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25+ ways to clean with The Pink Stuff 

Wondering how to use The Pink Stuff to clean your home?

This miracle cleaning paste can be used to tackle grime, stains and grease in every single room of your home. The Pink Stuff has been made famous in the last couple of years by Instagram cleaning guru Mrs Hinch, aka Sophie Hinchliffe. 

Ever since Mrs Hinch demonstrated how to use The Pink Stuff to shine sinks, banish grime from ovens and clean stubborn shower stains, this miracle cleaning cream has been flying off the shelves. 

Cleaning your home with The Pink Stuff

The panic buying has calmed down somewhat, so it’s easier to get your hands on a tub these days. 

At just 89p a pot, The Pink Stuff is a super cheap and efficient way of getting your home and appliances sparkling like new.  

Before I carry on with all the cleaning uses for The Pink Stuff, check out my post on cleaning hacks and the definitive list of Mrs Hinch must-have products.

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What is The Pink Stuff?

The Pink Stuff is an all-round cleaning paste that promises to keep your home sparkling. You can get a tub from Amazon here.

It is a mildly abrasive cream cleaner that can be used to remove stains, grease and grime leaving surfaces shining like new. It’s made by Star Brands, a British company, which promises the product is made with 100 per cent natural cleaning particles. 

How to clean with The Pink Stuff

How to use The Pink Stuff?

Simply get a damp sponge or cloth – such as the Minky M Cloth – and dip it into The Pink Stuff, scraping away a small amount of the cream onto the sponge. You’ll find the texture is quite thick so it stays on the sponge without dripping off. 

Test on a small area of what you are cleaning first, just to make sure the paste does not damage what you are cleaning. Rub in small circles until the marks have gone. On tough stains you may want to rub the Pink Stuff cream into the stain before leaving it for an hour or so. 

Scrub until the stains or marks have gone. Rinse away the Pink Stuff using a damp cloth and then buff to a shine with a dry cloth, such as this one from eCloth. 

Always wear rubber gloves when using the Pink Stuff as it could irritate your skin. 

Buy The Pink Stuff here

What should you NOT use The Pink Stuff on?

The Pink Stuff is an abrasive cleaner and can cause problems if you use it on certain surfaces.

The Pink Stuff carries a warning on the pot saying not to use on plastic or acrylic surfaces, however I would add I have used it on a uPVC door to get rid of scuff marks and it’s been great.

So a good work around is to first test The Pink Stuff on a discrete corner of what you are cleaning just to check that it doesn’t cause any problems.

To avoid any mishaps when using The Pink Stuff, follow these tips:

  • Do not use on a hot surface, wait for it to cool first.
  • Test The Pink Stuff in a discrete spot before cleaning something new with it.
  • Avoid using on plastic or highly polished stainless steel – it may cause scratches.

Can you use The Pink Stuff on clothes?

A frequently asked question is can Pink Stuff be used to get rid of stains on clothing.

I have used The Pink Stuff to clean my old white trainers (I would always test on a small patch before doing this) but I would not use the paste on other clothing.

However there is a sibling to The Pink Stuff cleaning paste called The Pink Stuff Miracle Laundry Oxi Cleaner. This can be used on fabrics.

This is a powder you add to you washing machine, much like you do with Vanish powder. So if you want to add Pink Stuff cleaning power to your clothes then try this product, avoid using the paste!

What can you clean with The Pink Stuff?

The brilliant thing about this miracle cream is you can use The Pink Stuff to clean pretty much everything in your home!

It’s not appropriate for fabrics, plastic or acrylic surfaces. However you’ll find it can be used on nearly every surface of your home. 

I use The Pink Stuff as an occasional cleaner to tackle tough burnt on stains, rust, limescale and grease. As a result, one tub lasts me a very long time! 

So how can you use The Pink Stuff to clean your home?

1. Oven

One of the best places to use The Pink Stuff is in the oven. Because the cream is mildly abrasive, it does a lot of the hard work for you when it comes to getting rid of grease, burnt on food and grime. 

If your oven has not had a good scrub for a while then you will still need to put a bit of elbow grease into scrubbing it, but it does a great job and leaves it shining like new. 

2. Oven racks

Are your oven racks black instead of silver? Restore them to their former glory by using the Pink Stuff to gently scrub away the burnt on marks. 

3. Extractor fan

Has the extractor fan above your hob gone greasy and yellow? Give it a scrub with the Pink Stuff to get rid of the unsightly stains. 

If your bathroom extractor fan is looking grimey, you can also use The Pink Stuff to polish it. 

4. Microwave

The Pink Stuff is tough on food stains. Simply rub at the marks inside your microwave and they will come off in no time. It’s also great for shining up the outside of the door. 

5. Kitchen sink

Do test a little of the Pink Stuff in a small part of your sink to check it’s compatible. The Pink Stuff does a brilliant job on my stainless steel sink. 

6. Hob

You can use The Pink Stuff to clean every bit of your hob. Don’t forget, you have to write your name in it (it’s the law, kind of). 

7. Pots, pans and baking trays

Frying pans, pots and baking trays go through the ringer when you are cooking for your family every day. 

Pots especially can get burned on marks on the bottom from frequent use. Add a little Pink Stuff to your cloth and watch them disappear. 

8. Deep fat fryer 

Has your deep fat fryer seen better days? Use the Pink Stuff to shine every bit of your fryer and leave it shining like new. 

9. Toaster

cleaning toaster with The Pink Stuff

After a while toasters can lose their shine and get rust or other stains. Polish it up with some Pink Stuff and then buff it to a shine with a dry cloth. Don’t forget to unplug it first!

10. Kettle 

Kettles can be a magnet for kitchen grease, limescale and rust. 

You can get rid of all of these using The Pink Stuff. If you want to clean the inside of your kettle, use two tablespoons of citric acid (you can buy it for a couple of quid from Amazon) and boil the kettle, then rinse. It will get rid of all limescale on the inside!

11. Scuff marks 

Scuff marks ruining your skirting boards, walls and doors? Use a bit of The Pink Stuff on a damp cloth to gentle erase them for good. 

12. Rust

Got a rusty towel rail? The Pink Stuff can erase rust with a bit of elbow grease from you and leave your towel rail looking like new. 

13. uPVC doors

Cleaning upVC doors with The Pink Stuff

Our uPVC doors get a lot of use especially in the summer going in and out to the garden. You can use The Pink Stuff to clean every bit of the door, from handles, to the window to the door frames. 

Not only will it get rid of any marks on the door, but you’ll notice it will whiten the door so it looks like new again. 

14. Tiles 

Grotty bathroom or kitchen tiles got you feeling down? Get a bit of The Pink Stuff and gently rub away stubborn marks and grime. 

15. Paintwork

Have you walls got greasy handprint on them? Or have your kids been going at them with their crayons and pens?

Get a tiny bit of The Pink Stuff onto a damp cloth and gently rub the stains away. Don’t rub too hard as you don’t want to remove the actual paint. 

16. Window sills

You can use The Pink Stuff to clean the inside and outside window sills of your home. It will get rid of any dirt, scuff marks or grime. Remember to do the uPVC window frames too!

17. Shower glass

Is your once transparent shower door now looking like its made of frosted glass?

Use The Pink Stuff all over the glass with a cloth then rinse away. It will lift away limescale and soapy scum. 

18. Shower plugholes

Even if you clean your bathroom every week, the plughole can suffer from a build-up of soapy scum.

Use The Pink Stuff to lift it away and you can also use it to shine the bathroom sinks and plughole too. 

19. Taps and shower head

You can clean and shine your taps and shower head with a little Pink Stuff. Remember to rinse the shower head thoroughly before using again. 

20. Barbecue racks

Have you left last year’s barbecue food stuck to your barbecue racks? Don’t worry, The Pink Stuff can lift away that grime in no time. 

Simply pop the racks in your sink and use a damp cloth and some Pink Stuff to lift it away. You may want to use a slightly more abrasive cloth for really stubborn grills. 

21. Garden furniture 

Metal furniture has a habit of rusting if it’s left to the elements. Use The Pink Stuff to remove the rust and get your chairs and tables shining like new. 

22. Bicycles 

Old bicycle looking muddy, dirty and rusty? Use the Pink Stuff on the wheels and frame to bring it back to life.

23. Limescale

If you live in a hard water area then limescale can be a real issue. Use The Pink Stuff to rub away stubborn limescale stains all over the house. 

24. Radiators 

Rusty radiators can be cleaned and left shiny thanks to The Pink Stuff!

25. Boats 

If you happen to have a boat, use The Pink Stuff to get rid of marks, stains and any other gunk. 

26. Bins 

Do you have a stainless steel bin? Use The Pink Stuff to get rid of any rust, food stains, grime and water marks. Buff it with a dry cloth once you have wiped away The Pink Stuff to leave it shining like new. 

Where can you buy The Pink Stuff?

Where to buy The Pink Stuff

The Pink Stuff is available from Amazon. Just one tub lasts a long time! 

You can also find The Pink Stuff at these retailers in store:  

B&M, Wilko, Savers, Home Bargains, Co-Op, Poundstretcher, Sainsbury’s and Boyes. 

25 ways to clean with The Pink Stuff
25 ways to clean with The Pink Stuff
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