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100+ awesome middle names for Oliver 

Looking for middle names for a baby boy called Oliver?

It’s easy to see why this cute and playful baby name is one of the most popular choices among parents. 

Baby boy called Oliver

If you’ve decided Oliver is your top choice for a first name then you’re here now because you need help with a middle name! I’ve got some classy, cool, unique and boho middle name choices, plus their meanings, to help you pick!

What does Oliver mean?

Oliver is an Old French and English name with connections to the Latin word olivarius, which means olive tree planter. 

Other meanings for the name Oliver include ancestor’s descendants. 

Although Oliver itself is a cute name, people love to shorten it to Ollie or Oly. 

Famous Olivers include actors Oliver Reed and Oliver Platt as well as politician Oliver Cromwell. 

Oliver has been in the top boys’ names in England and Wales since 2013, according to the ONS. The female version of the name – Olivia – has also been a popular choice since 2016.  

The name is also a popular choice in Australia and the US. 

What names go with Oliver?

Oliver is a three-syllable name so lends itself well to one or two syllable middle names. Combinations that sound great include Oliver Cruz, Oliver David and Oliver Edward. 

I also think Oliver Flynn is a great combination. 

As Oliver is quite a popular name it can be nice to choose a lesser used, unusual middle name that creates a slightly different spin. This is why I like the name combination Oliver Gatsby or Oliver Rocco. 

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Middle names that go with Oliver 


Oliver Abel 

Meaning breath or vapour. 

Oliver Ace

Number one or best. 

Oliver Adam 

Meaning son of the red earth. 

Oliver Aiden 

A Gaelic name meaning little fire. 

Oliver Alexander 

Defender of men. 

Oliver Archer

Meaning bow or bowman. 

Oliver Arlen 

Pledge or oath. 

Oliver Arthur

A Celtic name meaning bear. 

Oliver Asher 

Happy or blessed. 

Oliver Arlo 

Meaning rock hill or fortified hill. 

Oliver Arrow

After the projectiles you fire from a bow. To fly straight and true. 

Oliver Atticus

An Old Roman name meaning man of Attica. 

Oliver Augustus 


Oliver Axel

Father is peace. 


Oliver Beck 

Meaning stream. 

Oliver Beckett

Meaning bee cottage. 

Oliver Bentley

A British name meaning meadow. 

Oliver Birch 

A nature baby name meaning bright, shining and the birch tree. 

Oliver Blake

An Old English name meaning black. 

Oliver Blaze

Meaning fire or flame. 

Oliver Boden

Shelter or one who brings news. 

Oliver Bodhi 


Oliver Boone 

Blessing or lucky. 

Oliver Boston

After the city in the US. Also means town by the woods. 

Oliver Bowen

Welsh name meaning son of Owen. 

Oliver Brixton

After the district in south London. 


Oliver Caden

Spirit of battle. 

Oliver Caleb

A Hebrew name meaning faithful or brave. 

Oliver Callum 

A Scottish Gaelic name meaning dove. 

Oliver Calvin

Little bald one. 

Oliver Carson

Son of marsh-dwellers. 

Oliver Conrad 

Brave or bold ruler. 

Oliver Cosmo

A Greek name meaning order or beauty. 

Oliver Cruz

A Spanish name meaning holy cross. 


Oliver Dalton

From the valley town. 

Oliver Damian 

From the Greek name Damianos which means to overcome or conquer. 

Oliver Dane 

God will judge. 

Oliver Dash

Meaning to run quickly. 

Oliver David


Oliver Dax

A French name meaning water. 

Oliver Deacon 

A Greek name meaning servant or messenger. 

Oliver Declan 

Man of prayer. 

Oliver Dermot

Free man. 

Oliver Dekker

Meaning roofer or piercing. 

Oliver Dexter

Right handed or fortunate. 

Oliver Drake 

English name meaning dragon or serpent. 


Oliver Edward 

Meaning wealth or fortune. 

Oliver Egan

Fiery or forceful. 

Oliver Eli

A short and sweet name, meaning high or elevated. 

Oliver Ellis

Meaning kind or benevolent. 

Oliver Emmett

A name of Hebrew, German and English origin meaning universal. 

Oliver Ethan 

A Hebrew name meaning strong and solid. 

Oliver Evan

A Welsh name meaning youth or god is gracious. 


Oliver Fallon

An Irish name meaning superiority. 

Oliver Fenwick 

An Old English name meaning village on the marsh. 

Oliver Finn

An Irish form of Fionn, meaning fair or white. 

Oliver Fintan

Meaning little fair one. 

Oliver Finley 

An Irish and Scottish name meaning blond warrior. 

Oliver Flynn

An Irish name meaning red. 

Oliver Fox

An unusual nature baby name after the wild animal. 

Oliver Francis 

Free man. 


Oliver Gabriel 

God is my strength 

Oliver Garrett

Rules by the spear. 

Oliver Gatsby

A name made famous by the F Scott Fitzgerald book The Great Gatsby. Means from Gaddesby. 

Oliver George 

Meaning farmer. 

Oliver Gibson

An English name meaning son of Gilbert. 

Oliver Gideon 

Meaning feller. 

Oliver Gray

After the colour. 

Oliver Graydon

Meaning son of grey or grey settlement. 


Oliver Hamish

Meaning god protects. 

Oliver Harley 

Hare’s meadow. 

Oliver Harrison

House ruler. 

Oliver Hendrick

Meaning home ruler. 

Oliver Hendrix

Rules his household. 

Oliver Henry

House ruler. 

Oliver Heston

An English name meaning from Heston, which is a part of London. 

Oliver Hiro

A Japanese name that can be for boys or girls. Means abundant or tolerant. 

Oliver Holden

Meaning from the hollow in the valley. 

Oliver Horatio

Meaning timekeeper. 

Oliver Hudson

Son of huddle. 

Oliver Huxley

An English name meaning Hugh’s meadow. 

Oliver Huxon

From a Latin word meaning just. 


Oliver Idris 


Oliver Ilias 

Child of the sun or sunlight. 

Oliver Indie

An English name that could be a shortened version of Indigo or independence. Indigo means dye from India. Indie is also the nickname of Indiana Jones. 

Oliver Irwin 

English name meaning boar or sea friend. 

Oliver Isaac

One who laughs. 


Oliver Jace

Greek name meaning healer. 

Oliver Jack

God is gracious. 

Oliver Jackson

Son of Jack. 

Oliver Jake

Meaning god will protect. 

Oliver James 


Oliver Jameson

Son of James. 

Oliver Jaxon

God is gracious. 

Oliver Jasper 


Oliver Jett

Black stone. 

Oliver Jonas

Dove or peaceful being. 

Oliver Jordan 

To flow down or descend. 

Oliver Joseph 

God will give. 

Oliver Joshua 

God is deliverance. 

Oliver Jude

A Hebrew name meaning praised. 

Oliver Julian 

Youthful or sky father. 


Oliver Kade 

A Scottish name meaning from the wetlands. 

Oliver Kai

A Hawaiian name meaning sea. 

Oliver Kayden 

Son of Cadan or battle. 

Oliver Killian

Meaning little church. 

Oliver Kincaid

Meaning battle leader. 

Oliver Kingston

Meaning king’s town. 

Oliver Kit

Meaning pure. 

Oliver Knox

An English name meaning from the small hill. 

Oliver Korbyn

Meaning raven. 

Oliver Krew

An English name meaning group. 

Oliver Kyle 

Meaning narrow strait or channel. 


Oliver Landon

Long hill. 

Oliver Lawson

An English name meaning son of Lawrence. 

Oliver Lennon

Meaning lover. 

Oliver Lennox

Meaning with many elm trees. 

Oliver Leonardo 

Meaning brave as a lion. 

Oliver Levi

Meaning united. 

Oliver Liam 

Strong-willed warrior. 

Oliver Lincoln 

Meaning town by the pool. 

Oliver Logan

A Scottish name meaning hollow. 

Oliver London

After the English capital. 

Oliver Louie

Meaning famous warrior. 

Oliver Luca

Bringer of light. 

Oliver Lucas

Meaning bringer of light. 

Oliver Luke 

Meaning light. 


Oliver Mason

Tradesman or artisan who works in stone. 

Oliver Matthew 

Gift of god. 

Oliver Maverick


Oliver Max 

A shortened version of Maximilian or Maxwell, meaning greatest. 

Oliver Maxim

The greatest. 

Oliver Micah/Mykah

Who is like god. 

Oliver Milo/Mylo 

Dear or beloved. 


Oliver Nash

Dweller by the ash tree. 

Oliver Nate

To give. 

Oliver Nathan 

Meaning gift. 

Oliver Niall

Irish name meaning champion. 

Oliver Nicholas 

Victory of the people. 

Oliver Noah

Meaning rest or comfort. 

Oliver Noble 

Meaning aristocratic. 

Oliver Nolan

Meaning famous or champion. 


Oliver Orion

Meaning boundary or limit. 

Oliver Owen 

An Irish and Welsh name meaning noble or youthful warrior. 


Oliver Pax


Oliver Paxton

Meaning peaceful settlement. 

Oliver Phoenix

A unisex name meaning dark red. 


Oliver Quaid

Meaning son of Uaid. 

Oliver Quinn

Meaning wise or counsel. 


Oliver Ranger 

An English name meaning forest protector. 

Oliver Reign

Rule or sovereign. 

Oliver Rex

Meaning king. 

Oliver Rhett

Meaning advice. 

Oliver Rigby

An English name meaning lives in the ruler. 

Oliver Ripp

Meaning strength or ripe. 

Oliver River

Water that flows to the sea. 

Oliver Roan

Meaning small red-head. 

Oliver Rocco

An Italian name meaning rest. 

Oliver Ross

Meaning the steed or horse. 

Oliver Rowan

An Irish and English name meaning river in paradise. 

Oliver Royce

Meaning royal. 

Oliver Russell 

Meaning red haired or red skinned. 

Oliver Ryatt 

An alternative spelling for Wyatt. Means just or beautiful boy. 

Oliver Ryder

Meaning horse rider. 


Oliver Salinger

Meaning peace. 

Oliver Samson 

Of the sun. 

Oliver Sawyer


Oliver Silas

A Greek and Latin name meaning wood or forest. 


Oliver Talon 

Meaning the claw of a bird of prey. 

Oliver Tate


Oliver Tatum

Tate’s homestead. 

Oliver Theo

Meaning gift. 

Oliver Theodore 

Gift of god. 

Oliver Thomas 

Meaning twin. 

Oliver Tobias 

Meaning god is good. 

Oliver Toby 

God is good. 


Oliver Vaughn

A Celtic name meaning small. 


Oliver Weston

Meaning a town in the west. 

Oliver Wilder 

Meaning untamed or wild. 

Oliver Wilfred

Meaning peace. 

Oliver Winston 

An Old English name meaning joy or stone. 

Oliver Wren

A unisex name meaning bird. 

Oliver Wyatt

Meaning brave in world. 


Oliver Xander 

A shortened version of Alexander. Means defender of men. 


Oliver Zachary

Meaning god remembers. 

Oliver Zane 

Meaning god’s gracious gift. 

Oliver Zeke

God strengthens. 

Middle names for Oliver

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