This is a collaborative post. We were gifted the Little Brian Paint Sticks in exchange for a review.

Little Brian Paint Sticks are a fantastic arts and crafts product for little ones who love to paint and parents who want no mess!

We were sent a few Little Brian Paint Sticks products for review and the girls have been absolutely hooked ever since I showed them the kit. 

Paint Sticks come in thick tubes that mean your child does not need to add water or paint brushes to use them. Simply take the lid off, as you would a pen, and get to work. 

Kids can use them for stamping, painting, doodling and more. Plus, and this is the reality magic part, the paint dries in just one minute. This means you won’t have dozens of sheets of drying artwork all over your home, or have to worry about shirt sleeves dipping into wet paint. 

Little Brian Paint Sticks

Although you can just buy the Paint Sticks and use them on whatever usual crafting paper or card your kids use to do artwork, you can also pick up one of the brilliant Paint Sticks Classic Art Stations. 

This is an awesome product for little Picassos! It’s a two-sided art station with one white board and one chalkboard. 

It includes six Paint Sticks, six chalk sticks and a duster for cleaning. All your child needs to do is get to work on creating their masterpiece, and then wipe it clean and start all over again!

There’s also a clip over the white board where you can pop a sheet of paper if your child wants to draw something for you to display on the fridge. 

The Paint Sticks can be used on both the white and black sides of the board. 

So let’s take a closer look at all of the products the girls have been trying out!

Paint Sticks Classic Art Station (£29.99)

The Paint Sticks Classic Art Station (available from Argos) is the perfect toy for children aged three and up who just love to do arts and crafts. 

The Paint Sticks Classic Art Station features two boards and handy storage pots for the chalk sticks and Paint Sticks

The Art Station can be stored flat by folding down the black and white boards, and features a handle for easy carrying. 

There are storage pots that can be removed from the Art Station

There’s space underneath the boards to keep all of the pens for storing upright when not in use, plus a compartment that’s the perfect size for the chalks if you want to keep them separate. 

It’s great that both girls can sit at the art station at the same time to paint

When your kids are using the Art Station, it has several pots, which are also removeable, where they can keep the Paint Sticks and chalks within reach. 

Little Brian Art Station
The chalk board can be wiped clean between uses

The biggest positive for me with this Art Station, aside from the fact it’s no mess, is that it has two sides. This means the girls can each have a board to paint or draw on. The only thing for them to argue over is who gets which side!

Little Brian Classic Art Station review
The Art Station includes a clip so your child can fix paper to the board

I cannot tell you the number of times I have bought a new toy and been left wishing I hadn’t bothered because the girls just fight over who gets to use it. This is something they both get to use at the same time, without me having to buy two of them!

Little Brian Classic Art Station
The Little Brian Classic Art Station folds flat for easy storage

The Art Station includes a microfibre cloth to wipe away the chalk and paint. I found you need to dampen it with water for it to work, but it does get rid of all marks and leaves the boards like new. 

The six Paint Sticks that come with the Art Station are your basic colours, so they’re a great starting point but I would say it’s definitely worth getting an extra pack of colours to go with it. 

Paint Sticks Bucket (£12.99)

The Paint Sticks Bucket (available from Argos) features 20 assorted colours, including 12 classic colours, six day glow colours, and two metallic colours – silver and gold.

This is a fantastic addition if you have the Art Station, but they also work perfectly well on their own with some paper or card!

Little Brian Paint Sticks bucket

It’s a gorgeous selection of colours that enable your child to go wild with their imagination. I love that it includes metallic colours too!

The sticks are easy to use. Your child simply pulls off the lid and then gets to work. There are no brushes or water needed. The paint dries in just 60 seconds, so it’s ideal for little ones who just cannot wait to show off their works of art. 

Unless your child uses it to paint their own hands and clothes, this is a no mess product. There’s no chance of spilling the paint, because it’s in a solid stick form, and your child can’t dump a huge dollop of it down themselves. 

Your child simply needs to twist the stick when they’re ready for more paint. This set comes in a handy bucket featuring a carry handle for easy transporting for little hands. 

Paint Sticks Classic and Metallic 24 pack (£14.99)

This fantastic collection of Paint Sticks (available from Amazon) features 12 classic colours, six day glow colours and six metallic colours. 

Little Brian Paint Sticks

Having a more extensive collection of Paint Sticks just means your child can get even more creative. All they need to do is pop the lid off and twist the sticks then get to work. 

The colours in this set are really lovely and gave the kids a brilliant range of options for creating pictures. 

There are lots of suggestions for how to use the Paint Sticks apart from simply painting. They can be used for blending, stamping, colour washing, dotting and you can experiment with different effects, such as using water to brush over the paint and create a watercolour effect. 

Our Verdict

Reviewing the Little Brian Paint Sticks kit has been so much fun!

This is a fantastic arts and crafts product enabling children to paint to their heart’s content with no mess. 

The Paint Sticks come in a huge range of colours and can be used in so many different ways. 

The Classic Art Station is the perfect product to use the Paint Sticks with, and will keep your child or children entertained for hours. You don’t need a ton of paper, as they simply wipe clean and start again when they’re done!

This is a brilliant toy for pre-schoolers and primary school children. We thoroughly recommend it!