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75+ beautiful, unique middle names that go with Olivia 

There are lots of adorable and unique middle names with work brilliantly with Olivia. 

This is a very popular girls name and it’s easy to see why! The name easily rolls off the tongue but it is also pretty and bold. 

It can be shortened in a number of ways to cute nicknames for your baby girl too. 

Baby girl called Olivia

The great thing about picking a middle name that works with Olivia is it goes with such a variety of names – from delicate and feminine names to more unusual and badass name choices. 

What are some good names that go with Olivia 

Olivia contains four syllables but lends itself really well to names of all lengths. 

However I think one or two syllable names go partially well with Olivia, such as Anais, Mae and Rae. 

For an unusual and unique choice name combinations such as Olivia Lark and and Olivia Suki are very pretty choices. 

Unique middle names for Olivia also work really well, such as Olivia Amariah and Olivia Winter (for an unusual spelling try Wynter). 

What does Olivia mean?

The name Olivia is Latin in origin and comes from the olive tree. 

It is the most popular name for girls in both the UK and US, according to the ONS in the UK and SSA in the US.  

The name has ranked highly for several years and it’s easy to see why! Olivia is a beautiful mix of femininity and strength, with a meaning that has its roots in nature. 

It can also be shortened to some pretty cute nicknames such as Livvy, Olive and Liv. 

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Baby name trends 2022

Unique and beautiful middle names for Olivia 

We’ve rounded up over 100 middle names that go great with Olivia and got the meanings too!

Let us know your favourites, or which names you picked for your own Olivia, in the comments.


Olivia Alexis

Helper or defender. 

Olivia Amelie 

Meaning industrious.

Olivia Amy 

Meaning beloved or to love. You could also try the spelling Aimee.

Olivia Anais 

Meaning gracious and merciful.

Olivia Anne 

A Hebrew name meaning god has favoured me. You could also try dropping the “e” on the end to make it Ann.

Olivia Audrey 

Meaning noble strength.

Olivia Aurelia 

Meaning golden.


Olivia Bailey 

A unisex name meaning bailiff. 

Olivia Bea 

Meaning blessed or happiness.

Olivia Blue 

A lovely unusual name choice after the colour.

Olivia Boo

A cute nickname for a girl that has become popular as a middle name. Jamie Oliver called his daughter Daisy Boo. 

Olivia Bowie 

A Scottish and Irish surname meaning fair-haired. It’s grown in popularity as parents have picked it in tribute to the singer David Bowie. 

Olivia Bird 

A pretty one syllable nature baby name. 

Olivia Bree 

Meaning power and virtue.

Olivia Brianna 

Meaning noble and exalted.


Olivia Cadence 

Meaning rhythm or beat.

Olivia Camila 

Meaning “young ceremonial attendant”.

Olivia Caroline 

Meaning strong.

Olivia Cate 

A variation of Kate that means pure or blessed.

Olivia Catherine

Meaning pure.

Olivia Claire 

Meaning bright or light coloured.

Olivia Coco 

A cute middle name meaning chocolate bean. 

Olivia Constance 


Olivia Cora 

Just or honest. 

Olivia Cosette 



Olivia Daisy 

After the pretty wild flower. Also means day’s eye. 

Olivia Dawn 

This name means new beginnings so is a lovely choice for a newborn.

Olivia Dixie

Meaning ten. 


Olivia Elle 

A French name meaning she.

Olivia Elise 

Meaning god is my oath.

Olivia Elowyn 

Meaning elm tree.

Olivia Erin

Meaning Ireland. 

Olivia Estelle 

Meaning star.

Olivia Eve 

Meaning life or living.


Olivia Faith 

Meaning belief or having complete trust in something.

Olivia Faye 

Meaning loyalty or belief.

Olivia Fern

After the leafy shade-loving green plant.

Olivia Fleur 

Meaning flower.

Olivia Frances 

Meaning from France or free man.


Olivia Giovanna 

Meaning god is gracious.

Olivia Grace 

A beautiful feminine name that is serene and pretty, meaning god’s grace.

Olivia Grey 

After the colour, you could also spell this as Gray.

Olivia Gwen 

Meaning fair or white.


Olivia Harper 

Meaning harp player.

Olivia Hazel 

After the hazelnut tree.

Olivia Hope 

A gorgeous middle name choice as it is short but means optimism.


Olivia Iris 

Meaning rainbow.

Olivia Ivy 

Meaning vine.


Olivia Jane 

Meaning god is gracious.

Olivia Jasmine 

Meaning gift from god.

Olivia Journey

An unusual middle name choice meaning to travel or grow.

Olivia Joy

Meaning joyful and happiness.  

Olivia June

A perfect name for a summer baby. You could also try the name Juno.


Olivia Kate 

Pure or clear. 

Olivia Kit 

A cute one syllable baby name meaning carrier of christ. 

Olivia Kyra 

Meaning lord. 


Olivia Laine 

Meaning path or roadway.

Olivia Lark 

Meaning songbird.

Olivia Leigh 

Meaning delicate or meadow.

Olivia Lily

I love the sound of the Ls in this combination! Lily is after the pretty and delicate flower.

Olivia Louisa 

Meaning fame or warrior.

Olivia Lucy

Meaning light.

Olivia Luna 

Meaning moon.


Olivia Mabel 

Meaning loveable.

Olivia Madeleine 

A French name meaning high tower.

Olivia Madison 

Meaning son of Matthew.

Olivia Mae 

Meaning star of the sea or pearl.

Olivia Margaret 

Meaning pearl.

Olivia Marie 

Meaning star of the sea.

Olivia Mckenzie 

A Scottish surname that means comely or born of fire.


Olivia Noelle 

Meaning Christmas – perfect for a winter baby.


Olivia Octavia 

Meaning eighth.

Olivia Ophelia 

A Greek name meaning help.


Olivia Paige 

A Latin name meaning young helper.

Olivia Penelope 

Meaning weaver.

Olivia Poppy 

After the pretty red flower, also meaning happiness.


Olivia Quinn

Meaning wise or counsel.


Olivia Rae 

Meaning ewe or female sheep.

Olivia River 

A pretty name choice if you love nature baby names.

Olivia Robyn 

Meaning bright fame.

Olivia Ruby 

Meaning deep red precious stone.


Olivia Scarlett 

After the deep red colour.

Olivia Shae

Meaning admirable.  

Olivia Sophia 

Meaning wisdom.

Olivia Sue 

Meaning lily.

Olivia Suki 

Meaning rose or lily.

Olivia Suri 

Meaning princess.

Olivia Sutton 

Meaning southern settlement.


Olivia Victoria 

Meaning victory.

Olivia Violet 

Meaning purple.


Olivia Winter 

After the coldest season of the year.

Olivia Wren 

Meaning songbird.


Olivia Zen 

A cool middle name for Olivia meaning peace.

Olivia Zoe 

Meaning life.

Unique baby names that go with Olivia

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