How to start a mummy blog today

How to start a mummy blog

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Are you looking to start a mummy blog? You’re probably wondering where to begin, what to write about, and probably even thinking how to make money from a blog.

These are all questions I had when I started my own mum blog nearly two years ago. 

Today I get more than 25,000 visitors to my website each month, I have a combined social following of 20,000 and I make money from my blog every month. Was it easy to grow my blog? No. Can anyone do it? Yes, 100 per cent! There are a few things that have helped me along the way, such as understanding Pinterest (I got the best advice from Carly at Blogging Like You Mean It, her Pinterest strategy is so bang on, it’s sent loads of traffic to my page).

Being a parenting blogger is not a unique club only a few people will be allowed to join. Anyone can start a blog, within a few minutes in fact, and start putting their content out there. 

But how do you start a mummy blog from scratch? What do you need to do first? This post is going to answer all of those questions!

This is going to be a lengthy post, just to warn you, so settle down and get a cup of tea on the go so that you can relax. If you’re looking for a shorter read, check out my post 10 easy steps to starting a money-making mum blog. 

I am going to walk you through exactly what I did, one step at a time. I am not a computer expert, but honestly you do not have to be! All you need really is a device that connects to wifi and a little cash to get you started. Having your own website does cost money to maintain, but not a whole lot. 

When I first started out, I saw my blog as a hobby. It was something I could do in my free time and if I managed to make any money out of it, that would be great!

However, you may be starting out with loftier ambitions. That’s brilliant! I honestly believe anyone can start a blog AND make money out of it. So what’s the big secret? How do you make it a success? It starts with a niche. 

How to pick your blog niche

So many bloggers, myself included, make the mistake of picking the “lifestyle” niche. They write about their favourite make-up products one day, then baby-led weaning the next day. The problem is that by doing this as a blogger, you will struggle to find your audience. You’re trying to appeal to everyone, but as a result you’re not being heard by anyone!

You will get lost amid the noise of thousands upon thousands of other blogs doing exactly the same as you. 

So, how do you pick your niche? That’s something that you need to have a good think about – only you can answer what it should be. What do you love writing about? What are your interests? What are you passionate about? What subject do you have a lot of knowledge about that could help others?

A few ideas for blog niches: 

Family food and recipes

Children’s parties 



Baby products

Children’s bedroom decor

Baby’s first year

Children’s books and reading

Playtime and crafts 

Funny mum life

Young mums


When trying to decide on your niche, it can help to think about what your first 10 blog posts will be. If the ideas come easy to you, then you’re on to a good idea. 

Research what other bloggers are already working in this niche. Look at what they are doing and think about how you can do it a little bit differently. That might just be a different take or ideas on how to do things, or your own unique personality. 

Everyone has a voice, an opinion and skills. Don’t talk yourself down when thinking about your niche. Everyone has their own unique superpower. 

How to start a mummy blog

Picking your mum blog name

What’s in a name? I’ve had many moments where I didn’t really like my blog name and wished I had picked something different. 

Try to choose something that you love and sums up what you do. However don’t get too bogged down with this, because there are plenty of people blogging under names that don’t really relate to the subject they ultimately ended up blogging about. 

I purchased my domain name through, however you can do it all in one at Siteground – which is where I chose to purchase my hosting package from. I’ll talk more about the process of purchasing hosting in the next section, so just stay with me! You can use to check what domain names are and are not available. 

I own the for my site, however the .com is unavailable. This has not held me back in any way, so do not panic if you can’t buy the .com. 

However, you want to pick a unique name, something that no one else is using. This is all part of your branding and how people will come to recognise and find you. You want to stand out for being you, not look like you are copying anyone else!

What is the difference between and

If you have been researching starting your mum blog then you’ve probably come across WordPress. However there is a and a, and the difference definitely matters!

In a nutshell: is where you go for a self-hosted blog! It is a website platform where you can build your website for free, but you need to purchase your own domain name and a hosting package from a  company such as Siteground enables you to build and host a website completely free. The trouble comes when you want to monetise your website. You do not have the freedom to place your own ads, or customise your website in cool ways. It’s perfect for people who just want a hobby blog. But if you want the freedom to build a successful blog, you need to go with

Setting up your mum blog

You’ve picked your niche, and you’ve picked your blogging name! Now comes the easy, but technical part. 

As I said above, you can purchase your chosen domain name, and hosting package through Siteground. Why choose them? They are faster. They are safer. Their support is amazing!

They really are the best when it comes to hosting, in my opinion. My site has NEVER been down. Whenever I have needed help with anything technical, their response time has been amazing. I am not into the deep technical side of blogging and maintaining a website – I like to write and get things published. When I made the switch from to, they did all of the heavy lifting for me! That’s why I suggest, if you are starting out with your blog that you go straight to them. Plus they are great value!

I paid £56.88 including VAT to get my website up and running. That covered an entire year of hosting! A whole year of blogging! I think we can all agree that in many other hobbies, you would be spending way more than that. However in my first year of blogging, I made this money back and way more. 

What other good reasons are there to go with SiteGround? They have 24/7 support, including phone support which is worth its weight in gold if you’re really stuck. 

I’m getting a little technical here, but Siteground also features SuperCacher, which basically means your blog will be able to handle a spike in traffic without slowing. It makes your site reliable, which means your visitors will stick with you!

How to set up your blog with Siteground

First of all you need to pick a plan. There are three plans – decide where you want to begin. You can always upgrade later, but I went for GrowBig straight away as it just made more sense to think big immediately. I’m glad I did because it meant my site was equipped to take lots of traffic. 

The GrowBig plan costs £4.95 per month, excluding VAT, in the first year. The cheapest plan, called StartUp, is just £2.95 a month! Find out all the details about the three SiteGround plans here. 

Simply pick the plan you want, and then you get the option to register a domain name of your choice.

Now move your way through the purchase process, filling out your name and other details. Once you’ve paid, you are ready to get your blog online! You might be thinking, what on earth do I do next? I was!

But, with Siteground, you can just log in to the site, ask a tech whizz to set up your WordPress site for you and they will do it! Once it’s done, they will send your WordPress login details over and you will be ready to go! This process takes minutes!

You can install WordPress yourself if you want. There’s a fab guide here on the SiteGround website.

That’s it! You are totally ready to go and publish your first blog post! 

Phew, I know that might seem like a lot of information, but honestly if you just follow each stage one at a time, it really will not be that daunting!

If you have any questions, or would like to introduce your blog, please say hi in the comments. 

Now that you’ve started your blog, it’s time to move on to getting it out there! How can you start being seen and grow an actual audience?

I recommend the amazing Ready Set Blog for Traffic course by Elna Cain. I still refer to it every single week for tips.

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This post contains affiliate links.

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