Are your struggling to grow your follower number on your blog’s Facebook page?

Unless you are an overnight viral sensation, which let’s face it, very few of us will ever be, then Facebook can seem like a bit of a mystery. 

It hasn’t been helped by changes to the algorithm, which now favour the content of users’ friends over business pages. This means that your posts will be shown to very few of your followers on Facebook. Even though I have more than 10,000 people who like and follow my blog’s Facebook page, some times a post will gain just a couple of likes. 

If you have a smaller following, then you may be struggling to get any engagement on your posts at all, which can be extremely frustrating. 

Boosting a post by paying Facebook can get you a short-term win, but once that post boost is over you can then be back to square one in terms of your engagement rate. Plus it won’t necessarily buy you any new followers!

However, despite the algorithm no longer favouring posts from pages (unless you boost them with a little cash) it is still possible to be very successful on Facebook, and the benefits to your blog can be tremendous. 

Facebook is my second biggest driver of traffic, behind Pinterest. Some weeks it is my number one driver of traffic. 

It’s taken me just over 18 months to hit 10,000 likes on my Facebook page, and a whole lot of hard work creating and sharing the right content for my audience. 

If you’re struggling to grow your Facebook page and want tips on increasing likes and engagement, here are my top tips explaining how I grew my own following. 

Before we begin, if you haven’t yet started a mummy blog and are interested in getting your own site launched, check out my start a mummy blog post for lots of tips on where to begin. 

Understand your audience

Everything to do with your blog comes back to this point. Facebook is no different. 

Who are you writing for? Mums is not specific enough. You ideally want to know how old their kids are, where they live and what they do for a living!

Sounds specific, but honestly the more specific you can be, the bigger success you can become. 

One of the most successful niches on Facebook in the parenting category tend to be play inspiration. These pages share videos, links and pictures describing ideas for what to do with kids. They work best when targeted at specific age groups. 

Have a think about what content is on your blog, and who it is speaking to. What are your audience’s problems and interests? Have this in mind when you follow the next few tips, as this is what will help you produce content. 


I have to be honest here. I talk a lot about niche because I do think it’s important. However, I have fallen into the classic blogger trap of having multiple niches. 

I write a little about how to blog, sharing my experiences of how I have built my blog to where it is today, and I write about being a mum in the first year. I also write about toddlers, with topics including play ideas and funny observations about life with young kids. 

However I never share my blogging tips content in my Facebook page, because that’s the wrong audience. The key demographic in my Facebook page is new mums with at least one child under the age of one. The vast majority are not bloggers. 

My posts on Facebook tend to be a mixture of funny stories from my own experiences, to sentimental observations on life as a mum, to practical tips and more inspirational posts. 

So as you can see, it’s a bit of a mixture. However it has worked for me. 

Create shareable content 

When it comes to Facebook, you’re reliant on your audience hitting like and sharing your posts in order for it to get good traction. 

That means you need to create content that people want to share. Think about their interests and what their possible problems could be, and target those. Are they new mums struggling with breastfeeding? Are they parents of toddlers who need help with their routine?

What kind of content will those people want to read, and consequently share with their friends?

Share emotive memes and pictures relevant to your audience

Linked to the above tip is sharing funny, sad or thought-provoking memes to your audience. These are what really boost the engagement on my Facebook page. 

Occasionally I will create a meme myself in Canva, however I find it much easier just to share a post from someone else’s page that I think will make my audience respond. 

I focus on memes about parenting and particularly being a mum of small kids. Something that will evoke an emotional response is so much more likely to get a like and a share, so find something that made you laugh or cry and share it to your page. 

I try to share at least one meme a day. 

Invite new people to like your page

For a start, you should invite anyone who you are friends with and who would be interested in your content to like your page. Hopefully your actual friends will be one of the biggest supporters of your Facebook page. If they like and share your posts, they will get seen by more and more people. 

Many people don’t realise that when your posts get liked by people who don’t already follow your page, you can invite them to become a regular follower! In order to do this, just go to a post, click on the likes counter to see the list of names of people who have liked the post. You will see next to each name it either says “liked”, in which case they already follow you, or “INVITE”. Hit invite and they will be invited to like your page. Not everyone will of course, but I get loads of new followers this way!

Find your tribe

Connecting with fellow bloggers to discuss what has worked for you in your own blogging journey and support each other is vital, especially when you are starting out. 

This is such an important thing to do in all aspects of blogging. There are hundreds of Facebook groups out there that give you the chance to network with other bloggers. 

Some run daily “threads” where you can drop links to your latest Facebook page post or blog post and get support in exchange for helping other bloggers out too. 

There are often follow for follow threads as well, where you are all encouraged to follow each others’ pages. This is great for when you are starting out. 

As time goes on, the people you connect with in these groups can become friends and confidants, which is so important to have in the world of blogging! They could refer a paying client your way, or let you know about a brand looking for pitches that’s right up your street. 

Ask a question

When leaving a link to a blog post, you want people to click it of course, but your post will be seen by more people if they then leave a reply to your post. 

Think up at least one relevant question to the content of your post. Ask your audience for their experiences, or just ask them how their day was!

Reply to comments

This is just good manners really! If someone takes the time to leave a comment on your post, then reply to it. Don’t just put an emoji or a one word thanks, unless their comment was very short, but try to leave a meaningful and well thought out reply. 

This is good for engagement on your posts, meaning more people will see it, and it helps increase your authority within the page. If your followers see you are listening and engaging with them, they will recommend your page to their own friends. 

Reply to messages

I think this one is even more important than replying to comments. When people take the time to privately message you, it’s normally because they’re reaching out for a bit of help or feel anxious about posting publicly. 

Reply to every message, and do it as quickly as you can. When you reply within a few minutes, your page gets a rating for response. Having a good response rating can make your page look more attractive to new followers, because they know you are engaged with your page!

I very rarely get a rude message, which I just delete and block the person behind it. I’ve got no time for negativity when it’s not constructive!

Use Facebook ads

I have used Facebook ads several times over the last 18 months and had great success with them. 

It’s a bit of a case of trial and error when it comes to what image and wording works best to draw your audience in. 

You need an image and a very short sentence summing up what you’re about, what people will get from you and why they should follow you. 

It took me several tries, but I found an ad that gets me around 500 new followers every time I run it at a cost of about £20. 

I would recommend promoting your page rather than boosting an individual post when it comes to growing your number of likes.

Facebook ads lets you zero right in on your audience, including their age range, sex, interests and where they are from. I always target the UK audience for Facebook, and choose interests relating to my blog such as motherhood, babies, toddlers and newborns. 

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