My toddler is mad about bubbles and it keeps her entertained for hours.

So if loads of little bubbles are pretty exciting then one giant bubble has to be even better, right? As we are outside in the garden so much at the moment I’m trying to find stuff we can do outside that keeps her busy.

This is an easy activity to do and would also make a nice thing to do at a toddler birthday party to get the kids going “wow”. Some giant bubble recipes include stuff like glycerin which I couldn’t track down when I did this but i think you can find it in pharmacies. I like this recipe because I already had everything in my kitchen cupboard.


You will need:
Large tray or small paddling pool and a hula hoop
12 cups water
1 cup Fairy liquid
1 cup cornflour
2 tablespoons baking powder

  1. Fill the tray with water then squirt in fairy liquid circles all round the tray and add the other ingredients.
  2. Careful not to create any bubbles.
  3. Leave it for an hour. This can be tricky with an eager toddler.
  4. Dip hoop into tray and gently lift out.
    Watch them be amazed!

Another option is to get a tennis racket and dip that in the mixture before waving it round in the air. This produces lots of bubbles at the same time. Or get an old racket you don’t need and remove the strings to create an easy giant bubble maker complete with a handle!

But if you’re anything like me doing stuff like this on a regular basis is a bit too high maintenance given all the other stuff there is to do all the time!

So I recommend this bubble machine. Just switch it on and let them stare at and chase the bubbles. It’s cheap at just £11 on sale at the moment and so easy to use.