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200 Stunning Middle Names for Florence 

Florence is a classic vintage baby girl name that you can pair with some truly gorgeous middle names!

The adorable name Florence is among the most popular monikers for babies! 

It sits within the top 15 most used baby names for girls, according to the most recent ONS data for UK names.

Baby girl in purple tutu smiling

In the US Florence is less popular, ranking within the top 400 baby names but not as popular in the country as back in the early 1900s. Perhaps we will see this name grow in popularity in the US too as the love of vintage baby names shows no signs of going away! 

Perfect middles names for Florence include Florence Ivy, Florence Grace and Florence Olivia, which are all popular and graceful choices in themselves. 

When choosing a middle name that goes with Florence you opt for hard of soft sounds. Florence is quite a soft sounding name however stands up well to harder sounding middle names such as Dawn and Coco. 

Florence is quite a fancy girls name so lends itself well to fancy middle names such as Florence Ottilie, Florence Odette Florence Everly and Florence Isabella. 

The name also goes very well with hippie names such as Florence Luna and Florence Aster and nature names like Florence Daisy and Florence Rose. 

What does Florence mean?

Before we get to the middle name ideas for Florence you may want to know what this pretty girl’s name means. 

This English name is derived from the French version Florentia, which means blossoming or to flourish. 

The name surged in popularity as a result of the fame of the inspirational nurse Florence Nightingale and has gained new fans in more recent years. This may be thanks in part to the rise in fame of the indie band Florence and the Machine. 

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Gorgeous middle names for Florence 


Florence Abigail

Meaning cause of joy. 

Florence Acadia 

A French naming meaning place of plenty. 

Florence Ada

Meaning noble or nobility. 

Florence Adele 

Meaning nobility. 

Florence Adeline/Adelyn

Noble one. 

Florence Addison 

Son of Adam. 

Florence Alana/Alayna

Meaning precious or child. 

Florence Alessia 

Defending warrior. 

Florence Alexa

Defender of human. 

Florence Alexandra 

To ward off or protect. 

Florence Alexandria 

Defender of mankind. 

Florence Alexia 

Defender of men. 

Florence Alexis 

Helper or defender. 

Florence Alice 


Florence Alina 

Meaning noble or bright. 

Florence Allegra 

An Italian name meaning joyful or happy. 

Florence Alma 

Nourishing in Latin. Also means the soul in Spanish. 

Florence Alyssa 


Florence Amara 

Meaning bitter in Italian, or immortal in Sanskrit. 

Florence Amaliya 

Rival or eager work. 

Florence Amber 

Meaning jewel in Arabic. 

Florence Amelia 


Florence Amethyst 

Meaning precious stone. 

Florence Amy 

Beloved or to love. 

Florence Ana 

God is gracious. 

Florence Anastasia 

Meaning resurrection. 

Florence Anais 

Gracious and merciful. 

Florence Angel

Meaning messenger of god. 

Florence Angelina 

Meaning angel or messenger. 

Florence Anise 

A pretty and unusual name meaning spice. 

Florence Aniya 


Florence Anne 

Favour or grace. 

Florence Antonella 

Priceless one. 

Florence Aoife 

Meaning beauty. 

Florence Aurelia 


Florence Aurora 

From the Latin word aurora, which means dawn. 

Florence Autumn 

After the season. 

Florence Arabella 

Meaning yielding to prayer. 

Florence Arden 

Valley of the eagle. 

Florence Aria 

Meaning song or melody in Italian. 

Florence Ash 

Happy or after the ash tree. 

Florence Ashley 

Meaning ash tree or wood. 

Florence Aspen

A place in Colorado and also a type of tree. 

Florence Aster 

Meaning star. 

Florence Astrid 

Divinely beautiful. 

Florence Audrey 

Meaning noble strength. 

Florence Ava 

A name of Latin origin meaning life, bird or water. 

Florence Avalon 

A Welsh name meaning apple island. 

Florence Avery 

Meaning ruler of elves. 

Florence Avril 

Meaning April. 

Florence Ayla 

Meaning oak tree. 


Florence Bailey 

A unisex name meaning bailiff. 

Florence Bea

A shortened version of Beatrice or Beatrix, meaning bringer of joy. 

Florence Beatrice 

Bringer of joy. 

Florence Beatrix 

German name meaning voyager. 

Florence Belle 


Florence Berkley 

From the birch meadow. 

Florence Beth 

A shortened nickname from Elizabeth. Meaning pledged to god. 

Florence Bethany 

Meaning house of figs. 

Florence Blake 

A unisex name meaning pale blond. 

Florence Blaire

Plain or field. 

Florence Blanche 

Meaning white. 

Florence Blithe


Florence Bonnie 

Meaning pretty. 

Florence Birdie 

Bright or famous. 

Florence Blue 

A cute name if you love the idea of colours as a middle name. 

Florence Brianne 

Meaning high or noble. 

Florence Briar 

A thorny patch. 

Florence Bridget 

Meaning exalted one. 

Florence Bristol 

A city in England, means meeting place by the bridge. 

Florence Britney 

Meaning from Britain. 

Florence Bronte 


Florence Bronwyn 

Meaning fair. 

Florence Brooke 

Meaning stream or purity. 


Florence Calliope 

Beautiful voice. 

Florence Caitlin

Meaning pure. 

Florence Camila 


Florence Cara 

Meaning beloved or friend. 

Florence Caroline


Florence Catherine 

Pure or clear. 

Florence Cate 

A shortened version of Catherine, meaning pure. 

Florence Cecilia 

Meaning blind. 

Florence Cerise 

Meaning cherry. 

Florence Charlotte 

Petite or feminine. 

Florence Christina


Florence Chi 

Meaning energy 

Florence Chloe 

Blooming or fertility. 

Florence Claire 

Clear or bright. 

Florence Clara 

Clear, bright or famous. 

Florence Clea 

Meaning to praise or famous. 

Florence Clio


Florence Coco 

A cute middle name meaning chocolate bean. 

Florence Cora 

Just or honest. 

Florence Coralie 

French name meaning coral reef. 

Florence Corinne 

Meaning girl or maiden. 

Florence Cosette 


Florence Courtney

Meaning short nose. 


Florence Dahlia 

A Scandinavian name meaning Dahl’s flower or valley. 

Florence Daisy 

After the pretty wild flower. Also means day’s eye. 

Florence Dakota 

A state in America, also meaning friend or allies. 

Florence Darcey/Darcie 


Florence Daphne 

Meaning laurel. 

Florence Davina 

Meaning beloved.

Florence Dawn 

After the start of the day. Meaning new beginnings. 

Florence Delilah 


Florence Delphine 

A Greek baby name meaning dolphin. 

Florence Delta 

Meaning born fourth. 

Florence Demi 

Meaning half or small. 

Florence Desi

Yearning or sorrow. 

Florence Devon 

Poet or defender. 

Florence Dixie 

Meaning ten. 

Florence Dorothy 

Meaning gift of god. 

Florence Dulcie 

Meaning sweet. 


Florence Echo 

Meaning reverberating sound. 

Florence Eden 

A place of pleasure or delight. 

Florence Edith 

Meaning prosperous in war. 

Florence Eleanor 

Meaning light hearted or shining light. 

Florence Elena 

Shining light. 

Florence Eleri

Welsh name meaning river.

Florence Eliana 

Meaning my god answered. 

Florence Elise 

God is my oath. 

Florence Eliza 

A shortened version of Elizabeth. 

Florence Elizabeth

Pledged to god. 

Florence Elodie 

Marsh flower. 

Florence Ella 


Florence Elle 

A French name meaning she.

Florence Ellen 

Meaning light.  

Florence Ellory 

One who is filled with joy and happiness. 

Florence Eloise 

Meaning healthy or wide. 

Florence Elspeth 

Chosen by God. 

Florence Ember 

Spark or burning low. 

Florence Emma 

Meaning whole or universal. 

Florence Emmaline 

Peaceful home. 

Florence Emily 

Meaning striving or eager. 

Florence Enid 

Meaning spirit or life. 

Florence Enya 

An Irish name meaning fire. 

Florence Erin 

Meaning Ireland. 

Florence Esme 

Meaning loved or esteemed. 

Florence Esmeralda 

Meaning emerald. 

Florence Estelle 

Meaning star. 

Florence Esther 

Meaning star. 

Florence Etta 

French name meaning keeper of the hearth. 

Florence Eva 

Meaning life or living one. 

Florence Evangeline

Meaning bearer of good news. 

Florence Eve 

Meaning life or animal. 

Florence Evelyn 

Wished for child. 

Florence Everly 

Wild boar in woodland clearing. 

Florence Evie 

Meaning life or breathe. 


Florence Fable 

Meaning story. This is a cute gender neutral name. 

Florence Faith

To have belief or trust.  

Florence Faye 

Meaning fairy. 

Florence Felicity 

Meaning happy. 

Florence Fern

After the green shade-loving plant, a pretty nature baby name. 

Florence Fleur 


Florence Frances 

From France or free man. 

Florence Francesca 

Italian name meaning French or free. 

Florence Freya 

From an Old German word meaning lady. 

Florence Frieda 

Meaning peaceful ruler. 


Florence Genevieve 

Woman of the race. 

Florence Georgette 

French name meaning farmer. 

Florence Georgia 

Meaning earth or farmer. 

Florence Georgina 

Meaning farmer. 

Florence Gianna 

God is gracious. 

Florence Grace 

A delicate and feminine name meaning goodness and generosity. 


Florence Hadley 

From the heather meadow. 

Florence Hailey 

Hay’s meadow. Also of Norse origin meaning hero and Irish origin, meaning wise one. 

Florence Hallie

Meaning dweller at the hall meadow. 

Florence Halo 

Divine aura. 

Florence Hannah

Meaning favour or grace. 

Florence Harlow 

Pile of rocks or hill. 

Florence Harmony 

Perfect unity. This is a good choice if you want a name connected to music. 

Florence Harper 

Harp player. 

Florence Harriet 

Meaning home. 

Florence Hattie 

Home ruler. 

Florence Havana 

Havana is the Cuban capital. The name is also thought to derive from the word for heaven. 

Florence Haven 

Meaning safe place. 

Florence Hazel 

Meaning hazel tree. Also relates to brown eye colour. 

Florence Heidi 

Meaning of noble birth. 

Florence Helen 

Shining light. 

Florence Henley 

Meaning high meadow. 

Florence Henrietta 

Meaning power or ruler. 

Florence Holly 

A perfect winter baby name, after the pretty festive plant with red berries. 

Florence Hope 

A joyful name meaning to hope. 


Florence Imani 

Belief or faith. 

Florence Imogen 

Meaning maiden. 

Florence India 

Taken from the name of the country. Also means river. 

Florence Ireland 

A pretty destination baby name. Meaning fertile land. 

Florence Iris 

A name of Greek origin meaning rainbow. 

Florence Isabella 

Meaning god is my oath. 

Florence Isla 

A Spanish and Scottish origin name meaning island. 

Florence Isobel 

Meaning pledged to god.

Florence Ivy 

Meaning vine. 

Florence Jacqueline 

Meaning supplanter. 

Florence Jacinda 

A Spanish name meaning beautiful or hyacinth. 

Florence Jade

After the precious green stone. 

Florence Jadis 

Meaning magic or sorcery. 

Florence James 

This has become more and more of a gender neutral choice. 

Florence Jasmine 

Meaning gift from God. 

Florence Jane 

God is gracious. 

Florence Jean 

Meaning god is gracious. 

Florence Jemima 


Florence Jennifer 

Meaning the fair one. 

Florence Jessica 

God beholds. 

Florence Jewel 

A name that means precious. 

Florence Jo 

A shortened version of Josephine that works well with many first names. Means god is merciful. 

Florence Jocelyn


Florence Josephine 

Meaning he shall increase. 

Florence Joy 

Meaning great happiness. 

Florence Juliet 


Florence June 

From the name of the month, this is derived from the name Juno. 

Florence Juno 

Queen of the heavens. 

Florence Jupiter 

A gorgeous celestial baby name meaning supreme god. 


Florence Kate 

Pure or clear. 

Florence Kehlani 

Meaning sea heavens. 

Florence Kenna 

A Scottish, Irish name meaning fiery. 

Florence Kirsten 

Meaning follower of christ. 

Florence Kit 

A cute one syllable baby name meaning carrier of christ. 

Florence Kristen 

Meaning follower of christ. 

Florence Kyra 

Meaning lord. 

Florence Lacey/Lacie 

An Old French word meaning braid. 

Florence Lainey 

Bright or shining light. 

Florence Lana 

Calm as still waters or afloat. 

Florence Lane 

Meaning a small roadway. 

Florence Laura 

Meaning bay laurel plant. 

Florence Lauren 

Meaning crowned with a laurel. 

Florence Lara 

Bright or famous. 

Florence Lark 


Florence Leah

From the Hebrew meaning weary or Latin meaning lionness. 

Florence Leigh 

Meadow or delicate. 

Florence Lexie 

Defender of men. 

Florence Liana 

My god has answered. 

Florence Lila 

Meaning night or beauty. 

Florence Lilian 

Meaning lily. 

Florence Liliana 

A Spanish and Italian name meaning lily or flower. 

Florence Lilith 

Meaning belonging to the night. 

Florence Lily 

After the pretty exotic flower. 

Florence Lola 


Florence Louisa 

Fame, loud or fighter. 

Florence Louise 

Renowned warrior. 

Florence Love 

A gorgeous and unusual choice for a name meaning to adore. 

Florence Lucie/Lucy 

Meaning of light. 

Florence Luna 

Meaning moon. 

Florence Lux 

Meaning light 

Florence Lyla 


Florence Lyric 

Meaning song words but also connected to the Greek word lyre, a type of stringed instrument. 

Florence Macie 

Meaning weapon. 

Florence Mackenzie 

Meaning son of Kenneth. 

Florence Madeline 

An English name meaning high tower. 

Florence Madison 

Son of Matthew. 

Florence Mae/May 

Bitter or pearl. 

Florence Maeve 

Meaning purple flower or queen in Celtic. 

Florence Maisy 

Meaning child of light or pearl. 

Florence Malin 

Little strong warrior. 

Florence Margaret 


Florence Margot 


Florence Marley 

Pleasant wood. 

Florence Maria 

Meaning of the sea. 

Florence Marie 

Meaning star of the sea. 

Florence Mary

An old fashioned name of Hebrew origin meaning beloved. 

Florence Maryam 

Meaning rebellious. 

Florence Matilda 

Meaning might and strength. 

Florence Maven 

Meaning one who understands. 

Florence Maya 

Meaning good mother. 

Florence Meadow 

Meaning grass or vegetation. 

Florence Megan/Meghan/Meaghan 

Meaning pearl. 

Florence Melody 

Meaning song. 

Florence Melissa 

Meaning honeybee. 

Florence Meredith 

Meaning great and noted ruler. 

Florence Mia 

Meaning mine. 

Florence Mila 

Miracle or dear one. 

Florence Miley 

Meaning smiley or pleasant. 

Florence Mimi 

Sea of bitterness or rebelliousness. 

Florence Mirabelle 


Florence Moon 

A celestial baby name. 

Florence Monica 

Meaning to advise. 

Florence Monroe

A Scottish name meaning from the hill. 

Florence Mya 

Beloved or great. 

Florence Myla 



Florence Nancy 

Meaning grace. 

Florence Natalia 

Meaning Christmas Day. 

Florence Natalie 

Meaning Christmas. 

Florence Nell 

Bright or shining one. 

Florence Nevaeh 

This name is heaven spelt backwards. 

Florence Niamh 

Bright or radiant. 

Florence Nicole 

People of victory. 

Florence Nina 

Meaning little girl. 

Florence Nix

Meaning night or crimson. 

Florence Noelle 

A great Christmas baby name! This actually means Christmas! 

Florence Nora 

Meaning light or honour. 

Florence North 

This name has grown in popularity since Kim Kardashian called her daughter North. 

Florence Nova

Meaning new. 

Florence Nox  


Florence Nur 

Meaning light. 


Florence Ocean/Oceane

Meaning sea. 

Florence Octavia 

Meaning born eighth. 

Florence Oda 

Meaning wealth or fortune. 

Florence Odette 

A French naming meaning wealthy. 

Florence Olive 

Meaning olive tree. 

Florence Olivia 

Meaning olive tree. 

Florence Orla 

Meaning golden princess. 

Florence Opal 

Meaning gem. 

Florence Ophelia 


Florence Ottilie 

Prosperous battle. 


Florence Paige 

Meaning assistant or helper. 

Florence Paisley

A Scottish name meaning church. 

Florence Parker 

Meaning park keeper. Has been a boy’s name but is increasingly being used as a unisex name. 

Florence Paris 

After the capital of France. 

Florence Payton 

An Irish name meaning fighting man’s estate. 

Florence Pear 

An unusual baby name that taps into the trend for fruit inspired names, other examples include Apple, Plum and Clementine. 

Florence Pearl 

A precious baby name. 

Florence Penelope 

Meaning weaver. 

Florence Persephone

Meaning bringer of destruction. 

Florence Phoenix 

A name of Greek origin meaning dark red. 

Florence Piper  

Pipe or flute player. 

Florence Poet 

A whimsical baby name choice. 

Florence Poppy 

After the pretty flower. 

Florence Posy 

A bunch of flowers. 

Florence Primrose

Meaning first rose. 

Florence Quill 

Meaning plume or feather. 

Florence Quinn 

Wise or counsel. 


Florence Rae 

Well advised protector. 

Florence Rain 

A stunning nature baby name that is perfect if you want an unusual and stormy name. 

Florence Raya 

This is the name of a Disney movie about a brave girl who saves the world! The name means friend. 

Florence Rebecca 

Meaning to tie or bind. 

Florence Rebel 

To be rebellious.

Florence Regan 

Meaning nobility. 

Florence Remi 

A French name meaning oarsman. 

Florence River

A unisex name that is increasingly popular as a boho baby name choice. 

Florence Robyn 

Meaning bright fame. 

Florence Rosa 

Rose or flower. 

Florence Rosalie. 

Meaning rose. 

Florence Rose 

After the pretty flower. 

Florence Royal 

An unusual baby name choice with connotations of strength and power. 

Florence Ruby 

Meaning red. 

Florence Rue 

Meaning herb or regret. 

Florence Ruth 

Meaning companion or friend. 

Florence Rylie 

An Irish name meaning brave. 


Florence Sadie 

Meaning princess. 

Florence Sage 

A Latin name meaning wise. 

Florence Sailor 

A unique baby name meaning person who sails. 

Florence Samara 

Meaning guardian. 

Florence Saoirse 

An Irish name that means freedom. Pronounced “seer-sha”. 

Florence Sarah 

Meaning princess. 

Florence Savannah 

Meaning large or grassy plain. 

Florence Scarlett 

Meaning red. 

Florence Selena 

Meaning moon. 

Florence Sera

A Hebrew name meaning princess. 

Florence Serena 

Meaning peaceful or quiet. 

Florence Serenity 

Meaning calm and clear, or peaceful. 

Florence Shea 

Meaning stately and dauntless one. 

Florence Sia 

Meaning victory. 

Florence Sienna 

Meaning orange-red. 

Florence Sky/Skye 

A cute boho baby name. 

Florence Skylar 

Noble scholar. 

Florence Sloan 

Meaning expedition. 

Florence Snow 

A pretty name that works great for a winter baby. 

Florence Soleil 

A French name meaning sun. 

Florence Sophia 


Florence Sophie


Florence Star 

A pretty and delicate celestial baby name. 

Florence Stella 

Meaning star. 

Florence Storm/Stormy

A powerful baby name choice if you want a name inspired by nature and the elements. 

Florence Summer 

After the warmest season. 

Florence Sunny 

Bright and cheerful. 

Florence Suri 

Meaning princess. 

Florence Sydney 

Meaning wide island. 

Florence Sylvie 


Florence Tatum 

Old English name meaning Tate’s homestead. 

Florence Taylor 

Cutter of cloth. 

Florence Teagan 

Meaning wise poet. 

Florence Temperance 

Moderation or self-control. 

Florence Tessa 

Summer or harvester. 

Florence Thea 

A Greek name meaning goddess or godly. 

Florence Tilly 

Meaning mighty in battle. 

Florence Trinity 

Meaning three. 

Florence True 

Meaning truthful or honest. 

Florence Tuesday 

After the day of the week. 

Florence Tyla 

Meaning good. 


Florence Valencia 

A Spanish name meaning brave or strong. 

Florence Valentina 

Healthy or strong. 

Florence Valentine 

Vigorous or strong. 

Florence Verity 

Meaning truth. 

Florence Victoria 


Florence Victory 

A bold and unusual baby name choice meaning to win. 

Florence Viola 

A name of Italian and Latin origin meaning violet. 

Florence Violet 

After the pretty purple shade and flowers. 

Florence Vittoria 


Florence Vivienne 

A French name meaning alive. 


Florence Wednesday 

After the day of the week. 

Florence Willa 

Resolute protection. 

Florence Willow 

Meaning freedom or willow tree. 

Florence Winona 

Meaning first born daughter. 

Florence Winter 

After the coldest season. 

Florence Wren 

Meaning small bird. 

Florence Wyatt 

An old English name meaning brave. 


Florence Xanthia 


Florence Xena 

Greek name meaning guest or stranger. 

Florence Xyla 

Meaning woodland. 

Florence Yara 

Water lady or small butterfly. 

Florence Yasmine

Meaning jasmine, a pretty flower.  

Florence Zara 


Florence Zen 

A Japanese name meaning meditation. 

Florence Zena

Born of Zeus. 

Florence Zia 

Meaning light or splendour. 

Florence Zoe

A Greek name meaning life. 

Florence Zoey

Meaning life. 

Florence Zora 

Meaning sunrise. 

Florence Zuri 

Meaning good and beautiful. 

What about a first name for middle name Florence 

If you love the name Florence but think you may prefer it as a middle name here are a few names that work perfectly with Florence in the middle.

  • Amelia Florence 
  • Cara Florence 
  • Catherine Florence 
  • Gabrielle Florence 
  • Hazel Florence 
  • Ivy Florence 
  • Lily Florence 
  • Ruby Florence
  • Scarlett Florence
  • Sienna Florence
  • Summer Florence

Sibling names that go with Florence 

If you already have a little girl called Florence and need a sibling name that works well with it here are a few options for boys and girls.

Girl names that go with Florence

  • Charlotte 
  • Claire 
  • Clara 
  • Daphne 
  • Dorothy 
  • Genevieve 
  • Lily 
  • Freya 
  • Penelope 
  • Rosie 

Boy names that go with Florence

  • Arthur 
  • Edmund 
  • Freddie 
  • Hugo 
  • Julian 
  • Patrick 
  • Sebastian 
  • Theodore 

Nicknames for Florence 

How can you shorten Florence to create a cute nickname for this baby girl name? Here are a few pretty ideas:

  • Flo 
  • Florry 
  • Flossy 
  • Rensy 
  • Ren
  • Fifi 
Middle names for Florence

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