Are you curious how mummy bloggers make money from their blog?

I’m going to share the types of posts and places where I get income from my blog. But first, a little bit about the beginnings of my blog. 

I started my blog as a hobby, thinking that if I could just break even with it then that would be great. 

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I launched The Mummy Bubble in summer 2017. My youngest was about seven months old and I was exhausted. This was my second maternity leave, and with two kids under three I was going a little bit crazy. 

So I launched a blog to give myself an outlet. I’ve always loved writing. Journalism is my career, so I’ve been doing it for a living for more than 15 years. 

However the blog was unique, because this was content chosen completely by me. I could write what I wanted, and how I wanted to. 

Plus there was all of the new skills that I picked up. When I started I knew hardly anything about Instagram, I thought Facebook was just somewhere to go and see what my friends got up to over the weekend and Pinterest wasn’t even on my radar. 

I returned to work full-time in January 2018, and just a few months later I was selected for redundancy. This was a nerve-wracking time for me. I was upset at having lost my job, and yet I decided to ultimately see it as a new opportunity. 

My eldest was three at the time (she’s now four) and so had just over a year left before starting at primary school. We were spending a fortune on nursery bills, and I did like the idea of being able to collect my daughter from primary school at 3pm every day (there aren’t many full-time jobs that allow you to do that). So I thought, “why don’t I try to stay at home instead of getting another job?”.

I received a good payout as part of my redundancy package, but not enough to keep me going forever. 

This is when I decided the blog needed to start helping me a little more than just as a creative outlet. I wanted to start making real money from the blog. 

So, now that we are nearly one year on from my redundancy, where am I making money, and how am I trying to improve? Here are the ways I make money from my blog: 

Sponsored posts

This is where most of my blogging income currently comes from. I’m working to change that, as it’s totally dependent on people coming to me and wanting to place content on my blog or social media channels. I would much rather have some passive, reliable income coming to me every month based entirely on my own efforts, rather than being reliant on someone else giving me work. 

However this type of work is brilliant fun! You generally get a lovely product to test and get paid to create some lively and engaging content. 

I’ve worked with some incredible brands, such as Fairy, Panasonic, Swizzels sweets, Rug Doctor, Scottish Widows, Debenhams, Britax and Audible. 

The key source for this work has been Mumsnet, which is a UK-based site for parents. They have their own influencer network which puts bloggers in touch with brands to work on specific projects. 

I love working for them because they are so professional, well organised and just lovely. The team provides very specific briefs for campaigns and they have always paid me within two weeks of me sending them an invoice, which is pretty rare in the world of freelance!

Otherwise my sponsored work comes from brands contacting me wanting a specific review, collaboration or giveaway. 

A sponsored post has earned my anything from £50 to £1,200 (including social media promotion). 

Paid links

These jobs do not pay well at all, however they tend to be super quick to complete. 

Brands will contact me asking for a link to a specific web page of theirs to be inserted into either an existing post or a new post on my blog. This boosts their website’s SEO, as they get a backlink. 

The pay for this can be as little as £20, however I’ve managed to get £150 on a few occasions. The average offer from brands for this type of work tends to be around £50 I’ve found. 

There’s a bit of controversy around paying for links, which centres around the follow or nofollow debate. 

The brands paying for a link on your blog to their site are only  interested in getting a follow link, because a nofollow link does nothing to boost up the Google search rankings. 

However, Google does not like follow links that have been paid for (Google wants genuine links to sites you recommend without payment), and so it can actually work against your site. Whether you choose to offer follow or nofollow links is a personal choice, but I know plenty of bloggers who do allow them because it brings in a bit of cash, and we all have bills to pay! 

Affiliate links

I am yet to crack affiliate links in a significant way, but I’m working on it!

Affiliate links are where you recommend a product or brand. When someone clicks that links from your blog to the brand’s site, and they purchase something after clicking, I get a slice of the sale. It doesn’t cost the shopper any more money. 

Pretty much every brand that you can think of has an affiliate programme! I’ve been trying to sign up to additional affiliates recently, such as John Lewis, Boden, Hobbycraft and notonthehighstreet. I’ve been an Amazon affiliate for quite some time, but have made pennies from this. 

I recently created an Amazon US affiliate account, as I get a lot of traffic from America. I’ve also started using OneLink, which creates a link that takes users to the right site for their country. This is great, as it means my product recommendations are relevant for both the UK and US market. 

As time goes on, I may invest in a course on using affiliate links to see whether I can up my game in this area! Watch this space. I’ll keep you updated if I find the secret to affiliate riches!


I was with Google Ads for the last 18 months and earned pennies with them. 

I’ve recently switched to MediaVine and earned $100 in just over two weeks! I am so happy with that as this is money that ticks in as people visit my site, I don’t have to do anything special except continue to create nice content that people want to read. 

In order to be accepted to MediaVine you need to have at least 25,000 sessions per month. They are lovely to work  with so far!


I dabbled with writing my own courses. My problem was that I offered a course on writing blog posts, however my key niche at the time was babies and toddlers. I had no audience to sell this to and as a result it only sold to a handful of people.

However I can see how this could be a huge vehicle for making money on my blog. The trouble is I just don’t know what direction to take a course in right now. 

I want to produce something amazing, because people are paying for it and because there is already so much great content out there. There’s no point putting something out there that’s a poor imitation of what other people have already done. 

I think with courses, if you can latch on to a really specific niche and use your super power to create something that really addresses a pain point for your audience, you could be on to a real winner. 


When it comes to freebies, money doesn’t change hands, however if I’m getting something I would have purchased anyway, I see it as profit! In exchange for receiving the product I will need to write a review on the blog, or maybe just share a picture on Instagram. 

I have received toys for the girls, clothes for the kids and for me, food, booze and vouchers. 

Freebies tend to be offered to me rather than me asking for them, and I only agree to receive something that I would genuinely have liked to buy anyway. 

The future!

I am writing a book about being a first-time mum. It focuses on the first year with a baby and looks at everything a new mama could need to know about that rollercoaster 12 months. 

It’s a parenting book that I’m hoping will not come across as preachy or know-it-all. I want it to be for parents who like to find their own way of doing things, whether that be attachment parenting, baby-led weaning, co-sleeping or using a dummy. I want the book to give parents confidence in making their own decisions. 

This book will be sold on Amazon, where you can self-publish and sell your book globally. This is perfect for me as I get a huge amount of traffic from the US. 

Will this book make me a fortune? I doubt it. I’ll settle for it breaking even at this stage. My key reasons for doing it are that it ties in nicely with a huge part of my book and I have always dreamed of writing a book. 

I think getting a product out there and selling it to customers is the natural next stage for me. Who knows what I will do next once this little (ha, try huge) challenge is done. 

I am very interested in writing a fiction book, and I have an idea that I’ve been working on but this is something to focus on after my parenting book is out. 

So that’s it! I hope you found this blog post interesting. If you have any questions, please ask away!



How to make money from a mummy blog
How I make money with my mummy blog