As mums we are juggling many tasks at once and we can be left feeling overwhelmed

It might sound corny, but this book had me at “hello”.

Which of us haven’t pushed ourselves to the absolute limit and then beaten ourselves up for not being able to do everything?

I have certainly struggled with feelings of anxiety and just feeling that I’m not good enough as a mum or at work, or both at the same time!

We stretch ourselves so thin that we end up feeling like we’re doing nothing right at all, and that’s just going to make us beat ourselves up even more.

It truly is a vicious cycle.

That’s why I was so thrilled to receive a copy of The Supermum Myth by Anya Hayes and Dr Rachel Andrew.

This book aims to break that cycle by equipping mums with loads of useful advice and practical exercises you can do right now to help improve your mindset.

It promises to help you to “simply enjoy being a mum”. And isn’t that all we really want to do as a parent?

I love the positive messages in this book and also the words of reassurance to help bring mums back down to earth. It tries to help you think more about self-care and how to tackle the various problems or challenges you’re facing in day to day life.

I’ve been reading so much about mindfulness and how much of a positive impact it can have on your life, but hadn’t found a book that featured its concept that really spoke to me. This is that book.

One of the chapters that spoke to me the most was “Lonely yet never alone”, which explored relationships after becoming a parent. It was the advice and words about friendships in particular that resonated with me.

I have seen friendships I thought would last a lifetime slowly fade away and it is a very painful loss. I love how the real-life stories quoted throughout this chapter, and the entire book, provide a real comfort. They show we are not alone, there are loads of mums out there feeling exactly the same as you!

The book is a fabulous boost for mums who think they’re forever failing to get it all right

The book is packed with activities to try at home which are easy to fit around nap times or just five minutes before bedtime.

Some are relaxing and some help you to re-evaluate your life, to take stock and try to see things that have been bothering you differently.

Trying a couple of them left me feeling so refreshed and positive, it was like giving my brain a holiday so it could reboot and get back to parenting mode with a more happy outlook on life.

I would thoroughly recommend this book to mums with kids of all ages. It’s never too late to pause and re-evaluate how you’re doing things so you can get a fresh perspective.

Anything that leaves us mums feeling better equipped to cope with whatever our little darlings throw at us, quite literally at times, is a fabulous gift.