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52 floral baby girl names

52 floral baby girl names

Floral baby girl names are so beautiful and feminine, and yet many of them are strong and bold too!

A floral themed name is perfect for a baby girl, evoking images of nature and beauty. Many people choose to go for a flower themed middle name, but floral first names are also still extremely popular. 

Choosing a name for your baby

When it comes to picking a floral baby name for your little one, you could opt for a flower that has particular sentiment to you. Maybe you carried roses in your wedding bouquet!

If you are going for a floral first name, it may be nice to add something traditional in for the middle name. 

Whatever you decide, there is so much choice when it comes to floral baby names that you’ll find something here that suits your taste. 

Here are 52 floral baby girl names for you to check out, plus their meanings!

1. Alyssa

The name is derived from the floral name alyssum, a type of flower. The word also means rational. 

2. Aster

This is the name of a genus of flowers that come from the Greek word Aster, which means star. 

3. Azalea

A beautiful pink flower! Azalea also means dry. 

4. Bluebell

This is a cheerful name inspired by the stunning blue flowers that pop up in England in the spring. 

5. Bryony

The name Bryony refers to a perennial vine with greenish flowers. Not many people may realise it has floral connections is a lively name for a little girl. 

6. Buttercup

Remember Princess Buttercup in The Princess Bride? The names means yellow wildflower. 

7. Calla

This pretty but simple name means “beautiful” making it a wonderful choice for a little girl. Calla is derived from the flower calla lily. 

8. Camellia

The name comes from the camellia flower. It comes in pastel, white and bright colours featuring lots of blossomy petals. 

9. Cassia

Cassia has Greek, Latin origin and means cinnamon. A spicy and exotic name!

10. Clover

The meaning behind this English name is “key”. It also has connections to luck due to the four-leaf clover, which is a symbol of good luck. 

12. Dahlia

Dahlia is of Scandinavian origin and means Dahl’s flower. The Dahlia was named after a pioneering Swedish botanist. 

13. Daisy

This is a very old English name that means “day’s eye”. The daisy is a simple but classic flower. This is a beautiful middle name but works very well as a first name too. 

14. Delphine

A name of Greek origin meaning “dolphin”. The name is also related to delphinium which is a flower whose centre resembles a dolphin. 

15. Diantha

This name is similar to Diana but with a more exotic twist! The meaning of Diantha is divine flower. 

16. Elodie

The meaning of Elodie is “foreign riches”. However its connections can also be traced back to a Greek word meaning “marsh flower”. 

17. Fleur

From the French word for flower, this is a beautiful baby girl name. It’s nice and short, but sounds very special. 

18. Florentina

The name comes from the Latin word for “blooming”. A lovely feminine name, which you could shorten to Flora. 

19. Hana

From the hebrew word for “flower blossom”, this is a lovely way to use a familiar name but with an unusual spelling. 

20. Heather

English heather is rich in colour and associated with the wild highlands of Scotland. A perfect name for a little wild child. 

21. Holly

The perfect name for a Christmas baby girl! It refers to the popular tree that is commonly seen around Christmas time. 

22. Ianthe

The name comes from the Greek word meaning “purple flower”. A lovely and unusual baby name choice. 

23. Iris

Iris’ are a gorgeous flowering plant, with the name for the flower coming from the Greek word for “rainbow”. 

24. Ivy

Ivy represents fidelity, as in ancient Greece it was traditional for newly married couples to be given an ivy wreath.

25. Jacinda

The name comes from the Latin meaning hyacinth flower. 

26. Jasmine

The name refers to the climbing plant with delicate and fragrant flowers. It has a beautiful and exotic sound. It’s also a perfect choice if you are a Disney fan, as Princess Jasmine from Aladdin is one of the most loved of all the Disney princesses. 

27. Kalina

A name of Slavic origin meaning “flower”. It is also an Australian name, where it means “to love”. 

28. Lavender

Love the smell and look of lavender? This is the perfect name! The word comes from the Latin word “Lavare” which means “to wash”. 

29. Laylani

A feminine name with a beautiful meaning! It translates to “heavenly flower”. 

30. Lilac

Lilacs are a bold and vibrant flower. The name comes from the Persian word for “bluish”. 

31. Liliane

A French name that is derived from the flower name Lily. 

32. Lily

One of the most beautiful and striking flowers you can find! The name can also symbolise “pure”, “passion” and “rebirth”. 

33. Marguerite

This is a French word meaning “daisy”. 

34. Maryam

A derivative of the name Miriam, which means “sea of sorrow”. It is a popular Islamic name. 

35. Peony

A rare and beautiful flower. The word means “healing”. 

36. Petal 

Can’t choose your favourite flower? Pick them all by naming your baby after the most stunning feature of all flowers! The word means “leaf” in Greek. 

37. Poppy

A bright and cheerful name, the word means “red flower”. 

38. Posey (or Posy)

A beautiful and very English name. Posey literally means a bunch of flowers and is a gorgeous, playful choice for a little girl. 

39. Primrose

Recently made famous due to a lead character in the Hunger Games trilogy being called Primrose, or Prim. The word means “first rose”. 

40. Roise

A slight variation on the usual spelling of Rose makes this a unique choice for a baby name. It comes from the Gaelic word for rose. 

41. Rosa

From the Spanish and Italian word meaning “rose, a flower”. 

42. Rosalie 

A French name meaning Rose, it has also grown in popularity following the hit Twilight franchise. 

43. Rosalind

A Spanish word meaning “pretty rose”. 

44. Rose

A very English name and simply, but stunning, for a baby girl. 

45. Saffron

Taken from the word for saffron, a spice with a vivid and distinctive colour. The spice comes from the saffron crocus plant, which is a beautiful purple colour. 

46. Sage

From the Latin word for “wise”. Sage is a type of plant used for cooking as well as healing and cleansing. 

47. Tansy

From the Greek word for “immortality”. It is also the name of a flower featuring small yellow blooms. 

48. Tulip

From the Turkish word for “turban”. The flowers are colourful and stunning, a great name that will stand out. 

49. Violet

Jennifer Garner called one of her daughter’s Violet and it’s easy to see why. This is a pretty and delicate name. It is from the Latin word for “purple”. 

50. Willow

This name is inspired by the willow tree. It also means “gracefully slender and lithe”. 

51. Yasmin

A spin-off from the name Jasmine. 

52. Zahara

The name means “flower” in Arabic. It is also connected to the Hebrew word for “shining” and “bright”. 

Floral baby girl name ideas
52 floral baby girl names

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