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Amazing ways to use Soda Crystals to clean your home

Wondering what ways you can use Soda Crystals to clean your home?

Soda Crystals pack a punch when it comes to cleaning! There are so many ways you can use this versatile cleaning product. 

The best thing about them is they are non-toxic – made from a naturally occurring mineral that means they have a sustainable environmental footprint. 

Soda Crystals cleaning

Soda Crystals are super versatile when it comes to cleaning your home and cheap too! 

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What can you clean with Soda Crystals 

You can use Soda Crystals in every room of your home, and outside it too! 

They can tackle clothing and grease stains and help you to clear clogged drains. 

Soda Crystals can help you with the following cleaning tasks: 

  • Water softener 
  • Tackling dirty clothes 
  • Shifting stubborn grease 
  • Getting rid of stains 
  • Freshening up a dirty washing machine 

I’ve been using Soda Crystals all around any home for years and in this post I’m going to share the details of my favourite Soda Crystals cleaning hacks. 

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You may also like to check out my YouTube video demonstrating some cool ways to use Soda Crystals to clean your home. 

How to clean with Soda Crystals 

Mix Soda Crystals with warm water and you get an amazing cleaning solution. 

When using Soda Crystals for cleaning here’s how to mix it, depending on what strength cleaning you need: 

  • Mild – 1 tablespoon to 500ml water
  • Regular – 100g to 500ml water 
  • Strong 200g to 500ml water 

What’s the different between Soda Crystals and Liquid Soda Crystals?

The clue is in the name. Soda Crystals come in a bag in powder form while Liquid Soda Crystals are Soda Crystals in a liquid form that can be more convenient for certain cleaning jobs. 

Liquid Soda Crystals are especially useful when you need to leave the product to dwell on the surface, for example when cleaning stubborn oven grime and soap scum in the bathroom. 

Can you mix Soda Crystals with vinegar?

Yes you can mix Soda Crystals with vinegar. When you put them together you will witness a chemical reaction where the two will fizz together. 

This can be good if there is physical debris in your sink drain for example and the fizzing may help to push the blockage on.

If you add Soda Crystals and vinegar to your washing machine this can help to combat limescale and clean your clothes! The vinegar will also help to soften in place of fabric softener. 

If you have just cleaned your hob with Soda Crystals then spraying white vinegar before wiping is a great way to leave it looking really shiny. 

Can Soda Crystals descale your kettle 

No you cannot use Soda Crystals to descale your kettle. But the makers of Soda Crystals, Dri Pak, produce Citric Acid which does make a fantastic natural kettle descaler. 

All you need to do is half fill your kettle with water and switch the kettle on to let it boil. Once the water has boiled add about a tablespoon and a half of Citric Acid and leave for around 30 minutes. 

Now rinse the kettle and voila! 

This is a brilliant and cheap hack to descale your kettle. 

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Are Soda Crystals toxic?

Soda Crystals are a favourite among environmentally conscious cleaners because they are non-toxic!

They do not contain any phosphates, enzymes or bleach. Soda Crystals are made from hydrated sodium carbonate and are biodegradable.

This product also is not tested on animals!

Ways to use Soda Crystals to clean your home

How can you use soda crystals to clean your home? There are dozens of ways this versatile cleaning powder can help you get rid of grease, stains and grime! 

Here are my favourite ways to use Soda Crystals for cleaning. 

Unblock sinks with Soda Crystals 

You can use Soda Crystals to clear a slow draining sink that’s been blocked up by congealed grease and trapped food debris.  

Start by pouring a kettle of boiling water down the sink. Wait for this to drain away and then add a cup of Soda Crystals (I tend to free pour my Soda Crystals rather than measure it out exactly but it’s up to you). 

Now add another half kettle full of boiling water. This should get your slow draining sink moving again! 

Maintain plugholes

The best way to deal with a blocked sink is to not let it get blocked in the first place! 

Unblocking sink plughole with Soda Crystals

Using Soda Crystals in your plughole regularly will prevent it from becoming blocked or slow draining. 

Simply put a cup of Soda Crystals down the plughole and then pour a kettle filled with boiling water after it. 

Mrs Hinch adds a capful of Zoflora to the Soda Crystals before adding the boiling water too – this releases a lovely fresh scent to the room! 

Unblock outdoor drains with Soda Crystals 

Got a slow draining outdoor drain? Soda Crystals can help to shift blockages caused by grease and fat. 

Pour a cup of Soda Crystals down the drain and then follow this with a kettle filled with boiling water. 

Clean the oven 

Hands up who loves cleaning the oven! I don’t think there would be many takers for that one! 

Soda Crystals can make cleaning your greasy oven easier. 

Sprinkle some Soda Crystals inside your oven and then use a cleaning sponge soaked in warm water to scrub. 

If the grime in your oven is particularly stubborn then you may find Liquid Soda Crystals a better choice as these can be left to dwell on the surface longer, adding to the cleaning power. 

Clean your extractor fan 

Extractor fans are a magnet for grease!

Your extractor fan cover should be removable, which will make it much easier to clean. 

Place it in your sink and sprinkle Soda Crystals over it. Then, using a cleaning cloth soaked in warm water, scrub at the cover. 

An alternative to this is filling the sink with hot water and adding a cup full of Soda Crystals. Place the extractor fan cover into this solution and let it soak for an hour or two. If the cover is too big to submerge in the water then turn it round halfway through soaking. 

You can use the Soda Crystals cleaning solution to wipe down the rest of the extractor fan hood (not the electrical parts!). 

Make your hob sparkle with Soda Crystals

Is your hob covered in burnt on food and grease? You can clean your hob using just Soda Crystals and water! 

Simply sprinkle the Soda Crystals on the hob and then scrub with a kitchen cleaning cloth soaked in warm water. 

If your have removable burners then I recommend soaking these in a sink filled with hot water and a cup full of Soda Crystals. Leave for an hour or two and then scrub and rinse. 

Get rid of stains from chopping boards 

Chopping boards are one of the hardest working kitchen essentials! 

Certain fruits and vegetables can cause chopping boards to stain but Soda Crystals can help to lift those stubborn marks! 

Place the chopping board in the sink and sprinkle Soda Crystals over it. Now scrub with a kitchen cleaning sponge soaked in warm water. 

Remove tea and coffee stains from cups 

Got a favourite coffee cup that’s looking grubby from all the coffee stains?

You can tackle tea and coffee marks using a solution of Soda Crystals and water. 

If the stains are inside the mug then add two tablespoons of Soda Crystals to it then fill the mug with water. Leave to soak before pouring away and wiping around with a dishcloth. 

If the stains are all over the mug then soak in a solution of Soda Crystals and water in the sink. 

Lift grime from dirty pans 

Is there anything worse than a sink full of greasy pans covered in burnt on stains?

Soda Crystals can make washing up a whole lot easier! Make a solution of Soda Crystals and hot water in the sink and then soak your pans before scrubbed with a dishcloth. 

I also really recommend Elbow Grease spray for really stubborn stains on pans and baking trays. 

Clean your floors 

You may find Liquid Soda Crystals easier for this job as the product comes ready to use on the floor. It can be sprayed onto the surface if you buy the spray bottle format. 

Alternatively if you have traditional Soda Crystals then mix them with hot water in a bucket and use a mop or cloth to clean your floor. 

Just a warning though – polish on wood or vinyl floors may be removed by Soda Crystals. For those types of flooring use a product specifically made for this flooring type. 

How to clean tiles and grout with Soda Crystals 

Make a solution of water and Soda Crystals in a bowl and then use cleaning cloth to get clean your tiles and grouting. 

Bathroom sinks 

You should avoid using Soda Crystals on lacquered taps and fittings. However you can use a Soda Crystal and water solution to shine your baths, basins and showers. 

Shine silver jewellery 

Want to get the shine back into your jewellery?

Mix a cup of Soda Crystals with a pint of hot water in a bowl that is lined with aluminium foil. Now add your silver jewellery or silverware to the solution and soak for five to 15 minutes. 

This should not be done on jewellery that has soft stones such as opals. 

How to clean carpets with Soda Crystals 

Got a rug that has seen better days? Or a carpet that needs freshening up?

Start by wetting the area with warm water and then sprinkle the area with Soda Crystals. Leave for a few minutes and then use a carpet cleaner to run over the area.

If you do not have a carpet cleaner then get some soapy water in a bowl and a gentle brush and wash the area.

How to clean your patio with Soda Crystals

Soda Crystals can be used to remove moss and slime from patios, paving, steps and terraces.

Sprinkle the Soda Crystals onto the area and then use a water can to wet the area. Or if it’s a rainy day just leave and allow the rain to wash away.

When moss has turned brown brush it away and rinse the area with water.

Shine garden ornaments 

Use half a cup of Soda Crystals in a litre of water to get rid of caked on grime and dirty. Can also be done on planters and pots in the garden.

Alternatively you can spray Liquid Soda Crystals onto the surface of stonework and ornaments, leave for an hour and then use a stiff brush to scrub.

Freshen up your wooden decking

Outdoor wooden decking looking tired? Use Soda Crystals to freshen them up.

Mix one cup of Soda Crystals with a litre of hot water and use this to scrub away algae, moss and grime.

Clean the BBQ 

Add one cup of Soda Crystals to five litres of water in your kitchen sink. Soak BBQ grills and utensils for an hour or two and then scrub with a wire brush or scouring pad. Rinse with water when you’re done.

Shine your toilet bowl 

Pour half a cup of Soda Crystals into the toilet bowl and then flush. Simple! For extra cleaning power you could add a kettle of boiling water before flushing. 


Make up a regular solution of Soda Crystals and water then use a soft cleaning cloth to wipe down the paintwork.

Window frames

Soda Crystals can also be used on upvc window frames, which over time may become dirty and stained.

Mix up some Soda Crystals with warm water and use a soft cleaning cloth to wash the frames before drying with another dry cleaning cloth.

Clean your bins with Soda Crystals 

Mix up a solution of Soda Crystals and warm water then soak a cleaning cloth in the solution and use this to scrub your bin.

You can do this on your kitchen bin and on outdoor bins including wheelie bins.

How to use Soda Crystals in the washing machine 

Soda Crystals can give you a huge helping hand when it comes to your laundry.

How to use Soda Crystals in the washing machine

Not only can they tackle tough stains but this handy cleaning product can also help to maintain your washing machine.

Clean your washing machine with Soda Crystals 

Got a smelly washing machine? It’s not nice! Freshen it up by adding half a pack of Soda Crystals to the drum and then running empty on the hottest wash.

Remove stains from clothes

Mix 200g of Soda Crystals to 500ml of warm water in a sink or bowl. Now soak the stained clothes in this solution before washing as usual.

Add to your regular detergent 

Add a boost to your regular wash with a half cup of Soda Crystals.

Pre-soak greasy clothes before washing 

Work clothes covered in grease? Soak them in a strong solution of Soda Crystals and water overnight before washing in the machine as normal.

Soften your water 

This is really handy if you live in a hard water area as that can really mess with your pipes and washing machine.

Add around half a cup of Soda Crystals to your wash load (just pop it in with the clothes) and this will help to prevent limescale build-up.

Restore fluffy towels 

Soak your old stiff towels in a regular Soda Crystals solution and then wash as normal.

Adding 200ml of vinegar to your washing machine can also help to soften your towels.

Final thoughts on cleaning with Soda Crystals

Soda Crystals are a part of my regular cleaning routine and if you have yet to try them I thoroughly recommend that you do!

They are cheap and versatile, as you can see from this huge list.

For more tips on cleaning your home fast you may like my two hour cleaning routine post and my tips for keeping a clean house with kids.

Ways to clean your home with Soda Crystals

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