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Realistic cleaning routine for busy mamas

Cleaning routine for busy mums

If you’re anything like me, your inner Monica demands a clean house, even if you’re exhausted from chasing around after the kids all day.

But some days it feels totally impossible, and the mess is overwhelming. Some days I run from one room to the next and feel like I am getting absolutely nowhere with keeping things tidy!

This is where a routine can really come in handy. Keeping a clean house really doesn’t have to be stressful, or take hours and hours of your precious time. 

I’ve got a cleaning schedule that really works for me. There are certain jobs I do every single day, these are the things that make it easier for me to relax in the evening!

Monthly cleaning schedule for busy mums - printable

With a lot of other cleaning schedules, I noticed that sweeping and vacuuming was a weekly job. My issue with that is that downstairs, in the rooms we use the most frequently, gets so messy every single day I couldn’t wait a whole week to sweep!

So I make sweeping and vacuuming the busiest areas of the house (living room, kitchen, dining room, hall) a daily job. Mopping them and vacuuming the bedrooms is a weekly job. 

Other weekly jobs include laundry, which I actually make time for twice a week. The reality is that some weeks I end up putting on a load of laundry every day, depending on whether someone is poorly or the kids are getting particularly muddy every day! Twice a week tends to be enough though. 

With this schedule I find that I can get away with just 30 minutes of cleaning a day, and I can relax every evening knowing the house isn’t in chaos!

If you fancy a printable 30 day schedule, why not sign up to my mailing list here: 

This cleaning schedule is made way easier if you have decluttered your home, so check out my decluttering tips here.

But what works for me may not work for you! Some people will thrive on a routine that focuses on one room per day for just 30 minutes a day, with general jobs carried out once a week.

How do you know which one will work best for you? Part of it is trial and error, and part of it is how you actually use your home every day.

If your kids are at school all day every day, then the mess is going to be different to if they play at home all day every day. You’ll have a lot of picking up to do with the latter, but may find other issues pile up with the former because everyone is in a rush to get out of the house first thing in the morning.

These two cleaning routines are my suggestion for getting organised and staying on top of the mess! Pick the one that works best for you, and see how much cleaning you can get done!

Weekly cleaning checklist for busy mamas
Weekly cleaning list with daily focus

Below is a little more information and tips for how I keep my own home clean throughout the year.

My cleaning routine

The key to getting this routine to work for you is to have the right items in your cleaning products collection! The best products for your cleaning cupboard are:

For more tips on awesome cleaning products, check out this list of cleaning guru Mrs Hinch’s favourite cleaning items.

Here’s a little summary of my cleaning schedule, including annual jobs: 


  • Make beds. Rooms instantly look tidier when the bed is made. Cut back on the number of throw pillows and cushions if its taking you a long time to do in the morning. Ask the kids to do their own. They should be able to put their duvet on the bed straight from around age three.
  • Load dishwasher or do the washing up. Load the dishwasher throughout the day and switch it on before going to bed. Empty it first thing in the morning.
  • Wipe down kitchen surfaces. Do this at the end of every day.
  • Sweep/vacuum busy areas. Keep your floors in your kitchen, living room and hallway clean by sweeping or vacuuming every day. Have your vacuum in a convenient place so it’s quick to get out.
  • Pick up toys. At the end of every day get your kids to help you pick up all of the toys and put them back where they belong. Having everything organised by category will make this so much easier. Get some decent toy storage and clear out toys your child does not regularly play with or has grown out of.
  • Put on a load of laundry. A great way to stay on top of the laundry is to put on a load of laundry. Add dirty clothes to it throughout the day and then switch it on first thing in the morning.


  • Dust surfaces and mirrors. Find a way to make this quicker for you. For example a microfibre mitt you can wear and quickly wipe surfaces with is really handy and good for speed. You can also get microfibre cloths on a wand which are great for quick cleaning. Use some dusting product such as Mr Sheen to help.
  • Mop hard floors. Get a decent floor cleaner, or use a multi-purpose cleaning spray with a mop. I recently got a steam mop and absolutely love it. The finish is fantastic.
  • Vacuum carpets and rugs. Thoroughly vacuum carpets and rugs, lifting them up to get bits that have got trapped underneath.
  • Change beds. There have been various studies into what can live in your mattress and bedding. The recommendation is to change the bedding every week, wash it at 60C to kill any bugs and vacuum the mattress frequently (every other month or so).
  • Organise/action any paperwork. Go through letters, bills and emails to check that you are up to date with bills and party invitations. Ditch anything you do not need and file everything else you have actioned.
  • Clean bathrooms and toilets. Get your bathroom cleaner and cloth then get scrubbing! Viyakal is amazing for cleaning bathrooms, especially in hard water areas. Just spray it on and it gets rid of limescale fast. Put bleach down the toilet and leave for a couple of hours before scrubbing with the toilet brush then flushing.
  • Put away clean clothes. Fold and store clean clothes.


  • Donate unwanted clothes/toys/books to charity shop
  • Vacuum under furniture. You may also find a lot of toys tucked away under beds or sofas.
  • Dust lights and tops of furniture
  • Ditch out-of-date food. Clear some space in your cupboards and fridge by binning out-of-date food.
  • Clean sink plugholes with soda crystals. This is a fantastic hack! Simply pour a cup of soda crystals down the sink plughole then chase it with a kettle full of boiling water! It will clear blockages and smell great.

Every 3-6 months

  • Vacuum and air mattress and duvet
  • Clean fridge and freezer. Empty the fridge and wipe down all of the shelves. If they are really dirty, take them out and wash in soapy water. Defrost the freezer if necessary.
  • Clean oven. You can do this with the Pink Stuff, an oven cleaner such as Oven Mate or a mix of sodium bicarbonate and water.
  • Wash windows and frames. Use Astonish cleaner on the glass with a glass cleaning cloth. For the frames, Elbow Grease is brilliant at getting rid of any grubby marks. Otherwise you could use soapy water.
  • Wipe doors and door frames
  • Clean carpets and rugs
  • Descale washing machine (you can use vinegar or buy sachets specifically for the task from supermarkets)


  • Declutter! Look at everyone’s clothes, your book collection, the kitchen gadgets, the loft, the shed and the kids’ toys.
  • Wash curtains
  • Clean upholstered furniture
  • Kitchen extractor fan. This is a magnet for nasty grime! Either spray with your usual kitchen cleaner and then wipe away the grime, or use Elbow Grease to really tackle tough, sticky marks.
Monthly cleaning schedule - cleaning your home in just 30 minutes a day

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