The Tonka Power Movers Cement Mixer features noises and flashing lights when it is pulled backwards and pushed forwards

Bring playtime to life with this brilliant noisy toy. 

Featuring Motion Drive Technology, the Tonka Power Movers vehicles make noise when your child plays with them, making imaginative play even more exciting. 

One of the biggest things I loved about giving this to Jessica to play with was that go back 20 years and people would have laughed about giving girls a toy truck to play with. 

It was all dolls that wet themselves, castles, animals and dressing up for the girls. 

I like to let my kids pick whatever toys they want to play with. Both have shown a huge interest in playing with cars and dinosaurs – toys that traditionally people would say were off-limits to girls. 

The way I see it, our girls now have no restrictions on what they can do when they grow up, so why should we restrict them to the traditional “girly” toys. Campaigns like Let Toys be Toys – which encourages toy firms to market products at all genders – have made a huge difference, as have general attitude changes. 

Anyway, enough about that, let’s talk about the toy!!

How it works

We received the Tonka Power Movers Cement Mixer, but there are three others available including a Dump Truck, Front Loader and Bulldozer. I imagine having the lot would be noisy for mum and dad, but fantastic fun for the kids!

Flashing lights at the front are part of the realistic detail on the vehicle

The toy has Motion Drive Technology, which means that when it is pulled backwards it makes reversing noises and when pushed forwards the engine rumbles to life and the lights flash. 

Turning the handle for the cement barrel also flashes the lights and brings on hydraulic sounds. 

It’s a decent sized toy that’s easy for little ones to get to grips with, the on button is nice and visible and easy to push to activate the toy so kids can get going on their own. 

It’s easy to see why the Tonka Power Movers range was awarded GOLD in the 2018 Practical Pre-School Awards, it’s brilliant for sparking imaginative play.

My child’s verdict

Jessica was amazed when she was presented with this toy. She doesn’t have any other cars or vehicles of this size so it was very exciting to be presented with such a good-sized toy. 

Turning the handle rotates the cement barrel and features more sound effects

Although it is bigger than other cars she has, she easily carries it all round the house as it’s nice and light (she even took it to her grandparents’ house to show it off!). 

When asked what her favourite thing about this toy is, she replied immediately that it’s the noises. They are totally realistic and it’s great that the toy springs to life in a realistic way when your child is playing. 

What you need to know

Motion Drive Technology brings the toy to life with realistic driving noises and flashing lights. 

Spinning cement barrel with sounds. 

Realistic design with lots of detail. 

Batteries included. 

Product dimensions: 30.5 x 16.5 x 17.8 cm

The toy costs £19.99 from Amazon and is suitable for ages three plus. 

Learn more about the Tonka range here. 

This is a collaborative post. All opinions are my own.