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26 ways to clean with Elbow Grease

Ways to clean with Elbow Grease

Looking for ways to clean your home with Elbow Grease – the £1 miracle cleaner?

You can use this magical cleaning product both inside and outside your home to tackle tough stains and marks. 

It’s widely available at stores such as B&M, Home Bargains, some supermarkets and on Amazon for just £1 a bottle. 

Simply spray it on, leave for a few minutes and then wipe or scrub away with a cloth or sponge and you will be amazed at the results. 

Elbow Grease is perfect for tackling grime, grease, food stains, mud stains, make-up stains and so much more. You can even use it to clean your patio!

This fab cleaning spray is a Mrs Hinch must-have, and it’s easy to see why!

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Where shouldn’t you use Elbow Grease

Elbow Grease can be used to clean loads of items around your home. You can get a bottle for just £1 from Amazon.

But there are a few things you should not use Elbow Grease on! This is powerful stuff after all. 

Avoid using Elbow Grease on: 

  • Wood
  • Painted surfaces
  • Perspex and other transparent polycarbonates 

Now that you know the few places where Elbow Grease is not suitable, let’s get on to the dozens of places where you can use Elbow Grease to clean around the home!

1. Oven 

The oven is one of the toughest places in the home to clean. When you put it off, it just gets harder to clean, but it seems to need cleaning every single day! I tend to clean my oven once a month or so. 

Use Elbow Grease to soak through the tough, burnt on stains on all surfaces of your oven from the sides to the racks and door. 

2. Hob

Cut through oily stains, food, grease and grime with Elbow Grease. This can take a dull, stained hob and make it shine within minutes. 

I tend to use the Minky M Cloth together with the Elbow Grease for this job. 

3. BBQ

Sick of spending hours cleaning your barbecue racks before you can actually get on with the food!?

Use Elbow Grease to cut through old, blackened burnt on bits of food and get the racks shining like new again. 

Use with a scouring sponge to make really short work of this job. 

4. Extractor fan

Extractor fans are a magnet for grease and will turn yellow over time without cleaning. 

Get rid of the sticky grime with a squirt of Elbow Grease and a kitchen cloth. 

5. Sink

Is your sink discoloured? Scum and food stains making it look grim? Spray with Elbow Grease, leave for a few minutes and give it a wipe with a sponge. It will leave stainless steel sinks sparkling and can also be used on marble and other sink types. 

6. Patio stains

Elbow Grease can be used to remove oil, paint and other stains from your patio. Spray on the affected area and then scrub at it with a strong-bristled broom. 

7. Cat flap

These are one of those places in the home that can get covered in mud, dirt and over time get discoloured. 

Spray with Elbow Grease, give it a thorough wipe with a damp cloth and then dry with some kitchen towels so that it’s safe for your pet to use again. 

8. uPVC doors and windows 

Door and window frames are one of the biggest dirt magnets in your home. Restore them to their former glory with a bit of Elbow Grease. Simply spray on, leave for two minutes then wipe away the grime. 

9. Dishwasher

Although the inside of your dishwasher can be cleaned on a hot wash, some of the outside spots and hinges are prone to getting dirty. 

Spray a little Elbow Grease on and it can remove rust stains, grime and other marks. 

10. Grass and mud stains on clothing

Kids don’t just get mud and grass stains on their clothes, they drag themselves through it and really rub it in there!

Spray a little Elbow Grease on the stain and leave for two minutes before washing as normal. The stains will come out even on a cool wash!

11. Carpet stains

Whatever you manage to spill on your carpet, Elbow Grease can help eliminate stains. Test on a small patch before doing the whole job. Use a colour-fast cloth to do the job. 

12. Mucky handprints

If your kids are anything like mine, they will be quick to put their hands on furniture and windows even when they are mucky. 

Use Elbow Grease anywhere your child has touched with paint, food or mud. Avoid using on painted surfaces and use it on a small patch first to check it doesn’t cause any permanent damage. 

I have used Elbow Grease to remove child-friendly paint from a wall. I did not scrub hard and it did not take away any of the wall paint! I sprayed on then wiped away with a dry piece of kitchen paper.

13. Outdoor furniture 

Elbow Grease is brilliant on plastic furniture! Use it to get rid of mould, mildew and other stains. 

14. Canopies and canvas umbrellas 

Got an outdoor canopy that’s covered in black marks and mould? Use some Elbow Grease on there to get rid of the marks quick!

15. Car engine 

Elbow Grease is ideal for cleaning car parts. Use it to get rid of oil from parts of your engine. 

16. Car hub caps

Hub caps can be brought back to sparkling order with Elbow Grease. Spray on, leave for a minute or two then wipe away the grime with a cloth. 

17. Prepping wood for upcycling furniture 

Elbow Grease can cut through old paint. Use it to prepare furniture for a fresh coat of paint or varnish. 

18. Removing make-up stains 

Got make-up on your brand new top? Spray some Elbow Grease on the stain, leave for two minutes and then wash it as you normally would. 

19. Tiles

Tiles in kitchens can get particularly greasy from food and oil. Simply spray a little Elbow Grease onto the surface and wipe away. No scrubbing needed. 

20. Flooring

Elbow Grease is perfect for shining your floors. Avoid using it on wooden floors, but it works great on all other surface types. 

21. Greasy pans and baking trays

If the bottom of your pans have become rusty and stained, or you have burned on marks on your baking trays, just spray a little Elbow Grease on there and you will be able to bring them up good as new. 

22. Kitchen cupboards

Cupboards can become grimy from your own hands, food stains and other things. Use Elbow Grease to clean every bit of your cupboards. 

23. Fridge 

You can use Elbow Grease to clean and shine your fridge so that it comes up looking like new. 

24. Deep fat fryer 

Use Elbow Grease to get rid of grease and stains on the outside and inside of your fryer. 

25. Turmeric/curry stains 

Turmeric is the ingredient in curries that leaves a yellow stain behind. 

It can get on your table tops, floor, clothes and anywhere you happen to have a curry-related mishap!

Use Elbow Grease to lift the stain away with minimal scrubbing. 

26. Stained coffee/tea cups

Do you have coffee and tea stains in the bottom of mugs that just won’t shift no matter how much you wash them?

Spray a little Elbow Grease inside and watch the stains disappear! 

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