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30 Beautiful Rainbow Baby Announcement Quotes

These rainbow baby announcement quotes will help you to celebrate the joy of your impending arrival. 

Rainbow baby announcement

Learning you are pregnant after a loss is a special moment for parents-to-be and so announcing your rainbow baby can be an exciting moment. 

For many parents a rainbow baby pregnancy announcement is a great way to remember the baby they lost while celebrating the baby they are expecting. 

What is a rainbow baby?

A rainbow baby is a baby that is conceived after a miscarriage, stillbirth or loss.

The loss of a baby is an absolutely devastating experience for parents. So the reason for calling a baby conceived and born after this tragic experience a “rainbow” is that this is the beauty after the storm. 

Families who welcome a baby after suffering a loss can feel like the term “rainbow baby” acknowledges the baby they have lost and also the hope of new life. 

Need a name? Check out these gorgeous rainbow baby names.

Rainbow baby announcement ideas 

You can incorporate the rainbow theme into your rainbow baby announcement in so many different ways! 

There’s tons of inspiration out there, but these are just some of my favourites:

  • Draw a rainbow in chalk on the ground. Simple but classic. Use coloured chalk to draw a rainbow on the ground outside, then maybe stand next to it and hold your scan picture in one hand while taking a photo from above with the other. 
  • Use a letter board. Letter boards are handy for all kinds of announcements. Use a letter board to spell out one of the rainbow baby announcements suggested in the list below. 
  • Say it on a tee. There are lots of rainbow baby tees available on Amazon or Etsy. If you are announcing a rainbow baby’s birth then try a babygro – there’s plenty to choose from online. 
  • Paint a rainbow on your bump. If you have an older child it can be nice to get them to paint it on your belly for you. 

Rainbow baby quotes 

Rainbow baby

These rainbow baby announcement quotes can be used to announce your pregnancy after loss or to announce your baby’s birth! 

All of them are perfect depending on how you want to announce your baby’s arrival. 

These quotes could be used for pregnancy announcement social media posts or in cards sent to loved ones. 

You could also use the quotes on letter or chalkboards as part of a pregnancy photo shoot. 

However you choose to use your rainbow baby quotes – even if it’s just to make you feel inspired – congratulations to you on your little miracle! 

1. After every storm is a rainbow. 

This quote really sums up a lot of the feeling around rainbow babies. Parents go through the darkest time when they lose a baby, but after that storm a pregnancy after loss feels like colour has been restored.

2. Here comes the sun.

A pretty and short quote that is perfect to use on letter boards.

3. When we lose one blessing, another is most often unexpectedly given in its place – CS Lewis

A beautiful and moving quote from one of the world’s most famous authors CS Lewis, who wrote the Chronicles of Narnia and other children’s favourites.

Rainbow baby quotes

4. Everyone looks forward to seeing the rainbow after the storm passes. 

A thoughtful and hopeful quote about looking to the future.

5. The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow – Tarryn Donaldson

This is an inspirational quote and acknowledges the dark times while also looking to a positive future.

6. You can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.

A short and sweet quote that manages to really sum up the meaning of rainbow baby.

7. Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true. 

The classic song originally sung by Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz in the 1930s still inspires people today.

8. It’s true that somewhere over the rainbow, dreams actually do come true. 

A variation on using the lyrics from Somewhere Over the Rainbow. This one is really lovely as this way of phrasing the lyrics is a lot more personal.

9. You are the rainbow that adds colours to my grey skies. 

A beautiful quote to use alongside a baby scan photo or a picture of your newborn rainbow baby.

10. Out of difficulties, we grow miracles – Jean de la Bruyere 

An uplifting quote that pays tribute to the miracle of a baby after a loss.

11. Where one thing falls, another grows. Maybe not what was there before, but something new and wonderful all the same. 

A deep and meaningful quote that may speak to many parents who have suffered a loss.

12. The gold at the end of our rainbow.

A reference to the pot of gold that myths tell us is at the end of a rainbow. This is a beautiful quote as it really emphasises what a special treasure a rainbow baby is.

13. After a storm there is a rainbow of hope. 

A short and powerful choice the emphasise the hope of having a pregnancy after loss.

Rainbow baby quote

14. Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart – A.A Milne 

This quote is a tribute to the powerful love a parent feels for their baby. For rainbow babies its an acknowledgement that the love for the lost baby will never go away.

15. Love swoops down to Earth riding on the colours of a rainbow. 

This quote paints a powerful image of how a rainbow baby can bring love to a grieving family.

16. Rainbows remind us that even after the darkest clouds and the fiercest winds there is still beauty – Katrina Mayer 

A reminder of the meaning of rainbows!

17. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends. 

These words about love acknowledge the pain parents may have experienced through loss but also the enduring hope for the future.

18. It’s when a rainbow smiles that sadness is banished from the land – Anthony T. Hincks

A beautiful quote that emphasises the joy that comes from expecting a rainbow baby.

Rainbow baby quote from Anthony Hincks for rainbow baby announcement

19. Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet – Aristotle 

A deep and meaningful quote that acknowledges the pain of waiting for a baby that is much wanted by a family, but also the joy of finally receiving your miracle.

20. Whenever I see a rainbow, I am saddened by my loss and ever so grateful for my blessings to come.

This is an emotional quote to use as your words to your unborn or newborn rainbow baby.

21. One can enjoy a rainbow without necessarily forgetting the forces that made it. – Mark Twain

22. Life can be a storm, but your hope is a rainbow and your friends and family are the gold. – Steve Maraboli

23. Children bring us a piece of heaven on earth. – Roland Leonhardt

24. When thunderstorms roll in, you make a choice to either succumb with tears to the gloomy downpour, or smile and look for rainbows. – Richelle E. Goodrich

25. Hand-picked by our angel above us to cherish and love.

26. The dark clouds are lifting, a rainbow has appeared, and the sunshine is on its way.

28. Handpicked for the earth by my sibling in heaven.

29. For this child we have prayed. – Samuel 1:29

30. The pot of gold at the end of our rainbow.

When to announce a rainbow baby

If you have suffered a loss before then you may feel more sensitive about announcing your pregnancy.

When you announce it is entirely up to you, but most people wait until after the 12-week scan to let wider family and friends know about their pregnancy.

It’s after this stage that the risk of miscarriage is reduced.

You may also like to use these quotes to mark Rainbow Baby Day – which is on August 22.

This is a time when it can be nice to acknowledge on social media the loss you have experienced and honour all of the other families who have suffered a similar tragedy.

I hope these rainbow baby announcement quotes have given you some inspiration for how to tell loved ones about your happy news!

Rainbow baby announcement quotes

Vicky Smith is a mother of two daughters and a journalist. She has been writing and vlogging about parenting for over five years.