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20 signs you’re a mum of two

When you become a mama to two children, there are a few things that only you will know.  The chaos ramps up several notches as does the mess, and there are no words to describe…

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Colourful Easter crafts for kids

Easter isn’t all about the chocolate (OK, it’s mostly about the chocolate). Taking inspiration from the bunnies, eggs, chicks and pretty pastel colours of Easter can lead to some lovely craft ideas to do with…

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Easy Mother’s Day card craft for toddlers

These easy Mother’s Day card craft ideas will help you kill two birds with one stone – entertain your toddler for an hour and make the perfect Mother’s Day card! These card ideas are perfect…

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Non-chocolate Easter gift ideas for babies and toddlers

This post contains affiliate links. Looking for non-chocolate Easter gift ideas for your baby or toddler? Whether you want to avoid chocolate altogether, or want to give something a little bit different, here are some…

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Casdon Supermarket Till toy review

My girls love to play shops, and so they have loved reviewing the Casdon Supermarket Till.  This brilliant toy is compact, features sound and interactivity, and comes with groceries ready to scan! The Casdon Supermarket…

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My baby is waking every two hours – help!

When your baby wakes up every two hours through the night, it is a huge drain for you as a parent.  I think as new mums we accept that night waking will be an issue,…

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The best gender neutral baby going home outfits

Looking for beautiful gender neutral baby clothes to dress up your newborn for when they go home from the hospital? I remember how during my pregnancy I loved picking out cute outfits that I couldn’t…

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How to clean your house fast!

You want your house to be clean but you have no time to get the chores done! I totally understand this, cleaning when you have kids is hard. I’ve put together a list of brilliant…

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Gentle baby sleep training – no cry method

Do you want to sleep train your baby but you want to avoid leaving your baby to cry it out? There is a way to encourage your baby to sleep in their own bed, and…

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Room on the Broom review at Chessington World of Adventures

Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler is one of our absolute favourite books, so when we were invited to check out the new ride at Chessington World of Adventures it was…

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I’m pregnant – now what? 11 things to do after getting a positive pregnancy test

If you’re here I’m guessing you’ve peed on a stick and jumped around celebrating the good news that you are pregnant. Now you’re wondering, what on earth am I supposed to do next? It’s totally…

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It’s not just you, motherhood IS hard

Whoever claims to find motherhood a breeze is either lying or someone with the patience of a saint crossed with an actual god on earth.  Motherhood is hard. The other day I took my daughters…

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5 ways to refresh your home for spring

Now that spring is here it’s a great time to refresh your home and welcome the cheery new season.  I love changing things up in our house every now and then. It doesn’t have to…

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5 tips for child-proofing your home

This is a collaborative post.  Watching my little explorers grow and discover new things is heartwarming (if a little exhausting) – but it also keeps me on my toes when it comes to keeping them…

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How to keep your house clean when you have small children

When you have young children, keeping on top of the housework can seem impossible.  Of course you’re never going to manage to keep your home spotless all day, every day. Children need to play and…

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