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Yoto Player (3rd Generation) Review & Discount Code

We’re huge fans of the Yoto Player in our house so have been testing out the 3rd generation Yoto Player to find out what’s new!

Yoto Player with pink adventure jacket

This cool player is an audio story-telling toy, bedside table clock, nightlight, room thermometer, sleep sounds machine and fun gadget for kids all rolled into one! 

My kids absolutely adore the Yoto Player – having already been long-time users of the Yoto Player 2nd generation and Yoto Mini. 

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Yoto Player (2nd gen) review

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Yoto Player 3rd Generation Quick verdict 

Yoto Player (3rd generation) is a fantastic storytelling toy for kids with great improvements made to the sound quality, storage space and features. 

There is a huge range of Yoto Cards to suit a wide range of age groups – from babies needing help getting to sleep to primary aged kids who enjoy listening to audio books. 

Plus you get daily free content thanks to Yoto Radio and the Yoto Daily podcast.

And you the parent can control the device from an app on your smartphone – from switching it off to setting the colour of the nightlight.

Yoto Player 3rd generation review

My only grumble about the new Yoto is they have ditched the magnetic docking station which was easier for little hands to use. Now you need a USB-C plug socket in order to charge it. 

But with a longer battery life of 24 hours, this isn’t too much of an issue. 

Yoto Player wins over Toniebox for us personally, as it has more appeal to older kids, giving it greater longevity for your family.

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What is Yoto Player?

The Yoto Player is a kids audio player. You can use it to play Yoto Cards (sold separately) featuring audio storybooks and educational content when these are slotted into the player. 

There’s also a Yoto Radio station and Yoto Daily podcast. 

When content is playing the pixel screen on the front of the Yoto shows fun images that are relevant to the chapter or content being played. 

Yoto Player pixel display playing Star Wars Yoto Card

Yoto brought out its 3rd Generation of the Yoto Player in June 2023. This review will explore what’s changed, whether you should upgrade and is the Yoto Player worth buying for your kids. 

Key features of Yoto Player (3rd Generation)

  • Play Yoto Cards (sold separately) containing a wide range of audio such as popular stories and educational content 
  • Make Your Own Cards featuring your own audio recordings and also upload MP3 files to create music playlists 
  • Cool pixel screen with images that change depending on the content being played 
  • Play free sleep sounds and white noise 
  • Free daily Yoto Podcast (no ads)
  • Yoto Radio (no ads)
  • Parental control over the Yoto Player via the Yoto App – set limits, shut it off completely, turn down volume etc 
  • Room thermometer with exact temperature accessible from Yoto App
  • Set routines and alarms 
  • Night light (do note that it’s not a particularly bright one but does give off a gentle glow and you can control the colour via the Yoto App)

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What’s the difference between Yoto 3rd Generation and 2nd generation?

There are a number of key differences between the Yoto 3rd gen and 2nd gen. 

Although from a glance the two physically look the same, look a little closer and there are a number of key changes. 

Here are the key things that are brand new with the 3rd generation Yoto Player:  

Yoto Player 3rd generation review
  • Stereo sound 
  • Improved battery power with 24 hours play per charge 
  • Improved wi-fi connection 
  • USB-C charger – the player no longer comes with the charging dock, that must be purchased separately. 
  • 32GB storage for 600+ hours of audio for offline listening
  • Temperature sensor 
  • Option for Bluetooth or wired headphones 

What’s the difference between Yoto Player and Yoto Mini 

Now that Yoto has brought out its 3rd generation player there are a few more features that the Yoto Player has over its miniature sibling. 

The most substantial differences are the battery life, the storage space and the physical size. 

You get up to 20 hours of battery life with Yoto Mini compared to up to 24 hours with Yoto Player (3rd gen). 

And Yoto Mini has up to 16GB of storage, while Yoto Player has double that with 32GB of space for your child to listen to their favourite stories on the go. 

As before you’ve got a much bigger screen on the Yoto Player compared to the Yoto Mini. 

And the new 3rd generation Yoto Player has the addition of a temperature sensor. How important this actually is to you probably varies a lot. 

I relied on a GroEgg nursery thermometer until my kids were toddlers to help guide me on how to dress them for bed, especially in heatwaves. But these days I’m not too worried about having a temperature sensor in their bedroom. Those with younger kids may find the temperature sensor useful. 

Yoto Cards

The cards you slot into the Yoto Player can be purchased from the Yoto store and other retailers. 

There are hundreds to choose from, with content to suit all ages! The range of Cards includes Roald Dahl and Beatrix Potter classics, as well as modern Marvel superhero adventure stories.

There’s also educational and fascinating non fiction content, such as cards about the planets and the natural world around us.

Once a Yoto Card has been inserted into your Yoto Player that content will be saved in your Yoto App “My Cards” Library. 

This means you can play the content from your phone and from the Player even without the card inserted! Once that card has been used once, the content is downloaded. 

Of course your Yoto Player does not have unlimited storage – although with 32GB it will take a LOT to fill it up. Once you do reach the limits of storage then older lesser played content will be replaced by new content.  

Make your own Yoto Cards 

As well as a wide selection of audio cards featuring famous stories, adventures featuring well-known characters such as superheroes and learning content, you can also make your own Yoto Cards!

Simply record audio in the Yoto app on your smartphone – this could be something like you or a loved one reading a bedtime story for your child – or upload compatible audio files to the app then save to a blank Yoto card. 

You can also use Make Your Own Cards for a playlist of your child’s favourite songs. Use MP3 format files to create a playlist on your computer at the Yoto Play website, then follow these steps to add to a Make Your Own card: 

  • Log in to your account at the Yoto Play website using the same details as you use for the Yoto App on your phone. 
  • Select Make New Card and follow the guidance to upload your MP3 files and make a playlist. Give the playlist a name too. 
  • Now the playlist is made go to the Yoto App. Head to the Make Your Own tab in the Library section, then find your new playlist! 
  • Tap on your playlist and select the three dot menu, then select Link To A Card. 
  • Insert a Make Your Own Card into your Yoto Player, then press the LINK button. 
  • A record icon will appear and then a green tick will indicate the link has been successful. The card is now ready to play your playlist!

Your Yoto Player comes with a make your own Yoto Card ready for you to add content to. You can purchase more in the Yoto Store. 

If you don’t have any blank Yoto Cards don’t worry! Just find the audio you want to play on the Yoto Player in the Yoto App and then select it to play. You don’t have to have a card to get audio playing in the Player! 

How to copy a Yoto Card 

Say you have two kids each with a Yoto Player but just one copy of the Matilda Yoto Card. Both want to play it, what do you do? Or maybe you lost a Yoto Card your child loves!

Well first of all you can just play the content to the Player via the app. Find the card in the Yoto App, under your My Cards section in the Library, and hit play. 

Alternatively you can copy the Matilda content onto a Make Your Own Yoto Card!

You do this in the app by doing the following: 

  • Go to My Library and view your cards. 
  • Find the virtual version of the card you want to copy. 
  • Tap on the title to open the detail page for it and select the three dot menu. Select Link To A Card. 
  • Insert a Make Your Own card into your Yoto and confirm by pressing the LINK button. 
  • A “record” icon will display and then a green tick will appear to show the link is successful. 

Yoto Radio and Yoto Daily 

Two of the features that have impressed me the most are the free daily audio content you get through Yoto. 

The Yoto Radio station plays fun songs during the day and then once it gets to nighttime the radio will play sleepy lullaby type music. I often play this to help soothe my kids to sleep. 

Yoto Player review

Yoto Daily is a podcast featuring information and fun content, plus birthday shoutouts. It’s required listening in our house as my kids love it! 

To access these features your child simply presses the right-hand Yoto button once to play Yoto Daily and once more to play Yoto Radio. Another push takes it back to the home screen. 

Yoto accessories

We have a pink Adventure Jacket for our Yoto Player. It’s a nice way to add a splash of colour to the player, and personalise it with your child’s favourite colour.

Other accessories available for the Yoto include card cases and headphones which are available with wireless and wired.

Yoto headphones

I love this card case, which holds 64 Yoto Cards. It’s sleek and would easily slip into a backpack for travel so your child can take all of their cards with them.

The headphones are really well designed, and fold for easier storage and packing when on the go.

You can also purchase a magnetic docking station for the Yoto Player.

What age is Yoto for?

Yoto says its Player and Mini are for kids aged 3 to 12+. 

However there is content available that’s great for younger kids too. The player itself shouldn’t be handled by babies or kids under 3, however I would definitely say those kids will love the stories, such as Disney classics. 

And parents will find the free sleep sounds available via the Yoto App really useful for settling babies at night. Just don’t leave the player with kids under 3 unsupervised. 

How does Yoto Player work?

One of the best things about the Yoto is how easy it is operate. Kids will pick it up easily.

Setting up the Yoto takes less than 10 minutes.

Yoto Player 3rd Generation guide

You’ll need to download the Yoto App to your smartphone and then follow the guidance to connect the Player to your WiFi. A WiFi connection is essential for Yoto to work.

Once your Yoto is set up here are the basics of how it works:

  • Left button – Twist left or right to change volume
  • Right button – Twist to scroll through chapters when a Yoto Card is playing. Press once to turn on Yoto Daily or twice to turn on Yoto Radio
  • Night light – Turn the Yoto face down to activate the night light

Yoto Player (3rd gen) vs Toniebox 

Yoto Player vs Yoto Mini vs Toniebox

The biggest difference for parents in the market to get one audio player toy for their kids is the price. 

Toniebox comes in £20 cheaper than the 3rd Gen Yoto Player – although it’s worth noting Yoto Mini is cheaper than a Toniebox. 

Which should you buy? They’re all amazing fun toys, but I would give Yoto Player the edge because it will remain popular with your child all the way through primary school. 

Yoto Player and Toniebox

Not only because of the content you can get for it, and the fact I think the Tonies figures will get a little young as kids get bigger, but also the free Yoto content you get with the radio and podcast. They’re so engaging!

So if you purchase Yoto for them when they are a toddler, they will still find cards they will enjoy well into their school years. The Tonies figures became, I think, a little too young for the older kids of age 7 and upwards. 

Plus in terms of storage the Yoto Cards are far easier to manage – although the Tonies look way cooler on a kid’s bedroom shelf! 

Read my full Toniebox review.

Yoto or Toniebox – which should you buy?

32GB storage space16GB storage spaceSpace for 90 mins of audio
Large pixel graphics displaySmall pixel graphics displayScreen free
Audio content played using cardsAudio content played using cardsAudio content played using figures
Nightlight functionNo nightlightNo nightlight
Control via Yoto AppControl via Yoto AppControl via MyTonies App
Up to 24 hours battery life Up to 20 hours battery lifeUp to 7 hours battery life
Create your own Yoto CardsCreate your own Yoto CardsCreate your own Tonies
Free Yoto Radio and Yoto PodcastFree Yoto Radio and Yoto PodcastSome free content via MyTonies app

Best for travel – Yoto Mini 

Best for preschoolers – Toniebox 

Best for school-age kids – Yoto Player 

Should you upgrade to Yoto 3rd generation?

If you already have a Yoto Player then I wouldn’t rush out to buy the 3rd generation. 

The only reason to upgrade is if the extra battery life and extra storage are going to make huge differences to you. 

The stereo sound alone probably won’t sell it for kids – mine don’t seem to really notice. And there’s no major changes to what the player can ultimately do, which is play Yoto Cards and the free content provided by Yoto. 

Final thoughts on Yoto Player

The all-new Yoto Player has some great new features – particularly the greater storage and longer battery life for easier use at home and on the go for kids. 

I doubt it’s enough to get people who already own the 2nd Generation to upgrade. 

But if you’re looking for a great storytelling toy then this is a fantastic gift for a kid aged 0 to 11. 

My kids are aged six and eight and I know they will get years of use from their Yoto Players. 

The Yoto makes a brilliant gift for a child!

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EDITOR’S NOTE: We were gifted some of the accessories (card case and headphones). All other items were purchased by us and our views remain our own!

Yoto Player 3rd generation review

Vicky Smith is a mother of two daughters and a journalist. She has been writing and vlogging about parenting for over five years.