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Cute and fun ways to tell husband you’re pregnant

Looking for a fun way to tell your husband you’re pregnant?

Finding out you’re about to welcome a new addition to your family is an exciting moment.

Pregnant woman announcing pregnancy to husband with a special surprise

So doing something special that turns this into a memory you will both keep forever is a pretty cool way to start your journey to parenthood.

When I found out I was pregnant with our first child I was in the restrooms at work. I had been feeling rough for a day or two so thought it was worth peeing on a stick to check out whether I could actually be pregnant.

Turns out I was! So there I was in a restroom in London freaking out at the news and wanting to tell everyone, but knowing I needed to tell my husband first. And he was 60 odd miles away! 

Did I manage to turn it into something creative? No, in the end I just carried the pregnancy test home with me in my handbag and handed it over to him the second I walked in through the door!

Now in fairness I hadn’t had a whole lot of time to plan something out, and looking back it was still a really cool moment. But I kind of wish I had done something a little special just to really mark the occasion.

So I’ve got some awesome ideas here for how you can tell your husband you’re pregnant! 

Some of these are low maintenance and can be done right away without any props (apart from the actual positive pregnancy test which you’ve probably got to hand). Others require ordering something special.

How elaborate your announcement becomes is down to you!

But I’ve also got a little freebie for you to help announce your pregnancy to your husband. My fun pregnancy announcement wine bottle tags are the perfect way to make your announcement at short notice! Just download and print! 

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Fun ways to tell family you’re pregnant

When to tell husband you’re pregnant 

Your husband will in all likelihood be the very first person you tell you’re pregnant. He’s in this with you after all!

Most women tell their husband that they’re expecting right away, but if you want to wait a couple of days so that you can plan a special surprise for the big reveal then why not do that.

This is really down to you how and when you tell your husband that you’re expecting, although chances are you’re pretty excited to let him know as soon as possible! 

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How to tell husband you’re pregnant 

When it comes to announcing you’re pregnant to your husband there are a few options: 

  • Just blurt it out, pregnancy test in hand.
  • Do something funny to make him laugh.
  • Do something sentimental to make him (maybe) cry.
  • Do something that really takes him by surprise. 

Whichever road you decide to go down make it something that’s personal to you both. Your journey to pregnancy may have been a short one, or it may have been a long and tough one.

Make it something that is relevant and fun for you as a couple. And, crucially, don’t forget to have a camera on hand to capture his reaction. This is where planning the moment with a friend or relative to record it as it unfolds could be useful.

I’ve got a long list of pregnancy announcement ideas for telling your husband for you to choose from so let’s get to them! 

This post contains affiliate links.

Fun ways to tell husband you’re pregnant 

Pregnancy announcement wine bottle label

Say it with wine! 

You probably won’t have a glass, but it doesn’t stop your husband having a sip or two. Or maybe you could set the bottle aside for after the baby is born.

This cool wine tag is totally free for you to download and print off. It’s best used on card. Simply cut it out and then slip over the wine bottle to make a quick and easy pregnancy announcement for your husband. You’ll also get pregnancy announcement tags for other members of your family too as part of the free download. Just cut out and use whichever ones you need!

Husband pregnancy announcement wine label tag

You can also get personalised wine bottle labels from various Etsy stores where you can add your names and due date. This one is cute

A tee for him

Surprise him with a new t-shirt that lets him know he’s going to be a daddy.

You could wrap it up and give it to him and watch his face as he reads the slogan on the front.

You could also go for a his and hers pregnancy tee combination (wrap up both and then use them to announce the news to the rest of your family).

A tee for you 

There are lots of cool tees for expectant ladies featuring pregnancy announcement slogans.

You could get one that’s dad specific or one that could help you announce your pregnancy to all of your relatives as you get a chance to see them in person! 

The “Always read the fine print” tee is a good one to cover all your relatives and friends if you want to surprise them with an in-person announcement, or to use it in a photo for social media announcements.

Cool gaming T-shirt

Is your other half a big fan of gaming? He will love this dad-to-be T-shirt featuring the “Dad level unlocked” slogan.

Wrap up the pregnancy test

You could buy a pregnancy test box (yes if you can imagine it, you can buy it on the internet these days!) to package up the test and give it to your other half.

Wrap up the box, if you get one, or simply wrap up the test.

You could do a kind of surprise reveal with the test by putting it in a small box, then adding that to a bigger box, then a bigger box and so on. Wrap each layer so it’s almost like a pass the parcel until he gets to the tiny box with the pregnancy test in the middle.

This is a fun but low maintenance idea for revealing your pregnancy if you don’t have much to time to plan your pregnancy announcement. 

Cute baby outfit 

You can get onesies with messages like “Only the best husbands get promoted to daddy” which are really sweet.

There are also various Etsy shops that offer personalised baby onesies with your family surname and the due date on which can be a really fun way of announcing your news. I like this Friends inspired onesie.

A fishing hook

Is he a fan of fishing? This is a cool keepsake fishing hook to get for a dad-to-be who is a keen fisherman too.

Pregnancy announcement scratch card 

Surprise him with a scratch card! All he has to do is scratch away the message. He’ll think he’s in the running to win some cash, when actually he’s won the best prize of all! 

Coffee cup 

There are a ton of cool coffee cups with pregnancy announcement messages on them. 

One with a message at the bottom of the cup is a really fun way to draw out the suspense of your husband finding the message. 

Some also have a heat reactive reveal message. 

If you have a particular message in mind for telling your husband about your pregnancy then you could get a personalised mug that lets you choose the wording! 

Announcement spoon

A spoon engraved with a message like “I’m pregnant” or “you’re going to be a daddy” is an unexpected way of announcing your pregnancy to your husband.

Make him a coffee or tea and just leave it in the cup so that he has to take a look. If you can handle the suspense then you could tuck it into the cutlery drawer for him to find next time he makes a coffee.

Coffee stencil 

Sprinkle the message over his morning coffee with this fun coffee stencil pregnancy announcement message. 

Personalised card 

You can use a funny or sweet message in a card to announce your pregnancy.

Some cards are pre-written for you, alternatively you could try one of my pregnancy announcement quotes.

Spell it out

Do you own a letterboard or have alphabet fridge magnets? Maybe you have a message pad where you leave each other notes about getting milk or remembering to take out the rubbish.

Why not surprise your husband with a message on there? Write out “surprise, I’m pregnant” or “buy nappies” on the shopping list.

Leave it out for him to find and try to act normal until he spots it and is clued in.

You could also leave the pregnancy test next to your note. Just so he’s clear you’re not joking! 

You can get a letter board that works great for this idea here.

Christmas tree decoration

If you’ve learned you are pregnant around December this can be a really cool way to surprise your other half when telling them your news.

You could buy a decoration with the news printed on it. Or get a tree decoration that opens so you could slip a secret note inside. 

Pregnancy announcement plectrum 

This is the perfect way to announce your pregnancy if your husband is a music fan. Get a plectrum with your personalised announcement on, or use a simple message like “congratulations daddy”.

Pregnancy announcement plectrum for dads to be

Big sibling tee

If this is not your first child then why not rope in your other kids to help with the announcement.

Get a tee saying “promoted to big brother/sister” and either having your eldest child wear it or give it to your husband. Meredith Grey did something similar when telling Derek she was pregnant with their baby in Grey’s Anatomy!

Beer labels 

And we’re back to alcohol as an idea for your pregnancy announcement!

As well as personalised wine bottle labels you can also get dad-to-be beer labels.

Get the family pet involved 

Why not get a cute bandana for your family dog that says “big sister/brother”. This is a really sweet way to get your pet involved in the announcement. 

Put it on the dog and then don’t mention anything to your husband and wait to see when he spots it.

Pregnancy announcement using pet dog to tell husband you're pregnant

New shoes 

Got an old shoebox belonging to your husband anywhere? Buy some baby booties and pop them in there then wrap it up.

Tell your husband you got him some new shoes and watch as he unwraps the box then sees those shoes are not for him! 

Say it with cake 

If you’re good at baking then why not make him a cake and write your pregnancy announcement in icing. 

Another cool way to tell your husband you’re pregnant is to bake cupcakes and spell out “I’m pregnant” with a different letter on each cupcake. Why not jumble the cupcakes up and tell him he has to decrypt the message?

Say it with pizza 

Surprise him on pizza night! If you’re good at making pizzas then try spelling it out yourself with the toppings (this can be tricky).

A much lower maintenance thing to do is get hold of the pizza delivery box before he can. Then get a pen and write a message inside the lid of the box. Try something like “Eat up daddy. I can’t be the only one with a big belly in 9 months’ time”.

You could also try “Special delivery – coming DUE DATE”.

Set up a surprise photo shoot 

This is a really cool way to capture the memory of your pregnancy announcement forever! 

Set up a photo shoot of the two of you and don’t tell your husband what it’s for. Now hold up a chalkboard or letter board with your pregnancy news written on there while his back is turned and make sure the photographer is ready to capture the moment he figures it out! 

Pop the news

Get a helium balloon – it could be one with a picture of a baby on or just a simple plain balloon – and tie the pregnancy test to the string. 

It will probably still float with the pregnancy test as the weight so try leaving it by the front door so it’s there at eye level when he walks into the door! 

Bottle opener 

Get a bottle opener engraved with your happy news. You could wrap it up and give it to him as a gift or casually hand it to him and ask him to open a drink with it.

Buy him a book

If this is your first baby then there’s a steep learning curve. Why not get him a baby book for dads, or buy What To Expect When You’re Expecting and wrap it up for him?

You could also get a book of dad jokes as a gift and write a message saying “congratulations you’re going to be a daddy” inside. 

Put a message on a keyring 

You could get a keyring – there are so many to choose from – and add it to his keys in secret. 

Hopefully he will notice while you’re with him so you can see his face when he figures it out! 

Final thoughts on announcing your pregnancy to your husband

I hope this has given you lots of inspiration for how you can tell your husband about your happy news!

If you have any unusual or cool ways you announced your pregnancy then please let me know in the comments so we can share the inspiration!

Fun and cute ways to tell your husband you're pregnant

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