Before trying out the Rock and Ruddle range of hairbrushes I had no idea what a huge difference having a great brush can make to your hair!

I have naturally fine hair which tangles extremely easily. It’s also long, and I have a pretty sensitive scalp which means I hate trying to brush knots from my hair. 

Rock and Ruddle hairbrush

Because of this, brushing my hair is not my favourite thing to do. And since becoming a mother of two, I have even less time to make sure my hair is taken care of. The mum bun has been my constant friend since my youngest was born!

But it’s been so amazing to discover the range of Rock and Ruddle hairbrushes! 

Featuring natural boar bristles, the Rock and Ruddle hairbrushes easily glide through my tangles and leave my hair feeling so soft. It’s like I’ve had all of the wrong brushes before and I’ve finally found THE ONE! It helps that it has this beautiful flamingo design that makes it so eye-catching.

Natural boar bristles

Rock and Ruddle brushes feature natural boar bristles. These provide a better brushing option for your hair due to their structure – they’re similar to your own hair meaning the bristles glide through your locks. 

This means these brushes can detangle and condition your hair, but also work by spreading the natural oils from your scalp, making your hair glossy, supple and healthy!

At Rock and Ruddle you can choose from mixed bristles, where a nylon tip is added to each bristle bundle. This is perfect for normal to thick hair. 

However if you have a very sensitive scalp you can choose a 100 per cent pure natural bristle brush. This is a much softer brush that won’t tug on the scalp quite as much.

I chose a mixed bristle, knowing that my hair gets very tangled and needs a little help to keep it free from knots. 

Baby hairbrushes

For little ones, Rock and Ruddle do an entire range of beautiful brushes featuring super soft natural bristle. 

This is not only kind on baby’s very delicate scalp and hair, but it leaves that gorgeous baby hair looking shiny and tidy. 

These are perfect for babies and toddlers. I was worried, having used other baby brushes in the past on the girls’ hair, that the bristles would be so soft they wouldn’t work to get rid of the knots on the children’s hair.

I was so wrong. This brush has been so gentle, but firm, at getting my little ones’ wild locks under control. My littlest has quite thin hair still, while my eldest has a full mane of thick locks. I tried the brush on both of them and found it had fantastic results.

There were no tears from the girls either, which is the main thing you want in a child’s hairbrush!

The Rock and Ruddle design

Choosing a Rock and Ruddle hairbrush is a tough decision. There are so many beautiful designs, plus there’s the option to go for a personalised brush!

The team behind these beautiful brushes have picked out some gorgeous colours, patterns and illustrations to give shoppers some lovely options. There’s truly something for everyone in the selection of designs. Colour options include bright neons, cool metallics and stylish monochrome designs.

I absolutely love the ballerinas on the children’s brush we were sent. It’s both fun and engaging, as well as pretty and stylish too. You can get other designs that will appeal to a young baby too, such as little ducks.

I chose the pink flamingo design for my brush because, come on, I cannot resist a pretty pink product like this!

It’s so pretty and vibrant! What I particularly love is that if I need to slip it into my handbag it’s easy to spot amidst the piles of other stuff I take out with me every day!

At Rock and Ruddle you can choose from two different size options; the small which is 17.5cm long or the large which is 21cm long. The smaller version is ideal for fitting in your handbag for use when you’re on the go.

The children’s ballerina brush is the small, and this is ideal for little hands to hold on to. The girls love brushing each other’s hair!

Our verdict

The Rock and Ruddle hairbrushes are a fantastic product, for adults and children!

I am absolutely in love with my brush, and I am so pleased to have the children’s one too.

They cost £30 for a large hairbrush and personalisation is an additional £5. The smaller brush costs £20.

The bristles are the perfect blend of gentle, but effective to keep tangles at bay and make your hair feel smooth and sleek.

Add to that the many, many options when it comes to colours, design and personalisation, this is your absolute dream hairbrush!

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This is a collaborative post. I was gifted these brushes in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.