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When to buy a car seat and pram during pregnancy

Are you wondering when the right time is to buy a car seat and pram during your pregnancy?

You might be really keen to get items checked off your list. Plus the nesting instinct telling you to get everything organised can kick in pretty early on.

Pregnant woman trying out new stroller before baby arrives

But it’s worth slowing down, deciding on your budget and researching all of the options out there before you make a final choice.

You have nine months and there’s no crazy rush to get everything sorted at the beginning.

So when should you buy a car seat and pram during pregnancy?

The ideal time is to have your car seat and stroller at home and ready for use by 35 weeks. This means you may need to have ordered your chosen products by 32 weeks, just in case delivery is delayed for any reason.

Most babies arrive between 37 and 41 weeks of pregnancy, according to this Baby Centre article.

Having both items by 35 weeks gives you plenty of time to get used to how they work.

Before you purchase either item, you should figure out where they are going to be stored while your waiting for baby, especially if you are tight on space.

The car seat and pram were among the final purchases I made for my baby. This is because becoming familiar with what’s available on the market takes a lot of time! It’s best to give yourself a chance to figure out what would be the best products for you.

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Is it too early to buy a car seat and pram?

If you are considering buying your car seat and a pram during the first trimester then yes this is definitely too early.

Shopping for a car seat or buggy any time after the 12-week scan is totally acceptable. At this point you will know if all is going well with your pregnancy and most miscarriages happen in the first trimester.

Remember if you do buy a car seat and pram early in your pregnancy you will need to find somewhere to keep them. This can be tricky if you haven’t yet sorted out your baby’s room and where you’re keeping everything.

What to look for when shopping for a car seat

If you have a car then you will need an infant car seat. Safety laws state your newborn should be in what’s known as a Group 0+ car seat that is rear facing.

The car seat is one of the most expensive baby products you will purchase. Because of this its worth giving yourself

When it comes to picking out your car seat you’ll need to make your choice based on these factors:

  • Safety rating
  • Price
  • Whether it fits to your car – some baby car seats fit to the car with ISOFIX (clips which attach to metal loops in your car).
  • How easy it is to use

How the car seat looks does not feature on this list. That’s not to say that this may not be an important factor to you, but it shouldn’t be a key factor in your decision making process.

Plus you can buy fabric car seat covers from places such as Etsy to jazz up your car seat’s look should you choose to.

The average cost of an infant car seat is £144, according to a Which survey.

The price of some infant car seats will be pushed up if you need to buy an ISOFIX base (which you slot the car seat into) in addition to the actual car seat.

What to look for when shopping for a pram

I would say the pram is a much harder purchase to decide on than the car seat.

The choice of car seat comes down mostly to safety rating, whereas infant strollers have a ton of additional features to them apart from just whether they are appropriate for a newborn.

They also tend to be a more personal choice in terms of what they look like for the parents-to-be.

When picking out your baby’s pram you will need to think about the following factors:

  • Safety and appropriateness for your infant – babies need to lay flat on their back not seated upright in a seat, for the first four months
  • Cost
  • Size of basket – extra storage may be handy if you plan to spend long periods of time out of the house
  • Type of brake – some strollers have a foot break while others have a hand-operated brake on the handlebars
  • Extra features – do you want extras like a cup holder? You can buy these as additional accessories
Pregnant woman sorting through baby stuff

What to buy first when pregnant?

The car seat and pram should not be the first things you buy when pregnant.

I recommend you start shopping small by buying a few items of clothing before working your way up to the big ticket items.

This gives you time to research what car seat and pram you actually want, while also satisfying that desire to buy baby stuff!

I have an entire post on when you can start to buy baby stuff over here.

Happy shopping mama-to-be!

When to buy a car seat and pram during pregnancy

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