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The perfect SAHM routine

SAHM routine

Are you wondering what the routine of a SAHM looks like?

There are no rules when it comes to being a stay-at-home mum but it can definitely help to be in a routine that helps you keep on top of chores and get a break once in a while. 

This post gives you everything you need to hack your daily routine so that being a SAHM does not have to be overwhelming!

The full sample stay-at-home mum routine is right here for you to save and keep, but I’ve also got some top tips on how to make the most of your daily life with kids!

This ultimate stay-at-home mum routine will show you how to fit in playing with the kids, getting dinner sorted, keeping on top of housework and even schedule in time for you to shower and finally relax. 

The routine here is exactly what I use as a SAHM of two girls! I now have to do the school run with my eldest daughter too, which has slightly altered the morning and afternoon schedule, but for the purposes of this post I’ve stuck with a SAHM routine for babies or toddlers. 

So let’s break down the routine!

SAHM daily routine - the perfect schedule for a stay at home mum

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Morning SAHM routine

First thing in the morning tends to be chaotic in our house. I’m sleepy, the kids are going at 100mph the second their eyes open and there are things to do around the house. 

The best way to ensure you have an easier morning is to start in the evening! 

Get your kids to help with picking up the toys in the hour before bedtime. This means when you start in the morning, you have a tidy house already!

Always get all of the washing up, or loading of the dishwasher, done after dinner. Also wipe down the kitchen surfaces as part of the evening tidying up. Then in the morning you just have to empty the dishwasher and get breakfast ready. 

If you have big plans for getting out of the house and need to leave early, it’s a good idea to have the bag packed the night before. You’ll also find it easier to get out of the house if you lay out the kids clothes the night before too. 


In order to maintain your own sanity it’s important to get out of the house every day if you can. 

A trip out of the house could be as simple as popping to the supermarket to do the weekly shop. 

I tend to have a list of places we like to go and where I choose will depend on the weather, and my kids’ own preference for where they would like to go. 

I’ve found the best time for getting out of the house is first thing in the morning. It gets you up and out of the house, you get fresh air, and the kid-friendly places tend to feel a little less manic at 10am. 

You don’t have to always go to a child-friendly place just because you have the kids with you. Yes the park, soft play and kids clubs are great for some days, but you can just choose somewhere peaceful for a walk. 

In the UK, National Trust locations are an amazing place to explore with small children. Give your toddler a bucket and challenge them to find some unusual leaves that have fallen on the ground. My two love to have a scavenger hunt!

Toddler playing at home - SAHM routine

When it comes to the afternoon, we tend to stay at home after our morning outing. However a short walk close to your house is a good way to make the time pass if you’re going stir crazy indoors.

Have some simple craft supplies such as stickers on hand to give you an easy activity to do with your child if they’re getting bored.

There are lots of easy toddler crafts on this post.


There’s only so many nights you can cook fish fingers and chips without everyone getting bored, right?

I actually love to cook, and feel great when I’ve made something delicious from scratch. But there’s something about the hours between 4pm and 6pm that just feel more hectic. 

The kids are a bit fraught, probably because they’re getting tired, the house feels messy and so cooking a big and complicated dinner isn’t necessarily what I want to be doing. 

This is why we invested in a slow cooker. I’m so glad we have it! The slow cooker means you can avoid having to do any cooking in the afternoon. 

Get your ingredients ready in the morning, chuck them in the slow cooker, switch it on and leave it to do its thing. 

You can make curries, pulled pork, stews, chilli, casseroles, the list is endless. The best part about it is that the meat comes out so tender it’s unreal. 

If you are sick of cooking in the late afternoons then I thoroughly recommend getting a slow cooker. We have this one which was reasonably priced, easy to use without too many settings and has worked brilliantly so far. 

This daily SAHM routine works best when you have planned your meals in advance so that you’re not scrambling around doing a last-minute trip to the supermarket. You’ll also find that you save money if you do plan in advance. 

SAHM cleaning routine

Although I love to have a clean home, some days it feels like it’s an impossible goal to achieve. 

Some days due to tantrums, long trips out or just sheer exhaustion on your part, you may not get any cleaning done. That’s fine!

I suggest the bare minimum to do, just to make your life easier, is to clean all the dishes before going to bed every day, wipe down the kitchen surfaces and tidy away the toys. 

SAHM cleaning routine

Get a load of washing on every other day too, because you don’t want to be washing everyone’s wardrobe on Sunday. That’s not a fun way to spend the weekend!

In terms of the other cleaning tasks, such as dusting, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming and washing floors, I suggest having a running list every week. As and when you get an hour in the afternoon to do these things, just try to get as much done as you can and tick those tasks off your list. 

Some mamas swear by a strict cleaning routine that sees them focus on specific tasks allocated to each day of the week. How you ultimate do it is up to you!

I have a whole post all about mama cleaning routines right here with tips on keeping your house clean when you’re a busy mother, so do check that out!

I thoroughly recommend having decent cleaning products that help you get the job done quickly. You don’t have to have the full Mrs Hinch must-haves list, but I do suggest having: 

  • Soda Crystals – great for getting tough stains out of laundry and unblocking sinks
  • The Pink Stuff – Gets rid of burned on stains in the oven, on pans, in the bathroom and on furniture. 
  • Elbow Grease – Amazing at cutting through tough stains on metal, wood and fabrics. 
  • Multi-purpose cleaning spray – I love the Method range of products
  • Astonish Window Cleaner
  • Good washable cleaning cloths 

When can a SAHM shower?

The question of when on earth we are supposed to shower was one that took me by surprise after having kids. 

I had just never given it any thought at all! Of all the problems I thought I would face, the showering conundrum was not one!

But after the kids were born, I realised I had no clue when to shower. I was used to showering in the morning when I got up. 

As any mama knows if you’ve been up half the night, showering first thing is the last task you want to do. Plus even if you did have the energy, the kids are right there demanding breakfast and attention. 

So when do we wash our hair and give ourselves that all-important pampering?

The absolute best time to get your shower in is straight after the kids have been put down for sleep. Jump right in and wash, shave, pamper and whatever else you need to do. 

If the kids are still fussing a little, you can pop in to see them after you’ve finished your shower. Hopefully it gives them a little time to settle, realise they’re tired and nod off. 

Sample SAHM daily routine

7am – Wake-up

7.30am – Empty dishwasher, put away clean dishes, make breakfast 

8am – Get a load of laundry on, make the beds, tidy up bedrooms, put on slow cooker

9am – Get everyone ready to leave the house – pack bag

9.30am – Leave the house for an outing

10am – Snack

12midday – Lunch

12.30pm – Nap time

2.30pm – Chores – put away or hang up clean laundry, any other cleaning tasks

3.30pm – Play a game

5pm – Dinner

6pm – Quiet time – Tidy away toys and books

7pm – Bedtime – check out this post for top tips on your bedtime routine

7.30pm – Take a shower

7.45pm – Mama’s time for a break

I hope this SAHM routine has given you inspiration for what to do at home with your kids all day. Don’t forget that some days will be chaotic, whether it’s due to illness or lack of sleep the night before. 

The secret to being happy as a SAHM is to roll with the punches a little and carve out quality time with your kids into your day as much as you can. 

Stay at home mum daily routine
The perfect SAHM routine for cooking, cleaning and playing with the kids
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