Cuddledry SPF50 poncho towel

My toddler wrapped up warm in her new Cuddledry towel

With the summer sun gracing us with its presence far too rarely this month, when it has come out we have wanted to make the most of every second.

When it gets really warm that means a trip to our local splash pad, which my toddler absolutely loves. She tears about with her bucket filling it with water and racing through the jets of water, giggling as it splashes her face.

But there’s very little shade there and even when she’s covered in sun cream I do worry. Once she’s finally ready for a snack she immediately starts to cool a little as she sits still out of the water and, with the sun out, she’s at risk of burning without even noticing.

Towel with UV protection

Enter the Cuddledry SPF50+ towel (£27.99). A super soft towel in a gorgeous bright colour with Rayosan technology to act like a mirror – warding off the sun and keeping your child safe.

Cuddledry SPF50 poncho in aqua/turquoise

The Cuddledry SPF50 poncho towel is a gorgeous turquoise shade

There are many things you are totally unaware of before having kids.

Putting aside how blooming tough it can be at times, let’s focus on the stuff that makes it a little easier.

Although I had bought gifts for friends’ newborn babies, it was not until I fell pregnant myself that I realised the baby industry is booming with some seriously useful gear.

The Cuddledry brand is one of my favourites. I already have two of their towels for home, one of the baby original Cuddledry towels and a toddler one with floppy bunny ears.

Now I have a new favourite from the Cuddledry family.

Super soft

It’s just as soft as the other towels I have, which is one of the things I love most about their products.

I am in the unfortunate position of having loads of washing, but no tumble dryer. But unlike my own adult towels, the Cuddledry towels always air dry without going hard. They’re still just as soft as the day I got them, perfect for delicate baby skin.

Cuddledry SPF50 poncho towel in aqua/turquoise

The Cuddledry towel has also been great for afternoons in the garden playing with the paddling pool

This bright beach poncho is just as soft, made from the same blend of bamboo and cotton as the others, and my toddler looks super cosy when I wrap her up in it. It’s very absorbent, and yet the fabric is light, and she is dry and snug in no time.

It’s in a beautiful turquoise shade with a brighter trim, so it looks stunning too. There’s a pretty dolphin emblem embroidered on the front too which my daughter loves pointing out.

If she does go tearing off while wearing the poncho I can spot her easily as the colour stands out so vibrantly.

Easy wearing

When it comes to putting this on and off, it couldn’t have been made any easier. There are poppers on either side that do up underneath your child’s armpits once their head is through the top.

Poppers create arm holes, making it easy to get your child wrapped up warm

When you’re ready to whip it off, you just quickly unfasten them and away they go.

It folds up super tight for storing in my changing bag, which is always packed with clothes, food and toys so I need all the spare space I can get.

Best of all I have peace of mind that my daughter is protected from any harmful sun rays while she’s chilling by the splash pad. It’s great to have that extra layer of protection.

This towel now goes with us everywhere as we chase the final days of summer.

I think it would be one of the first things I packed the next time we go abroad too as it’s perfect for lazy days by the pool. We all know how often toddlers change their mind about wanting to be in or out the pool, so this is absolutely perfect for kids who just can’t make up their mind.

When wearing it my daughter can just carry on playing, and I don’t need to worry as much that she’s burning. When she’s ready to hop back in the pool, she can pull the towel off herself and in she goes.

This towel is definitely going to get more use from us this summer as we soak up every last bit of sun we can.