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100+ beautiful middle names that go with Amelia 

Looking for a gorgeous middle name that goes with Amelia for a girl?

This is one of the most popular baby names and it’s easy to see why! It’s a gorgeous name on its own, plus can be shortened to so many cute nicknames, such as Millie, Amy and Lia. 

Baby girl called Amelia

It also goes with some beautiful and feminine middle names to create a gorgeous combination. 

What names go with Amelia?

Because Amelia is a four syllable name it lends itself well to going with shorter one or two syllable names. 

I sounds adorable with middle names like June and True for example, which both help the name roll off the tongue really nicely. 

Although Amelia does go well with a variety of middle names that start with “A”, I really love it with names that start with letters like “B” and “K”. 

Because Amelia is such a pretty and delicate baby name it lends itself well to go with nature and flower names, for example Amelia Lily and Amelia Rose both are gorgeous names for a girl. 

What does Amelia mean?

This pretty and girly name is of Latin origin, and means industrious or work. It’s a blend of the Medieval names Emilia and Amalia. 

The name has been one of the most popular baby girl names in recent years, ranking at number two in the UK in 2019, according to the ONS.  

It is also ranked seventh in the US among girl names. 

Well known Amelias include Amelia Earhart – the heroic female aviator. 

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Adorable middle names that work with Amelia

Amelia Abigail 

Meaning cause of joy. 

Amelia Adelaide 

Meaning noble natured. 

Amelia Alexa 

Meaning defender of mankind. 

Amelia Alice 

Meaning noble. 

Amelia Amelie 

Meaning industrious. This combination may be a little too similar for some people, but I love the way it rolls together.

Amelia Aimee/Amy  

Meaning beloved. 

Amelia Ana 

Meaning favoured grace. 

Amelia Ann

A shortened form of Hannah, meaning grace. 

Amelia Astrid 

A cosmic baby name meaning divinely beautiful. 

Amelia Athena 

Meaning praise. 

Amelia Autumn 

A pretty nature baby name inspired by the season of change. 

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Amelia Avery 

Meaning ruler of elves. 

Amelia Bea 

Meaning blessed. 

Amelia Belle 

Meaning beautiful. 

Amelia Blake  

A unisex name meaning fair-haired. 

Amelia Blossom 

Meaning flower-like. 

Amelia Blue 

After the colour. 

Amelia Blythe 

Meaning cheerful and carefree. 

Amelia Brielle 

A cute shortened version of Gabrielle, meaning woman of god. 

Amelia Brooke 

Meaning small stream. 

Amelia Bree 

Meaning power. 

Amelia Calliope 

Meaning beautiful voice. 

Amelia Cate 

Meaning pure or blessed. 

Amelia Celestia

Meaning heavenly. 

Amelia Charlotte

Meaning petite. 

Amelia Claire 

Meaning bright or light coloured. 

Amelia Coco 

Meaning chocolate bean. 

Amelia Cora 

Meaning maiden. 

Amelia Darcey 

Meaning dark. 

Amelia Demi 

Meaning half. 

Amelia Dulcie 

Meaning sweet. 

Amelia Eden 

Meaning place of pleasure. 

Amelia Eleanor 

Meaning bright or shining one. 

Amelia Elsie 

Meaning pledged to god. 

Amelia Elspeth 

Meaning chosen by god. 

Amelia Embry 

Meaning flat-topped hill. 

Amelia Esme 

Meaning to esteem. 

Amelia Eva 

Meaning life. 

Amelia Eve 

Meaning living. 

Amelia Evie 

Meaning life or living. 

Amelia Faith 

Meaning to have belief. 

Amelia Faye 

Meaning loyalty or belief. 

Amelia Fleur 

Meaning flower. 

Amelia Genevieve 

Meaning woman of the race. 

Amelia Grace 

A delicate baby name meaning grace, which implies kindness and gentleness. 

Amelia Grey

A surname that is now popularly used as a first or middle name, as it’s one syllable it works really well with Amelia. 

Amelia Harper 

Meaning harp player.

Amelia Haven 

Meaning safe place. 

Amelia Hazel 

After the hazel tree. 

Amelia Hope 

An inspiring baby name meaning to hope. 

Amelia Iris 

Meaning rainbow. 

Amelia Isla 

A Scottish and Spanish name meaning island. 

Amelia Ivy 

After the green climbing plant. 

Amelia Jade

After the precious stone. 

Amelia Jane 

Meaning god is gracious. 

Amelia Jean 

A Greek name meaning god is gracious. 

Amelia Jess 

Meaning the lord exists. 

Amelia Jocelyn 

Meaning happy. 

Amelia Journey 

A unisex name meaning to take a journey – which can be literal or spiritual!  

Amelia Joy 

Meaning intense happiness. 

Amelia June

After the month of June.  

Amelia Lauren 

Meaning wisdom. 

Amelia Lexi 

A pet form of Alexandra, meaning defender of man. 

Amelia Lily 

After the stunning flower. 

Amelia London 

Perfect if you have an affection or connection to the England capital. 

Amelia Love 

A unique and feminine middle name choice! 

Amelia Lucy 

Meaning light. 

Amelia Luna 

Meaning moon. 

Amelia Lux 

Meaning light. 

Amelia Lyra 

A constellation name which means lyre, or harp. 

Amelia Lyric 

Meaning words set to music. 

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Amelia Maisie 

Meaning pearl. 

Amelia Marlowe 

An English name meaning driftwood. 

Amelia May 

After the fifth month of the year. 

Amelia Mila 

Meaning miracles. 

Amelia Moon 

An unusual choice if you love celestial themed names. 

Amelia Monroe 

A Scottish and Gaelic name meaning mouth of the river Rotha. 

Amelia Neve 

Meaning bright or snowy. 

Amelia Nova 

Meaning new. 

Amelia Nur 

Meaning light. 

Amelia Oceane

A beautiful name if you love the idea of a name inspired by nature. 

Amelia Odette 

Meaning wealth. 

Amelia Olive 

After the olive tree. 

Amelia Orla 

Meaning golden queen. 

Amelia Paige 

Meaning assistant or helper 

Amelia Pax 

A unisex name meaning peace. 

Amelia Pearl 

After the beautiful precious bead found in the sea. 

Amelia Penelope 

Meaning weaver. 

Amelia Phoenix 

Meaning dark red. 

Amelia Piper 

A cute name meaning pipe or flute player. 

Amelia Poppy 

A cheerful name after the pretty red flower. 

Amelia Quinn 

An Irish name meaning descendant of Conn. 

Amelia Rae 

Meaning ewe. You could also try spelling it as Rey, like the lead female character in the most recent Star Wars movies.  

Amelia Rain 

A cute nature baby name name. 

Amelia River 

Another adorable nature baby name choice. 

Amelia Rose 

After the precious red flower. 

Amelia Ruby 

After the red gemstone. 

Amelia Ruth 

Meaning companion or vision of beauty. 

Amelia Savannah 

Meaning treeless plain. 

Amelia Scarlett 

After the bright red shade of colour. 

Amelia Scout 

Meaning to listen. 

Amelia Seren

A Welsh name meaning star. 

Amelia Sloane 

An Irish name meaning litter raider. 

Amelia Sienna

Meaning orange-red. 

Amelia Skye 

A Scottish name meaning adventurous. 

Amelia Snow 

A gorgeous name for a winter baby. 

Amelia Sophia 

Meaning wisdom. 

Amelia Storm 

You could also try the name Stormy. 

Amelia Summer 

The perfect choice for a baby born in the summer. 

Amelia Sydney 

Meaning wide meadow. 

Amelia Taylor 

Meaning clothed with salvation. 

Amelia Thea 

Meaning goddess. 

Amelia Trinity 

Meaning triad. 

Amelia True 

Meaning truthful or honest. 

Amelia Valentina 

Meaning strong or healthy. 

Amelia Vera 

Meaning faith. 

Amelia Victoria 

A traditional baby name meaning victory. 

Amelia Violet 

Meaning purple or after the pretty flower. 

Amelia Willa 

Meaning resolute protection. 

Amelia Willow 

Meaning willow tree or freedom. 

Amelia Wren

Meaning small bird. 

Amelia Zara 

Meaning radiance. 

Amelia Zoe 

Meaning life. 

Middle names that go with Amelia

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