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About The Mummy Bubble


The Mummy Bubble is a helpful guide for expectant and new mothers, offering pregnancy tips, parenting hacks, inspiration, and product reviews to help fellow ladies at the frontline of motherhood. I’m a big fan of kindness and this is a judgement-free zone.

Hello! I’m Vicky, a mum of two little girls aged five and three. I live in the South East of England with my husband. I love food, travel, a good walk, a decent movie and a compelling TV show to get hooked on.

The Mummy Bubble was launched to provide fellow mothers a lifeline. It’s every single tip, hack and piece of advice I ever uncovered that actually proved useful when raising my two babies.

The information you will find here is only the very best, the stuff that actually worked when it came to helping my babies eat, sleep and play, and none of the stuff that was a waste of time.

As a journalist, I’ve approached every single article on this website with a reporter’s brain, seeking out the best advice and accurate information for new parents, and most importantly the practical action that actually helped me as a new mum.

I am also the author of the ebook The Mummy Bubble: Surviving Baby’s First Year. This is a complete guide to your first year with baby and includes every major challenge you may encounter plus tips on how to cope at every stage. It aims to empower mamas to make confident choices! You can find out more about the book here.

Until recently I was a full-time working mummy, dividing my time between playing hide-and-seek with my little ones and chasing the news as a reporter for a national newspaper.

But I’ve taken a change in direction and am now a full-time blogger! It’s a struggle juggling motherhood and spending as much quality time with my kids as possible, so you will find my very best tips about finding a good work-life balance in this blog.

Since launching my blog, I have been featured discussing my views on parenting, being working mother and the mummy blogger life on these sites:

  • Daily Mirror
  • The Sun
  • Grimsby Telegraph
  • Twinkl
  • Emma’s Diary
  • Mumsnet
  • Britmums

A bit about me

I launched The Mummy Bubble because I wanted a hobby – something that was all for me – during my second maternity leave in 2017. I quickly became addicted to it!

Becoming a mama was a difficult adjustment for me. While I desperately wanted children, the exhausting nights, guilt over giving up breastfeeding and being surrounded by dirty nappies has been a shock to the system.

It felt a bit like being in a bubble – my entire life looked completely different and while this was a happy change, it also felt pretty overwhelming! I thought I was on my own, and began writing my thoughts as a form of therapy to help me cope with the tears and tantrums.

But what I found was lots of other mamas who feel exactly the same way! We are actually all in this Mummy Bubble together.

Blogging about my experiences has made me feel less alone – because for every embarrassing or stressful tale there’s dozens of other mothers who have been in the exact same boat – and helped me laugh in the face of those tough days.

If you want tons of tips about starting your own blog, launching a side hustle, saving money and working from home, head over to my second site More Than A Mummy.

You can find out more about me over on my LinkedIn page.

What to expect at The Mummy Bubble

There are a lot of virtual high-fives here – I love being a mum, but it’s a tough gig! The lack of sleep, the crying, the tantrums, the potty training, the CBeebies on loop – it’s a wonder we stay sane.

So expect the truth about parenting – without any sugar-coating – a lot of kindness towards your fellow mama, fun and frolics, and lots of gushing about my two beautiful little monkeys.

I love to share my parenting SOS tips, highlight my favourite child and baby products, as well as big up fun and fabulous places to visit with the family. I love a good list, so you can find a lot of handy tips and ideas in list form on this site!

If you have just had a baby, why not check out my top tips on surviving the first week with a baby.

If you’re looking for breastfeeding advice, why not see my essential guide to breastfeeding for beginners.

You can expect regular updates on a wide variety of topics, but all with one key thing in mind – you. I’m all about making life easier for fellow mums, whether it be by sharing tips on things that have worked for me or telling you my silly observations about the whirlwind that is parenthood.

You can expect more on my YouTube channel where there’s loads more tips and ideas for surviving life as a mum including tons of cleaning motivation (I love a clean home!).

I absolutely love hearing from readers, so please email me at!

Let me know what you think of the blog and what you would like to see.

Connect with me

I love chatting to fellow mums on social media. I’m on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

There loads of pictures and extra content from me to be found across my channels, so do check them out.

You can also email me themummybubbleblog (at) gmail (dot) com.

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