archie Lennox

Meaning with many elm trees. 

Archie Liam 

Strong-willed warrior. 

Archie Lincoln 

Meaning town by the pool. 

Archie Logan

A Scottish name meaning hollow. 

Archie London

After the English capital. 

Archie Louie

Meaning famous warrior. 

Archie Luca

Bringer of light. 

Archie Lucas

Meaning bringer of light. 

Archie Luke 

Meaning light. 


Archie Maddox


Archie Mason

Tradesman or artisan who works in stone. 

Archie Matthew 

Gift of god. 

Archie Maverick


Archie Max 

A shortened version of Maximilian or Maxwell, meaning greatest. 

Archie Milo/Mylo 

Dear or beloved. 


Archie Niall

Irish name meaning champion. 

Archie Nicholas 

Victory of the people. 

Archie Noah

Meaning rest or comfort. 

Archie Noble 

Meaning aristocratic. 

Archie Nolan

Meaning famous or champion. 


Archie Oliver 

Meaning ancestor’s descendants. 

Archie Orion

Meaning boundary or limit. 

Archie Orson 

Meaning bear. 

Archie Otto

Wealth and prosperity. 

Archie Owen 

An Irish and Welsh name meaning noble or youthful warrior. 


Archie Pax


Archie Paxton

Meaning peaceful settlement. 

Archie Phoenix

A unisex name meaning dark red. 


Archie Quaid

Meaning son of Uaid. 

Archie Quinn

Meaning wise or counsel. 


Archie Reign

Rule or sovereign. 

Archie Remington

Meaning settlement on a riverbank. 

Archie Rex

Meaning king. 

Archie Rexton

Meaning ruler. 

Archie Rhett

Meaning advice. 

Archie River

Water that flows to the sea. 

Archie Roan

Meaning small red-head. 

Archie Rocco

An Italian name meaning rest. 

Archie Rowan

An Irish and English name meaning river in paradise. 

Archie Royce

Meaning royal. 


Archie Salinger

Meaning peace. 

Archie Silas

A Greek and Latin name meaning wood or forest. 

Archie Sloan

Fighter or warrior. 

Archie Steel

After the strong metal, means hard. 

Archie Storm 

Meaning rough weather. 

Archie Sullivan

An Irish name meaning dark-eyed. 


Archie Talon 

Meaning the claw of a bird of prey. 

Archie Tate


Archie Tatum

Tate’s homestead. 

Archie Theo

Meaning gift. 

Archie Theodore 

Gift of god. 

Archie Thomas 

Meaning twin. 

Archie Tobias 

Meaning god is good. 


Archie Urban

Meaning citizen. 


Archie Vaughn

A Celtic name meaning small. 

Archie Vin



Archie Walker

An English name meaning cloth walker. 

Archie Wilfred

Meaning peace. 

Archie Winston 

An Old English name meaning joy or stone. 

Archie Wren

A unisex name meaning bird. 

Archie Wyatt

Meaning brave in world. 


Archie Yale 

Meaning heights or upland. 


Archie Zane 

Meaning god’s gracious gift. 

Archie Zeke

God strengthens. 

Middle names for Archie

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