Mrs Hinch must-haves for cleaning

Cleaning your home has got a whole lot more fun since Mrs Hinch started her viral Instagram profile where she shares her best cleaning tips. 

If you’re a big fan of her account then you’ll know your Zoflora from your Fairy Power Spray, but what about all of those sponges and handy gadgets she uses? What does she use in the bathroom?

I’m going to share an ultimate list of products that Mrs Hinch recommends and uses on her amazing Instagram profile. I loved reading her book, so grab your copy of Hinch Yourself Happy here.

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Mrs Hinch hasn’t steered me wrong yet with her product recommendations and I’ve found I can clean the house so much quicker thanks to her tips and using the very best cleaning products. 

Whether you’re looking for your own Minkeh, searching for a Kermit or need a Dave the Duster in your life, this is where you can find them!

So here’s the list of Mrs Hinch must-have cleaning products. Which ones do you have? Which are your favourites? I would love to hear from you.

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Minky anti-bacterial cleaning pad

Minky can be used in every room of the house! Use him to clean the bathroom, the kitchen sink, grimy doors and whatever else you need to Hinch!


Load the Dishmatic up with Fairy liquid and use it to do your washing up, and clean spots such as your washing machine detergent drawer.

Extra thick moppets

Use to clean your kitchen counters, dining table and other surfaces. Combine it with your fave Zoflora scent, or a kitchen surface disinfectant.

Kneeling pad

Vileda Turbo Microfibre mop

Spontex Microfibre kitchen cloths

Heavy duty scrubbing brush

Use to clean your rugs and stubborn marks on carpets.

Lint clothes brush

Use these to pick up pet hair from sofas and bedding.

Pledge fluffy duster

Minky M Cloth glass and windows

Rubber gloves

Shark Cordless Handheld vacuum cleaner

Shark Duoclean cordless upright vacuum cleaner

Sonicscrubber cleaning tool

Use this to clean stubborn areas all over the house! It’s brilliant at getting rid of hard water marks in the shower and bath.

Vileda 1-2 Spray mop

1001 Carpet fresh spray

Ace Stain remover and colour brightener

Ariel gel

Astonish Mould and Mildew blaster

Astonish Oxy active plus

Astonish Specialist hob and cooktop cleaner

Astonish window and glass spray

Barkeeper’s Friend

Bicarbonate of soda

Soda Crystals

There are so many uses for soda crystals that I did an entire video about it!

Bloo Foam Aroma

Cif cream original with micro crystals 

Elbow Grease

Cif Power and Shine multi-purpose wipes

Cif stainless steel spray

Dettol all-in-one spray

Dr Beckmann carpet stain remover

Harpic Active fresh mountain pine toilet cleaner

I love the pine smell of this toilet cleaner!

Flash bathroom spray

Lenor Spring Awakening fabric conditioner

Lenor Spring Awakening tumble dryer sheets

You can use these sheets to clean areas such as light fixtures and light bulbs, and wooden blinds. They work so well because they catch the grime and dust due to their static properties.

Lenor Unstoppables Fresh in wash scent boosters

Mr Sheen multi-surface polish

The Pink Stuff

An amazing product for getting tough grime and burnt-on food off. Simply rub it onto the surface and it will work wonders.

Stardrops leather clean and feed

Toilet Duck fresh discs in marine


The best at getting rid of hard water marks!

Stardrops Pine-scented disinfectant 

Pledge electronic wipes


What’s your favourite scent? My current fave is the lemon fresh!

If you fancy picking up more amazing Mrs Hinch tips for cleaning, you must check out her book! It’s a fabulous read!

Must-have Mrs Hinch cleaning products

45 Mrs Hinch must-have products for cleaning your home

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