How to start a mum blog and grow your traffic right away

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You’ve decided to take the plunge and start your very own mum blog – good for you!

Starting my blog is one of the best decisions I ever made. It gave me a hobby, and then it became a job! 

For me blogging has been a way to nurture my love for writing and connect with a whole community of lovely ladies who totally get me. 

The great thing about blogging as a job is you can set your own hours and work from home. All you need is a laptop (actually I did most of my early writing on my phone!) and your own creativity. 

I’m going to be sharing my key tips for starting your parenting blog, but I just want to highlight one of the best things you can do straight away is understanding SEO and using Pinterest. This is where I get most of my daily traffic. At step 10 I’ll explain how I mastered these two things. 

So if you have decided to launch your mum blog, here are a the best tips for making it the huge success you want it to be!

1. Go self-hosted

I started off on but I quickly moved over to with my own domain name. I highly recommend going self-hosted as soon as possible if you are serious about this blogging thing. 

It means you can customise your site so much more and you will be building up your DA right away. Your DA stands for Domain Authority. It is a search engine ranking score that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages. A Domain Authority score ranges from one to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank. 

Having a high DA can make you more attractive to brands who are willing to pay you for a spot on your blog. By going self-hosted you can start to build on your DA right away.

I use SiteGround for hosting, they have been brilliant! has lots of nice themes however there are some really cool themes you can purchase from companies such as PipDig, which is where I got my website theme from. 

2. Figuring out your niche

You may have heard the term niche thrown about when it comes to blogging and if you’re anything like me it’s probably freaked you out. What is my niche? How do I decide?

First of all, do you need a niche? The answer is yes and no. By having a very specific niche you can become an expert in your field, which will have people coming to you when they have a specific question or problem.

However a very specific niche may become tiresome for you in terms of creativity. 

It’s totally fine to take a bit of time to decide on your blog niche, don’t rush it! Your niche might be travel with baby, weaning, family meals, cleaning or toddler crafts, but it’s totally cool to explore what works for you. 

There are some great tips for finding your niche in this article. 

3. Put yourself out there

Set yourself up on every single social media channel. Try to have the names of all of your channels the same, so the handle should be your blog name. This will mean your fans will find it easier to find you. 

You certainly should be on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. A lot of bloggers also run successful YouTube channels. As you’re just starting out, it’s totally up to you whether you think you can get a YT channel up and running as well as your blog. Maybe leave it for six months while you get your blog up and running. 

4. Have a social media schedule

Once you set up your social media channels, you need to be showing up on them regularly!

Set a schedule and stick to it. When starting out I would say five tweets a day, one Facebook post, two to five Instagram stories and an Instagram post every other day is a good beginner’s strategy. 

This may seem like a lot but once you make it habit and get into the rhythm it really won’t be so consuming. With Facebook a shared meme is often just as effective, if not more so, at reaching your audience as sharing one of your own blog posts. 

With Pinterest, you want to try to pin around 25 pins a day. You can make this so much easier by following my tips in step 9. 

5. Create amazing content

Above all things, this is what you need to be doing! Think about who your audience is, what do they need help with, what products would solve a problem for them?

If you’re struggling, look at other bloggers’ content and see if you can draw inspiration from what they have done, focusing especially on blog posts, pins and content that has really done well for them. 

6. Find your tribe

Join blogging Facebook groups so that you can mix with other bloggers and learn from them.

There is a lovely community around blogging and so much of what I have learned is from the shared knowledge of the kind women who I have met through blogging. 

Grow your blog by joining in with linkys, which are where you share your blog with other bloggers in return for commenting on each other’s posts. It’s a great way to grow traffic in the early days and backlinks to your blog. Read this post to learn more about linkys. 

7. Grow your backlinks 

What are backlinks and why do they matter for growing your blog? Links to your site from other blogs and websites will help to grow your blog’s DA, pushing you up the Google search rankings which will increase your traffic and help you win work with brands. 

You can get backlinks by commenting on other people’s blogs. This works by popping your website’s address into the comment form as you write your comment. Easy!

Alternatively you can offer to guest post on other people’s blogs. 

8. Join group boards on Pinterest 

This is one of the key things that helped me grow my blog rapidly. Group boards are a great opportunity to have your pins shared by lots of other bloggers and bigger pinners, with the potential to grow your traffic!

To find group boards, simply check out bloggers in your niche. See which boards they are members of and then check out the group board description to learn how to join the board. Make sure you pin other people’s content from the board once you join. Try to join at least 10 when you are starting out. 

9. Use your time wisely

You’re a busy mum and maybe blogging is feeling a bit overwhelming to you. Don’t worry, you can totally do this! It’s about planning your time efficiently. 

One of the best things I’ve done this year is started using a planner to write down my weekly and daily to do list. I jot down my deadlines and posts I want to get written. It’s a good motivator. 

When it comes to Pinterest you don’t have to spend time every single day pinning. I use Tailwind to schedule my pins for the month all in one go. It’s an amazing tool! Plus Tailwind Tribes mean that you can increase the chances of your own pins getting shared!

I have a big guide to using Tailwind on this post. 

Sign up to try out Tailwind here:

Click here to join Tailwind. –>

10. Get your strategy right

The best advice I have received is from the amazing Elna Cain, whose blog is just brilliant. She shares insider tips and tricks for growing your traffic immediately that have given my instant results for free over on her blog! 

But the best tips I got were from her course, Ready Set Blog for Traffic, which totally lifts the lid on SEO and Pinterest strategies. 

She managed to grow her traffic by 10,000 page views in just one month! You would think she would keep her secret to herself, but no she’s sharing it in her amazing course! I still go back and refer to tips and tricks in her course now, it’s been so great for helping me to understand how to get the best out of Pinterest and Google for my blog. 

I thoroughly recommend you sign up for the Ready Set Blog for Traffic course if you are serious about blogging, you will not regret it!

So those are my tips for getting off to the best start with your mummy blog. Were these helpful? Please let me know if you have any questions!



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