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Ultimate spring cleaning checklist 

Ultimate spring cleaning checklist

Doing a thorough spring clean of your entire house is a brilliant way to refresh your home and clear out the clutter. 

Once it’s done your home will feel like brand new, plus it’s a brilliant opportunity to take care of the corners of your house that are often neglected!

Spring cleaning gets your home ready for summer, leaves it smelling amazing and tackles the grease, grime, rust and dust lurking from winter. 

This ultimate spring cleaning checklist will give you a thorough guide to getting your home in ship-shape for spring, including cleaning hacks to make the entire process easier. 

Before we carry on, check out my post on Mrs Hinch must-haves for cleaning. The absolute best cleaning products as recommended by cleaning guru Mrs Hinch.

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When to spring clean your home?

You can embark on a spring clean of your house anytime during the season, but it’s a good idea to get it done when you can set aside a good chunk of time to focus on the job. I recommend getting it done at a weekend so that you can blitz it in a couple of days.

I try to get my spring cleaning done before the kids break up for the spring holidays in April. I aim to spring clean in late March. This way I get to spend more time with the kids when they’re off school and the house is organised for the weeks when the children will be in the house more.

Try to pick a weekend where you don’t have much on and blitz the entire checklist. You don’t have to get it done all in one day, but it’s a good idea to try and keep momentum going and get it done within a week. 

Spring cleaning checklist PDF

To make spring cleaning easier for you, here is a list of every room in your house and which areas to get clean during your annual spring cleaning!

There are some decluttering pointers here too, as this is a key part of having a home that feels tidier. Ditching some of the clutter will also make it easier to clean your house in the coming months. 

Download your checklist in PDF format here:

Ultimate spring cleaning checklist

If you want tips on using the KonMari method of decluttering and organising, you can check out this post which includes tips for how to do it when you’re a busy parent with no time!


Clean the oven

Your oven should be cleaned every couple of months, but if you’re anything like me it tends to be a little longer than that!

If there’s lots of tough burnt on grime in your oven, then try a strong oven cleaning paste that you paint on the inside of the oven, then leave to do the hard work for you before simply wiping away. I use Oven Mate which is amazing!

Oven doors can get really stubborn grease marks on, so try using a dishwasher tablet (made of powder, not a liquid one) and rub it on the door. Try soaking the capsule in a little warm water first to help the powder get to work. You can lift all of the grime in minutes and be left with a sparkling oven door!

I tend to use Elbow Grease or The Pink Stuff on my oven hob. These help to really lift any burned on marks and mean I don’t have to scrub too hard!

Wipe out the fridge and freezer

Empty the entire contents of your fridge and freezer, then give it all a thorough wipe out with a cloth soaked in soapy water. For any tough stains, try a little multi-purpose cleaner. Once that’s done wipe the inside with a dry microfibre cloth.

If it’s still refusing to budge, you could try some bicarbonate of soda mixed with a little water to make a paste. This is great at lifting food stains!

Once your done, the whole fridge should smell amazing. If there are any lingering smells, pop a small bowl of bicarbonate of soda in there. It absorbs bad smells!

Clean light fittings 

When you cook, steam and grease travel upwards to the ceiling and light fittings. Get on a chair or step ladder and use a good multi-purpose cleaner or Elbow Grease to get rid of the greasy marks on your light fittings. Use a damp cloth, but take care not to use too much water. Make sure the lights are switched off first!

Clean the outside and inside of appliances

Wipe down the outside of your dishwasher, washing machine, and tumble dryer. Use a damp cloth and a little multi-purpose spray. 

It’s also a good time to clean the inside of the appliances. With the dishwasher, use Pink Stuff to get rid of any rust marks on the edges of the door. You can buy cleaning fluid that you simply put into the dishwasher then run a hot wash with no utensils in so the machine cleans itself. 

For your washing machine, wipe around the rubber seal using a damp cloth and a little cleaning spray. Run the washing machine on a hot wash with some Soda Crystals in the drum to help clear away any soap or grime and bad smells. 

Wipe down kitchen cupboard doors

Spray some multi-purpose cleaner on all your cupboard doors and wipe with a damp cloth. Next dry them off with a clean cloth like this one, which is perfect for buffing surfaces. 

Wipe cupboard and pantry shelves 

Kitchen shelves are a magnet for sticky stains, spillages from sauces and greasy pan mess. 

Get a damp soapy cloth and give them all a good wipe. It’s also a good idea to spray some disinfectant in there too, I prefer to use Zoflora diluted with water in a spray bottle. It does the job and it smells great. 

Descale your kettle

You can buy descaling sachets that you just drop into boiled water in the kettle. Alternatively, the cheaper option is to buy a pack of citric acid powder into a 3/4 full kettle then switch it on. It will wipe out any limescale. 

Extractor fan

Extractor fans are an absolute magnet for grease. You should be able to remove the cover and pop it in the sink to clean. I tend to spray with Elbow Grease, leave to soak for 10 minutes then just wipe it off with soapy water. 

It’s also a good idea to spray kitchen cleaner around the hood and give it a good clean with a damp cloth. 

Clean sink & cleaning caddy

Your sink gets a lot of use! Spray it with a multi-purpose cleaner, or to give it a really thorough clean use some Cif cream cleaner.

Pop some Soda Crystals down the plughole and follow with a kettle of boiled water to get rid of any bad smells and blockages.

Clean the cleaning supplies caddy next to your sink with hot, soapy water.

Bin expired food

When you empty the shelves for cleaning, go through the expiry dates on all of the jars, bottles, herbs and spices. Bin the ones that are expired. You’ll free up so much space!

Just to add, if they expired a month ago then think twice before binning them. Many items have a Use By date that is just a guideline, rather than a health warning. Things like spices and dry herbs will be fine for another few weeks!


Clean taps and plughole 

If your plughole is blocked, you can use a cup of Soda Crystals, pour it down the plughole and then chase it with a kettle of boiling water. This can help to ease blockages. 

I love Viakal for cleaning taps, sinks and pretty much everywhere else in the bathroom. It gets rid of limescale and leaves a lovely clean scent. 

Wipe cupboard doors

Clean any cupboard doors and get inside to clean the shelves too using your bathroom cleaner and a damp cloth. 

Disinfect and clean bathtub 

Spray your favourite bathroom cleaner inside the bath. Now add about half an inch of water to the tub then use a cloth to wipe all around the bathtub. Drain the tub and rinse. 

Clean shower tiles and grout

Get a limescale product such as Viakal and spray your tiles and grout. You can also use The Pink Stuff to clean the grout – just get a little on a cloth and rub it into the grout before rinsing away. 

Descale and disinfect shower head

A lot of germs can build up in your shower head. If you can remove the shower head, then submerge it in a bowl of vinegar overnight to descale and disinfect. 

Alternatively, get a water tight bag, fill with vinegar, then use a rubber band to attach it to the shower head and leave overnight. 

Deep clean toilet 

My favourite product for getting rid of stains below the waterline is simple Domestos bleach. If you have really bad stains, put some vinegar down there and leave overnight. You can also try citric acid powder. 

Wipe around the seat and rim with disinfecting wipes. 

Polish towel rail

A steel towel rail can become dusty and get lots of water marks over time.

I tend to use simple furniture polish on mine and that brings the shine back. You could also use vinegar soaked into a cloth to give it a good polish.

Declutter toiletries and makeup 

Now is a great time to ditch the items you never use, from old foundations to nail polish that’s gone gloopy.

Clean makeup and toiletries containers 

Give your makeup brushes and sponges a thorough clean as well. Use soapy water to soak them then dry naturally.

Wipe out all containers with disinfectant.

Wash bath mats

Pop your bath mats into the washing machine with a capful of Zoflora to disinfect them. Wash at the hottest temperature the care instructions will allow.


Vacuum mattress

Your mattress is a magnet for little bugs, dust and germs. Vacuum your mattress thoroughly after stripping off all bedding. Give it a few hours to air too!

If there are stains, you can rub some bicarbonate of soda into them and leave for an hour before vacuuming off. This can also help to get rid of bad smells.

Dust/wipe bed frame

The corners of your bed frame can be a magnet for bed bugs as well as dust. Give the entire bed frame a thorough wipe with a cloth and either some multi-purpose cleaner of furniture polish.

Vacuum under bed

Clear out the stuff under your bed and give the space a thorough vacuuming.

Clear out closet

Have all of your clothes out, including bags and accessories. Lay them all out on the bed or in a large space on the floor.

Now go through an item at a time and decide if there is anything you can sell or donate. Give the inside of the cupboard and drawers a good wipe with a damp cloth.

Living room

Vacuum and clean sofas 

Depending on the material of your sofas, give it a vacuum then clean it thoroughly.

For leather, you could just wipe over it with a cloth soaked in soapy water before buffing with a dry cloth.

Fabric sofas may need a carpet cleaner (you can use the hose attachment) to clean thoroughly. You could also try just using a squeegee to get up any hair and dust leftover, then use this fab little bottle of cleaner to clean the fabric. Do test anything you use on a small patch first to make sure it won’t wreck the fabric.

Clean rug

Vacuum any rugs thoroughly and then give them a clean using a carpet cleaner.

Spray them with diluted Zoflora afterwards to leave them smelling amazing.

Clear out drawers

Check drawers in your coffee table or sideboard for old magazines or papers you no longer need. Give all the drawers a wipe with a cloth and Mr Sheen or damp cloth.

Wash flooring (carpet cleaner or mop)

If you have hardwood or laminate flooring, give every inch a thorough clean with a mop. I recently got this mop and it’s been amazing.

If you have carpet, I recommend renting a carpet cleaner to really get rid of dirt.

Ultimate spring cleaning list


Clean computer screen and keyboard

Get rid of dust and mucky finger marks on the computer screen. You can use special screen wipes for the monitor. Keyboards can be dusted with furniture polish sprayed onto the cloth before use.

Declutter paperwork 

Now is a great time to ditch old receipts and other paperwork to give yourself more space! Don’t forget to wipe out the drawers of your desk too!

Every room

Clean doors

You’ll be surprised at how much dirt can gather on your doors. Get a bowl and add warm water along with a capful of fabric softener. Now use a soft cloth to clean the doors, paying particular attention to the area around door handles. 

By using this mixture you’re less likely to wear away the paint on the doors with strong chemicals. 

Disinfect door handles and light switches 

Your hands touch them every single day! Use a disinfectant – I prefer diluted Zoflora in a spray bottle – and a soft cloth to gently wipe down all switches and door handles. 

Clean windows and window frames

My favourite window cleaner is Astonish, but you can also use vinegar in a spray bottle to get shiny windows, though the smell won’t be as pleasant! These window cleaning cloths are the best. 

If your window frames have become mouldy – which I have had issues with in the past – you can use Dettol mould spray. It is amazing. You spray it on, leave for five minutes, and the mould is either gone or can be wiped away. This also works if the rubber seal on your washing machine has become mouldy.

Clean skirting boards

Get some furniture polish and a clean, dry cloth and go over every skirting board in the house. This is one of the most tedious jobs when it comes to the big spring clean, but you will be stunned at how much dirt has gathered there. 

Wash curtains

Double check the washing instructions on the label as many curtains are dry clean only. 


Move your furniture and get to all of the places you don’t usually reach. This includes underneath sofas, large appliances, shelves, desks and tables. 

When vacuuming, try to move across the area horizontally then vertically as you’re more likely to pick up any trapped dust or hairs.

Dust everywhere

Get your duster and furniture polish and make sure you get all of the places you don’t do on a weekly basis along with the usual spots. This includes: 

  • Tops of door frames
  • Light bulbs
  • Wooden blinds
  • Window frames
  • Shelves 
  • Table tops
  • Radiators 

Change batteries in smoke/carbon monoxide detectors

Test your alarms to see if they are working. If you’re unsure, change the batteries to make sure your family is protected.


If your garage is anything like mine then it’s basically a dumping ground.

Now is a great time to get this space sorted so that it stores the things you need and is still accessible.

Start by getting everything out of the garage. Hopefully you have some space in the driveway.

Get rid of the stuff you no longer use and with other items, place them into piles by category.

Your piles may include gardening equipment, DIY equipment, paint, outdoor toys, outdoor furniture and cleaning equipment.

Now you can start to put the stuff back that you will be keeping. It may be a good time to install some basic shelves if you don’t already have some. These will help you to keep things separate.

Use cheap plastic boxes and old shoe boxes to organise stuff, especially small parts like loose screws and other DIY parts.

Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning

Active Time: 12 hours
Total Time: 12 hours

A complete spring cleaning checklist to help you clean your home from top to bottom! Do this once a year and your home will feel clutter-free and sparkling clean for spring.


  • Soda crystals
  • Oven cleaner - like Oven Mate
  • Elbow Grease
  • Mr Sheen or other furniture polish
  • Zoflora
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Limescale spray
  • Bleach
  • Floor cleaning solution (optional as you can use all-purpose cleaner)


  • Microfibre cloths
  • Vacuum
  • Mop


  1. Clean the oven and hob using an oven cleaner such as Oven Mate.
  2. Empty the fridge freezer and wipe out all shelves with a soapy cloth then dry with a dry microfibre cloth.
  3. Empty kitchen cupboards and wipe shelves with damp cloth. Ditch expired food.
  4. Descale kettle.
  5. Clean dishwasher - run on a hot wash with a bowl of vinegar placed on the bottom shelf or buy special dishwasher cleaning solution.
  6. Clean kitchen floor.
  7. Clean your washing machine - you can add a cupful of Soda Crystals to the drum and run on the hottest wash.
  8. Clean bathroom sinks.
  9. Clean baths and showers - use a limescale spray to tackle tough limescale.
  10. Clean toilets.
  11. Wash bathroom mats.
  12. Polish towel rail.
  13. Declutter and clean make-up caddies.
  14. Vacuum mattress
  15. Dust/clean bed frame.
  16. Vacuum under bed.
  17. Vacuum your sofa, paying attention to gaps between sofa cushions. Wipe leather sofas with a damp cloth.
  18. Wipe interior doors with a damp cloth soaked in water - you can add a capful of fabric softener to the water which means the cloth won't wear away at the paint on the doors.
  19. Disinfect door handles - I use diluted Zoflora to do this.
  20. Disinfect light switches.
  21. Dust light bulbs and light fittings.
  22. Dust door frames.
  23. Dust radiators.
  24. Dust blinds.
  25. Dust shelves and tables.
  26. Dust skirting boards.
  27. Clean windows and window frames - Astonish window cleaner is best for this job.
  28. Declutter paperwork.
  29. Declutter toys.
  30. Declutter clothing.
  31. Change smoke alarm batteries.
  32. Wash front door mat.
  33. Spritz around air freshener.

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