We were gifted these toys in exchange for a review. 

Blume Baby Pop gives you an amazing range of ways to play. 

These fab little toys reveal lots of surprises as you pop and twist open the packaging, plus there are so many things to do with them even after all the fun of unboxing is over. 

We were sent a new Blume Baby Pop set to try out along with a Blume Doll to keep the kids entertained while we’re at home. 

I love the colourful characters inside the Blume packaging, and their accessories are great for sparking imaginative play. 

But once you’re done with popping out or growing your Blume toys, you can then turn the flower pots or planters into real pots for growing seeds. If you don’t have a green thumb, then the pots also make fab storage for crayons and pens in your child’s room. 

We were sent some cress seeds and soil by the lovely people at Blume so the kids had a brilliant time planting in the Baby Pops planter once we had unwrapped all of the toys. 

How do Blume Baby Pops work?

The Baby Pop planters come with five little sprouting plants which your child needs to pull out, causing the plants to pop as they are removed from the planter. 

Once you have removed one of the green pods, your child then twists the top to open it and inside is a surprise selection of toys. 

There are 25 surprises inside each package. Some of the pods contain dolls, with 50 to collect across the entire range. We had three baby dolls in total in our set.

The babies are all cute with colourful swaddles and different items on top of their heads, from a rose to a moon. They also feature cheeky expressions on their faces.

Inside the pods are also little accessories such as combs, lollypops, and toys for the Baby Pop dolls. 

Once everything inside the pods is revealed, your child then opens up the bottom of the planter to reveal a little nursery for the babies. In here is a bed, bathtub and trunk revealing even more surprise accessories. 

Among them was a swing for the babies to sit on, a cute dress-up outfit and a slide. 

The slide fixes to the lid of the planter, which you can turn into a little swimming pool for the babies.

When they take a dip in cold water, it reveals the gender of the babies with the colour turning pink or blue. The girls absolutely loved giving the babies a bath and it kept them happy for hours. 

There’s also a sticker sheet in the box which gives your child something to decorate the box with. 

We then used the Baby Pops planter to plant our cress seeds, which the kids loved. 

How do Blume Dolls work?

I’ve seen Blume Dolls demonstrated at a toy fair I visited last year but had never had one to show the girls before. 

It’s so clever how you water the top of the flower pot and the doll just bursts through the top!

Inside our Blume Dolls pot was a doll with very big blue hair and some cute accessories including a dress, handbag, stickers and and little pet. 

There are 22 Blume Dolls in total to collect. 

What did we think of our Blume toys

There’s so much fun to be had with this range of toys. 

The kids were so excited to reveal the Baby Pops and Blume Doll, and I think this was really the highlight of playing with the toys. 

But they have since continued to play with the Baby Pops and accessories, especially putting them in their pool.

We’ve been watching our cress seeds grow as well which has been a lovely extra bit of fun from the toys. 

Blume Dolls are just £7.50 from Amazon and the Blume Baby Pop is also available on Amazon.