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60 Zoflora hacks and uses

60 Zoflora hacks and uses

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Zoflora has been around for years, but ever since Mrs Hinch hit Instagram with her personalised spray bottle of the fresh stuff people have been going crazy for this disinfectant!

At the height of the craze shops were running low on supply and fans were struggling to find Mrs Hinch’s favourite scents. 

So what’s the big deal about Zoflora? It’s a powerful disinfectant that comes in a range of gorgeous scents that can make your entire home smell divine. 

There are so many uses for Zoflora around the home that it’s impossible to list them all (well we could, but that would eat in to valuable cleaning time!). 

So to give you an idea of how this lovely cleaning product can freshen up every single room of your home, here are some Zoflora hacks and uses for you to try. 

How to use Zoflora

First up what do you do with your bottle of Zoflora? There are various ways you can get it ready to use around your home. 

  • General use: Get 1.5 capfuls of Zflora and mix with water in a trigger spray bottle. 
  • Floors: Dilute 4 capfuls in 1.5 litres of water. 
  • Occasional jobs: Neat Zoflora can be used to do certain jobs. Always wear gloves!

Where shouldn’t you use Zoflora

When getting ready to use Zoflora somewhere new, always test it on a small area first. Always wear gloves when using Zoflora. 

When using Zoflora, make sure to adhere to these warnings for where not to use it: 

  • In electrical appliances such as irons, steam cleaners, electrical diffusers, and vacuum cleaners.
  • Mixed with other products such as bleach and sodium bicarbonate. 
  • Polished wood. 
  • Painted or dyed surfaces. 
  • Do not use near any open flames or ignition sources. 

What about Zoflora and pets

Zoflora and pets - tips for cleaning safely around your pets

Zoflora is safe to use around pets, as long as it is dilated and you follow instructions. 

Don’t let pets walk on surfaces that are wet from Zoflora. Always wipe down and rinse areas where you have used Zoflora thoroughly. 

Zoflora makes products specifically for homes with pets, so opt for those when it comes to cleaning toys and areas where your pets frequent.

Kitchen Zoflora hacks

1. Plugholes

Plugholes go through a lot, especially the ones in our kitchens!

Get rid of nasty stinks coming from your sink plughole by getting a capful of neat Zoflora and popping it down the plughole. You can bring the scent alive by chasing it with half a kettle of boiling water. 

2. Kitchen cupboard handles

Kill germs that linger on your cupboard and drawer handles in the kitchen by spraying some diluted Zoflora onto a cloth or direct to the surface then wiping down. 

3. Disinfect your cleaning cloths

At the end of the day, put the kitchen sink plug down and add one capful of Zoflora and a kettle full of boiling water. Then add your kitchen cloths, or cloths from elsewhere around the house, and leave overnight. 

Your kitchen will smell amazing thanks to the hot water and the cloths will be disinfected. 

4. Bin

Stinky kitchen bins are inevitable in a busy home. But you can keep them fresh with Zoflora!

Use diluted Zofflora in a spray bottle to clean the inside and outside of the bin with some kitchen paper towels. 

Then to really freshen up your bin, get a paper towel and pour a capful of Zoflora over it. Put this into the bottom of your bin before adding the bin bag. Every time you open the bin, you will get a whiff of Zoflora. 

5. Fridge freezer

Get rid of lingering food odours and disinfect your fridge freezer by spraying diluted Zoflora onto a cloth and then wiping the inside and outside of your appliance. 

Remove food first and make sure you have wiped away the Zoflora before returning to the shelves. 

6. Kitchen counters

Spritz a little Zoflora onto the counters and then wipe down with your favourite kitchen cloth. 

7. Dishwasher

Nasty smells can build up in your dishwasher, plus you’re constantly touching the handle and buttons with your hands. 

Add a capful of Zoflora to the inside of the dishwasher and run on a hot wash to disinfect. Then get some diluted Zoflora and spray on the outside of the dishwasher before wiping down with a cloth. 

8. Microwave

Use diluted Zoflora in a spray bottle to clean the outside of your microwave. 

9. Kettle

Spray diluted Zoflora onto a kitchen cloth then use it to wipe the outside of your kettle. Every time your kettle boils, you will smell your fave Zoflora scent!

10. With a steam mop

You should not use Zofflora inside your steam mop as it is flammable, however you can spray the floor with your diluted Zoflora before then running over the area with your steam mop. 

The heat will really liven up the fresh scent!

11. High chair

Your baby’s high chair is an absolute magnet for germs. After cleaning, give it a thorough wiping down with diluted Zoflora and a cloth. 

Bathroom Zoflora hacks

12. Down the toilet 

Simply get a capful of Zoflora and pour it down the toilet. Leave until next usage and flush as normal. It will make your bathroom smell amazing and disinfect the bowl. 

13. Toilet brush

Toilet brushes and their holders are a hive for nasty bacteria. Pour a capful of Zoflora into the holder then just put your brush in as normal. 

You can leave it until the next time you need the brush, then pour the Zoflora away down the toilet. 

14. Toilet seat

Spray Zoflora onto a cloth and wipe down the toilet seat. 

15. Shower head

Germs can breed like crazy in your shower head. Get four capfuls of Zoflora, add to a large bowl and top up with hot water. Submerge the shower head into the water and leave to soak for an hour. 

16. Bath toys 

Get rid of germs on your child’s bath toys by soaking them in a diluted solution of Zoflora for an hour. Rinse thoroughly before letting your child play with them. 

Living room Zoflora hacks

17. Radiators

Spray Zoflora on your radiators and wipe it with a clean cloth. When your heating comes on, they will smell lovely. 

18. Remote controls

Get a paper towel and spritz some diluted Zoflora onto it, then use it to wipe down your remote controls. 

19. Freshen up sofa cushions

Want to add a lovely scent to your sofa? Get some tumble dryer sheets, soak them in neat Zoflora and dry on the kitchen draining rack. Now pop one each into all of your sofa cushion covers. 

20. Wipe down your wooden blinds

Pour a little neat Zoflora onto a tumble dryer sheet and use it to wipe all of the slats of your wooden blinds. 

21. Light switches

Light switches get used every single day. Kill any germs lingering on the surface with a cloth with diluted Zoflora sprayed onto it. 

22. Shelves

Wipe down book and decorative shelves with your diluted Zoflora mix and a clean cloth.  

23. Hard floors

Using four capfuls of Zoflora to 1.5litres of water, mop your hard and laminate floors. 

You could also use diluted Zoflora in a spray mop.

24. Coffee table 

Be careful about using Zoflora on wood and painted surfaces. Test on a small area first! However Zoflora is a great way to disinfect your coffee table which probably goes through a lot every day with snacks and drinks!

25. Sofa

I use Zofflora to spray on my leather sofa and then wipe it away with a dry microfibre cloth. 

26. Fake flowers

Make your fake flowers smell like the real thing by spraying them with diluted Zoflora mix. 

27. Curtains 

Spray curtains and other upholstery with a diluted Zoflora mix to bring a lush scent to every room of your home. 

28. Light bulbs

Get a clean cloth and spray a little diluted Zoflora onto it. Now wipe all of your light bulbs. It will get rid of dust, kill germs and when they are switched on, it will smell great. 

Bedroom Zoflora hacks

29. Spritz on your bedding

Use Zoflora as a cheap alternative to fabric freshener! Get your diluted spray and use it on your bedding in the morning for a fresh smell all day. 

30. Washing your bedding

This is particularly handy if someone has been poorly. Add a capful of Zoflora to your wash and it will disinfect your bed linen. 

31. Drawers and wardrobes

Spray Zoflora inside drawers and wardrobes then wipe down with a dry, clean cloth. 


32. Stinky shoes

Get some kitchen paper towels or tumble dryer sheets. Soak in neat Zoflora then pop them into stinky trainers or shoes. Wipe around the inside and then leave overnight. 

33. Cleaning clothes

Want to freshen up your wash and kill germs on clothes? Add a capful of Zoflora to the fabric softener section of your washing machine drawer. 

34. Freshening up inside your washing machine

Add a capful of Zoflora to the washing machine and run on a hot wash to kill germs and freshen up the drum. 

35. Pet bedding 

Kill germs on pet bedding by popping a capful of Zoflora into the fabric softener drawer. 

36. Disinfecting outside your washing machine

Spray diluted Zoflora on the outside of the washing machine and give it a good wipe with a dry cloth. 


37. Garden tools

Use diluted Zoflora to spray the handles of your garden tools and wipe away with a dry cloth. 

38. Patio

Dilute Zoflora and pour over the patio. Then scrub it down with a hard bristled brush. Be sure to rinse away the Zoflora before kids or pets use the patio. 

39. Patio furniture 

Use a diluted Zoflora spray to disinfect and freshen up your patio furniture. 

40. Children’s outdoor toys

Spray Zoflora on toys and wipe them down with a dry cloth, or a kitchen paper towel. 

Everywhere else

41. Window cleaning 

Spray diluted Zoflora onto the window and then wipe and buff with window cleaning cloths. 

42. Suitcases for travel 

Want to have a fresh suitcase of clothes? Spray Zoflora onto a cloth and wipe all around the inside of your suitcase. Leave to dry, then pack your clothes. 

When you reach your destination, everything will smell amazing!

43. Spritz on your hallway rug

Kill germs on the hallway rug and welcome guests with a fresh scent by spraying diluted Zoflora onto the rug and leaving to dry. 

44. Pet toys

Soak pet toys (not recommended for stuffed soft toys) in diluted Zoflora for an hour, then rinse and allow to dry fully before returning to your pet.

45. Pet beds

Spray diluted Zoflora onto your pet beds to disinfect the area. Make sure the area dries fully before your pet returns to the area.

46. Changing mat

Kill germs that linger after nappy changes with diluted Zoflora sprayed on the changing mat and then wiped away with a cloth.

47. Potty 

When cleaning out the potty, finish off by spraying diluted Zoflora all over and then wiping down with a cloth.

48. Messy mattresses

Has your little one had an accident in their bed? Clean the area and then spray Zoflora on it and leave to dry to disinfect and kill nasty smells.

49. Nappy bin 

You can get rid of bad smells and kill germs in the bin by spraying the inside and outside with diluted Zoflora then wiping down with a cloth.

50. Door handles

Your doors get touched all day every day. Disinfect them with a little diluted Zoflora and a dry cloth to wipe it off.

51. Smelly drains

Do you have lingering smells from an outdoor drain? Pour a couple of capfuls of Zoflora down there, leave for a couple of hours, then rinse with boiled water from the kettle.

52. Wheelie bins 

You can deter flies and please your bin man by spraying all over with Zoflora, both inside and outside.

53. Car interiors

Freshen up your car, and get rid of dust, by spraying Zoflora on a cloth and then wiping all over the steering wheel and dashboard.

54. Pet carriers

Disinfect your pet carriers with diluted Zoflora sprayed onto a cleaning cloth. Allow to dry before use.

55. Office desk

Your desk is a prime location for germs to breed. Spray the whole surface with diluted Zoflora and wipe down. Note, Zoflora is not suitable for use on polished wood.

56. Keyboards

Your keyboards are used every single day, making them the perfect home for bacteria. Spray some Zoflora onto a paper towel and then wipe the keyboard all over.

57. Skirting boards

Wipe down your skirting boards with a cloth spritzed with Zoflora.

58. Telephone

Spray Zoflora onto a cloth and wipe the handset and buttons down.

59. DIY reed diffuser 

Run out of your favourite diffuser perfume? Add some neat Zoflora to the container and pop some new reeds into it. It will release that fresh Zoflora scent all day long!

60. Sanitary towel

This one is wacky but it might just be genius. Pop half a cap of neat Zoflora onto a clean sanitary pad. Now, stick it to the back of your toilet where it cannot be seen. The fresh scent will fill your bathroom!

Zoflora cleaning hacks and tips
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