Casdon Supermarket Till

My girls love to play shops, and so they have loved reviewing the Casdon Supermarket Till

This brilliant toy is compact, features sound and interactivity, and comes with groceries ready to scan!

The Casdon Supermarket Till requires three AA batteries to work. Once it’s powered up, the till’s buttons and microphone spring to life so that your child can immerse themselves in pretend play. 

The detail on the till is brilliant. The till springs open when you push the “CASH” button, there’s a microphone for making important store announcements, and a chip and pin card machine. 

There’s even some scales for weighing out your fruit and veg. 

The toy comes with a selection of notes and plastic “coins” so that children can exchange the food for money. There’s also a credit card that can be inserted into the card machine for payment. 

Casdon Supermarket Till

The colours are lovely and bright, with vibrant red, blue and green making it super appealing for children. 

The play food is branded, so you get some Baxter’s soup, Hovis bread and Bird’s Eye curry. It’s a brilliant way to make the till more realistic. 

I loved to see my girls engaging with the toy together. One of them would pretend to be the shopkeeper while the other did their shopping. 

We already have a few other bits of play food, so they’ve been adding these to their games as well!

Casdon Supermarket Till

I liked the fact that the till numbers work as an actual calculator, and playing with the money was a brilliant way to make maths fun for the girls, especially my four-year-old who starts school later this year. 

What’s really great is that the till is not too big. It’s a brilliant size, and light, so that my two-year-old can easily carry it from room to room when she fancies a change of scene. 

Our verdict

The Casdon Supermarket Till is perfect for pretend play. Not only did our children love pretending to be shopkeepers, but they also were learning about maths when they counted out the money and cost of products (although £10 for a loaf of bread is a bit steep in my opinion!). 

The till is the perfect toy for toddlers and pre-schoolers, plus it only costs £16.99.

We were gifted the Casdon Supermarket Till in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.