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150+ stunning middle names for Evie 

Looking for an adorable middle name for Evie?

Baby girl called Evie

This sweet baby girl name lends itself well to lots of adorable baby first and middle name combinations. 

Evie is a popular baby name, however it works well with both traditional, such as Anne, and more edgy middle names, such as Zen and Echo. 

What does Evie mean?

Evie is a name of Hebrew origin meaning life. It’s derived from the name Eve and taps into the growing trend to pick nicknames as first names. 

Famous Evies include the lead characters in V for Vendetta and The Mummy. 

Evie has a joyful sound to it, particularly as it is a cute nickname for Eve. 

It is among the most popular baby names in the UK and Ireland, and has also grown in popularity in the US. 

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What names go well with Evie?

Evie is a pretty and playful baby girl name that lends itself well to a range of baby name themes including old fashioned, celestial, boho and nature baby names

As Evie ends on an “ee” sound it means it flows well onto a large range of middle names for baby girls. 

It sounds great with both one syllable and two syllable baby names. 

My particular favourites for middle names that go with Evie include Evie Grace, Evie Juno, Evie James, Evie Alexa, and Evie Echo. 

I’ve got a huge list of middle names that will work with Evie for you to choose from! 

Middle names for Evie 


  • Evie Abigail

Meaning cause of joy. 

  • Evie Ada

Meaning noble or nobility. 

  • Evie Adele 

Meaning nobility. 

  • Evie Addison 

Son of Adam. 

  • Evie Alessia 

Defending warrior. 

  • Evie Alexa

Defender of human. 

  • Evie Allegra 

An Italian name meaning joyful or happy. 

  • Evie Alma 

Nourishing in Latin. Also means the soul in Spanish. 

  • Evie Amaliya 

Rival or eager work. 

  • Evie Amy 

Beloved or to love. 

  • Evie Anais 

Gracious and merciful. 

  • Evie Anise 

A pretty and unusual name meaning spice. 

  • Evie Anne 

Favour or grace. 

  • Evie Antonella 

Priceless one. 

  • Evie Aoife 

Meaning beauty. 

  • Evie Aurelia 


  • Evie Aurora 

From the Latin word aurora, which means dawn. 

  • Evie Arden 

Valley of the eagle. 

  • Evie Ash 

Happy or after the ash tree. 

  • Evie Aspen

A place in Colorado and also a type of tree. 

  • Evie Astrid 

Divinely beautiful. 


  • Evie Bea

A shortened version of Beatrice or Beatrix, meaning bringer of joy. 

  • Evie Beatrice 

Bringer of joy. 

  • Evie Belle 


  • Evie Berkley 

From the birch meadow. 

  • Evie Beth 

A shortened nickname from Elizabeth. Meaning pledged to god. 

  • Evie Blake 

A unisex name meaning pale blond. 

  • Evie Blaire

Plain or field. 

  • Evie Blithe


  • Evie Boo

A cute nickname for a girl that has become popular as a middle name. Jamie Oliver called his daughter Daisy Boo. 

  • Evie Bird 

A pretty one syllable nature baby name. 

  • Evie Blue 

A cute name if you love the idea of colours as a middle name. 

  • Evie Briar 

A thorny patch. 

  • Evie Bronte 



  • Evie Camila 


  • Evie Catherine 

Pure or clear. 

  • Evie Cate 

A shortened version of Catherine, meaning pure. 

  • Evie Cerise 

Meaning cherry. 

  • Evie Claire 

Clear or bright. 

  • Evie Clara 

Clear, bright or famous. 

  • Evie Clio


  • Evie Coco 

A cute middle name meaning chocolate bean. 

  • Evie Constance 


  • Evie Cora 

Just or honest. 

  • Evie Cosette 



  • Evie Dawn 

After the start of the day. Meaning new beginnings. 

  • Evie Delilah 


  • Evie Delphine 

A Greek baby name meaning dolphin. 

  • Evie Devon 

Poet or defender. 


  • Evie Echo 

Meaning reverberating sound. 

  • Evie Eden 

A place of pleasure or delight. 

  • Evie Elena 

Shining light.

  • Evie Eliana 

Meaning my god answered. 

  • Evie Elise 

God is my oath. 

  • Evie Elizabeth

Pledged to god. 

  • Evie Elodie 

Marsh flower. 

  • Evie Ember 

Spark or burning low. 

  • Evie Emma 

Meaning whole or universal. 

  • Evie Enya 

An Irish name meaning fire. 


  • Evie Fable 

Meaning story. This is a cute gender neutral name. 

  • Evie Faith

To have belief or trust.  

  • Evie Fern

After the green shade-loving plant, a pretty nature baby name. 

  • Evie Fleur 


  • Evie Florence 

This is the name of a beautiful city in Italy and also means flourishing or prosperous. 

  • Evie Frances 

From France or free man. 

  • Evie Freya 

From an Old German word meaning lady. 

  • Evie Frieda 

Meaning peaceful ruler. 


  • Evie Genevieve 

Woman of the race. 

  • Evie Georgia 

Meaning earth or farmer. 

  • Evie Gianna 

God is gracious. 

  • Evie Grace 

A delicate and feminine name meaning goodness and generosity. 


  • Evie Hadley 

From the heather meadow. 

  • Evie Hailey 

Hay’s meadow. Also of Norse origin meaning hero and Irish origin, meaning wise one. 

  • Evie Halo 

Divine aura. 

  • Evie Harlow 

Pile of rocks or hill. 

  • Evie Harmony 

Perfect unity. This is a good choice if you want a name connected to music. 

  • Evie Harper 

Harp player. 

  • Evie Hazel 

Meaning hazel tree. Also relates to brown eye colour. 

  • Evie Helen 

Shining light. 

  • Evie Hope 

A joyful name meaning to hope. 


  • Evie Imogen 

Meaning maiden. 

  • Evie Ireland 

A pretty destination baby name. Meaning fertile land. 

  • Evie Iris 

A name of Greek origin meaning rainbow. 

  • Evie Isla 

A Spanish and Scottish origin name meaning island. 

  • Evie Jacinda 

A Spanish name meaning beautiful or hyacinth. 

  • Evie Jade

After the precious green stone. 

  • Evie Jadis 

Meaning magic or sorcery. 

  • Evie James 

This has become more and more of a gender neutral choice. 

  • Evie Jane 

God is gracious. 

  • Evie Jewel 

A name that means precious. 

  • Evie Jo 

A shortened version of Josephine that works well with many first names. Means god is merciful. 

  • Evie Jocelyn


  • Evie Josephine 

Meaning he shall increase. 

  • Evie Joy 

Meaning great happiness. 

  • Evie Juliet 


  • Evie June 

From the name of the month, this is derived from the name Juno. 

  • Evie Juno 

Queen of the heavens. 

  • Evie Jupiter 

A gorgeous celestial baby name meaning supreme god. 


  • Evie Kate 

Pure or clear. 

  • Evie Kehlani 

Meaning sea heavens. 

  • Evie Kit 

A cute one syllable baby name meaning carrier of christ. 

  • Evie Kyra 

Meaning lord. 

  • Evie Lane 

Meaning a small roadway. 

  • Evie Lark 


  • Evie Leah

From the Hebrew meaning weary or Latin meaning lionness. 

  • Evie Leigh 

Meadow or delicate. 

  • Evie Liana 

My god has answered. 

  • Evie Lila 

Meaning night or beauty. 

  • Evie Liliana 

A Spanish and Italian name meaning lily or flower. 

  • Evie Lily 

After the pretty exotic flower. 

  • Evie Lola 


  • Evie Louisa 

Fame, loud or fighter. 

  • Evie Louise 

Renowned warrior. 

  • Evie Love 

A gorgeous and unusual choice for a name meaning to adore. You can find other names meaning love in this article.

  • Evie Luna 

Meaning moon. 

  • Evie Lux 

Meaning light 

  • Evie Lyla 


  • Evie Lyric 

Meaning song words but also connected to the Greek word lyre, a type of stringed instrument. 

  • Evie Madison 

Son of Matthew. 

  • Evie Mae/May 

Bitter or pearl. 

  • Evie Maeve 

Meaning purple flower or queen in Celtic. 

  • Evie Malin 

Little strong warrior. 

  • Evie Margaret 


  • Evie Margot 


  • Evie Mary

An old fashioned name of Hebrew origin meaning beloved. 

  • Evie Matilda 

Meaning might and strength. 

  • Evie Maven 

Meaning one who understands. 

  • Evie Maya 

Meaning good mother. 

  • Evie Mia 

Meaning mine. 

  • Evie Mila 

Miracle or dear one. 

  • Evie Mimi 

Sea of bitterness or rebelliousness. 

  • Evie Mirabelle 


  • Evie Moon 

A celestial baby name. 

  • Evie Monroe

A Scottish name meaning from the hill. 

  • Evie Mya 

Beloved or great. 


  • Evie Nell 

Bright or shining one. 

  • Evie Nicole 

People of victory. 

  • Evie Nix

Meaning night. 

  • Evie Noelle 

A great Christmas baby name! This actually means Christmas! 

  • Evie Nora 

Meaning light or honour. 

  • Evie North 

This name has grown in popularity since Kim Kardashian called her daughter North. 

  • Evie Nova

Meaning new. 

  • Evie Nox  



  • Evie Ocean/Oceane

Meaning sea. 

  • Evie Oda 

Meaning wealth or fortune. 

  • Evie Odette 

A French naming meaning wealthy. 

  • Evie Olive 

Meaning olive tree. 

  • Evie Opal 

Meaning gem. 

  • Evie Ophelia 



  • Evie Paris 

After the capital of France. 

  • Evie Pear 

An unusual baby name that taps into the trend for fruit inspired names, other examples include Apple, Plum and Clementine. 

  • Evie Pearl 

A precious baby name. 

  • Evie Penelope 

Meaning weaver. 

  • Evie Phoenix 

A name of Greek origin meaning dark red. 

  • Evie Piper  

Pipe or flute player. 

  • Evie Poet 

A whimsical baby name choice. 

  • Evie Poppy 

After the pretty flower. 

  • Evie Posey 

A bunch of flowers. 

  • Evie Primrose

Meaning first rose. 

  • Evie Promise 

Meaning vow. 

  • Evie Quinn 

Wise or counsel. 


  • Evie Rae 

Well advised protector. 

  • Evie Rain 

A stunning nature baby name that is perfect if you want an unusual and stormy name. 

  • Evie Raya 

This is the name of a Disney movie about a brave girl who saves the world! The name means friend. 

  • Evie Rebel 

To be rebellious. 

  • Evie Remi 

A French name meaning oarsman. 

  • Evie River

A unisex name that is increasingly popular as a boho baby name choice. 

  • Evie Rosa 

Rose or flower. 

  • Evie Rose 

After the pretty flower. 

  • Evie Royal 

An unusual baby name choice with connotations of strength and power. 

  • Evie Ruby 

Meaning red. 

  • Evie Rue 

Meaning herb or regret. 

  • Evie Ruth 

Meaning companion or friend. 

  • Evie Rylie 

An Irish name meaning brave. 


  • Evie Sage 

A Latin name meaning wise. 

  • Evie Sailor 

A unique baby name meaning person who sails. 

  • Evie Saoirse 

An Irish name that means freedom. Pronounced “seer-sha”. 

  • Evie Scarlett 

Meaning red. 

  • Evie Shea 

Meaning stately and dauntless one. 

  • Evie Sia 

Meaning victory. 

  • Evie Sky/Skye 

A cute boho baby name. 

  • Evie Skylar 

Noble scholar. 

  • Evie Sloan 

Meaning expedition. 

  • Evie Snow 

A pretty name that works great for a winter baby. 

  • Evie Soleil 

A French name meaning sun. 

  • Evie Sophie 


  • Evie Sophia 


  • Evie Star 

A pretty and delicate celestial baby name. 

  • Evie Stella 

Meaning star. 

  • Evie Storm/Stormy

A powerful baby name choice if you want a name inspired by nature and the elements. 

  • Evie Summer 

After the warmest season. 

  • Evie Sunny 

Bright and cheerful. 

  • Evie Suri 

Meaning princess. 

  • Evie Sylvie 


  • Evie Taylor 

Cutter of cloth. 

  • Evie Thea 

A Greek name meaning goddess or godly. 

  • Evie True 

Meaning truthful or honest. 

  • Evie Tyla 

Meaning good. 


  • Evie Valentine 

Vigorous or strong. 

  • Evie Victoria 


  • Evie Victory 

A bold and unusual baby name choice meaning to win. 

  • Evie Viola 

A name of Italian and Latin origin meaning violet. 

  • Evie Violet 

After the pretty purple shade and flowers. 


  • Evie Willa 

Resolute protection. 

  • Evie Willow 

Meaning freedom or willow tree. 

  • Evie Winter 

After the coldest season. 

  • Evie Wren 

Meaning small bird. 

  • Evie Wyatt 

An old English name meaning brave. 


  • Evie Xanthia 

Blonde or yellow. 

  • Evie Xena 

Greek name meaning guest or stranger. 

  • Evie Zara 


  • Evie Zen 

A Japanese name meaning meditation. 

  • Evie Zena

Born of Zeus. 

  • Evie Zia 

Meaning light or splendour. 

  • Evie Zoe

A Greek name meaning life. 

  • Evie Zora 

Meaning sunrise. 

  • Evie Zuri 

Meaning good and beautiful. 

Middle names that go with Evie

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