Realistic cleaning routine for busy mamas

If you’re anything like me, your inner Monica demands a clean house, even if you’re exhausted from chasing around after the kids all day.

Keeping a clean house really doesn’t have to be stressful, or take hours and hours of your precious time. 

I’ve got a cleaning schedule that really works for me. There are certain jobs I do every single day, these are the things that make it easier for me to relax in the evening!

Monthly cleaning schedule for busy mums - printable

With a lot of other cleaning schedules, I noticed that sweeping and vacuuming was a weekly job. My issue with that is that downstairs, in the rooms we use the most frequently, gets so messy every single day I couldn’t wait a whole week to sweep!

So I make sweeping and vacuuming the busiest areas of the house (living room, kitchen, dining room, hall) a daily job. Mopping them and vacuuming the bedrooms is a weekly job. 

Other weekly jobs include laundry, which I actually make time for twice a week. The reality is that some weeks I end up putting on a load of laundry every day, depending on whether someone is poorly or the kids are getting particularly muddy every day! Twice a week tends to be enough though. 

With this schedule I find that I can get away with just 30 minutes of cleaning a day, and I can relax every evening knowing the house isn’t in chaos!

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This cleaning schedule is made way easier if you have decluttered your home, so check out my decluttering tips here.

Here’s a little summary of my cleaning schedule, including annual jobs: 


Make beds

Washing up 

Wipe down kitchen surfaces

Sweep/vacuum busy areas

Pick up toys 


Dust surfaces and mirrors

Mop hard floors

Vacuum carpets and rugs

Change beds

Organise/action any paperwork

Clean bathrooms and toilets

Laundry x2


Donate unwanted clothes/toys/books to charity shop

Vacuum under furniture

Dust lights and tops of furniture

Ditch out-of-date food

Clean sink plugholes with soda crystals 

Every 3-6 months

Vacuum and air mattress and duvet

Clean fridge and freezer

Clean oven

Wash windows and frames

Wipe doors and door frames

Clean carpets and rugs

Descale washing machine (you can use vinegar or buy sachets specifically for the task from supermarkets)


Declutter garage

Declutter loft

Wash curtains

Clean upholstered furniture

Kitchen extractor fan

Monthly cleaning schedule - cleaning your home in just 30 minutes a day

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