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200+ perfect middle names for Theodore 

There are tons of adorable middle names for Theodore! 

This super sweet baby boy name is among the most popular choices for parents. It’s easy to see the appeal as this ticks the boxes for the modern and stylish baby name trends. 

It’s a simple and sweet name with a soft sound. 

The great news about Theodore as a first name is that it pairs up with a whole host of beautiful short and long middle names. 

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What does Theodore mean?

Theodore is a cute and gentle sounding name, however the meaning behind it is powerful. The word Theodore is derived from the Ancient Greek word theos which means god. 

This name was the 15th most popular baby name in the UK in 2020, according to the latest ONS data.

The shortened version, Theo, is at number 17 in the chart.

If you would like middle name ideas for Theo you can find them here. 

What middle names work with Theodore

Because the name Theodore has its roots in Ancient Greece it can pair really well with Greek mythology middle names – such as Theodore Adonis, Theodore Achilles, Theodore Atlas and Theodore Hector. 

Theodore also works well with superhero and villain names, which have grown in popularity thanks to the Marvel series of movies and similar hit productions in recent years. 

So for example Theodore Loki, Theodore Banner, Theodore Quill and Theodore Clint. 

But Theodore can be paired with more traditional middle names for a strong and stylish combination, such as Theodore David, Theodore Benjamin and Theodore Stanley. 

Here are a few name themes you can use for inspiration plus some ideas.

Theodore HawkTheodore AxelTheodore NoahTheodore Onyx
Theodore RiverTheodore BeckTheodore CharlieTheodore Ren
Theodore KoaTheodore LeviTheodore CarterTheodore Silas
Theodore BearTheodore LukeTheodore DexterTheodore Hutton
Theodore KaiTheodore GusTheodore MiloTheodore Flint
Theodore CoastTheodore JoeTheodore BertieTheodore Soren

Best middle names for Theodore 

These are our top picks for the best middle names that go great with Theodore! 

Theodore Alexander 

Meaning defender of men. 

Theodore Aiden 

A Gaelic name meaning little fire. 

Theodore Archer

Meaning bow or bowman.

Theodore Arthur

A Celtic name meaning bear. 

Theodore Beau 

French name meaning beautiful. 

Theodore Benjamin 

Son of the right hand.

Theodore Declan 

Man of prayer.

Theodore Dermot

Free man. 

Theodore Elijah

Meaning my God. 

Theodore Ethan 

A Hebrew name meaning strong and solid. 

Theodore Frederick 

Peaceful ruler. 

Theodore Gabriel 

God is my strength. 

Theodore George 

Meaning farmer. 

Theodore Hudson 

Meaning son of Hudd. Also a common nickname for Hugh, which means mind or spirit. 

Theodore James 


Theodore Jasper 

Meaning treasurer. 

Theodore Jonathan 

Meaning god has given. 

Theodore Jude

A Hebrew name meaning praised. 

Theodore Luca 

Meaning bringer of light. 

Theodore Oliver 

Meaning ancestor’s descendants. 

Theodore Patrick 

Meaning noble. 

Theodore River

Water that flows to the sea. 

Theodore Roan

Meaning small red-head. 

Theodore Wren

A unisex name meaning bird. 

Theodore Wyatt

Meaning brave in world. 

Theodore Xander 

A shortened version of Alexander. Means defender of men.

Theodore Xavier 

Meaning new house or bright. 

Short middle names for Theodore 

These adorable ideas are short middle names for Theodore featuring just one or two syllables. 

Theodore Abel 

Meaning breath or vapour. 

Theodore Ace

Number one or best. 

Theodore Adam 

Meaning son of the red earth. 

Theodore Alan 

Meaning handsome in Irish or precious. 

Theodore Archie 

A shortened version of Archibald. Means genuine or bold. 

Love the name Archie as a first name? Check out these middle names for Archie.

Theodore Arlen 

Pledge or oath. 

Theodore Arlo 

Meaning rock hill or fortified hill. 

Theodore Arrow

After the projectiles you fire from a bow. To fly straight and true. 

Theodore Atlas


Theodore August

After the month in summer. 

Theodore Bailey

A unisex name meaning bailiff. 

Theodore Banks

Edge of the river. 

Theodore Barrett 

Mighty as a bear. 

Theodore Beck 

Meaning stream. 

Theodore Birch 

A nature baby name meaning bright, shining and the birch tree. 

Theodore Blake

An Old English name meaning black. 

Theodore Blaze

Meaning fire or flame. 

Theodore Boden

Shelter or one who brings news. 

Theodore Bodhi 

This is a cute hippie boho name that means awakening.

Theodore Boone 

Blessing or lucky. 

Theodore Boston

After the city in the US. Also means town by the woods. 

Theodore Bowen

Welsh name meaning son of Owen. 

Theodore Brandon 

Meaning  from the beacon hill. 

Theodore Bridger 

Meaning bridge. 

Theodore Brixton

After the district in south London. 

Theodore Bronson 

An English name meaning son of brown haired one. 

Theodore Caden

Spirit of battle. 

Theodore Caleb

A Hebrew name meaning faithful or brave. 

Theodore Callum 

A Scottish Gaelic name meaning dove. 

Theodore Calvin

Little bald one. 

Theodore Charles 

Meaning free man. 

Theodore Cormac

An Irish name meaning charioteer. 

Theodore Cosmo

A Greek name meaning order or beauty. 

Theodore Cruz

A Spanish name meaning holy cross. 

Theodore Dante 

Meaning enduring. 

Theodore Dash

Meaning to run quickly. 

Theodore David

Meaning beloved. 

Theodore Dawson

Son of David. 

Theodore Dax

A French name meaning water. 

Theodore Dean 

Meaning valley. 

Theodore Dekker

Meaning roofer or piercing. 

Theodore Dexter

Right handed or fortunate. 

Theodore Dylan 

Son of the sea. 

Theodore Edward 

Meaning wealth or fortune. 

Theodore Eli 

Meaning high or elevated. 

Theodore Ellis

Meaning kind or benevolent. 

Theodore Emmett

A name of Hebrew, German and English origin meaning universal. 

Theodore Enzo

Home ruler. 

Theodore Evan

A Welsh name meaning youth or god is gracious. 

Theodore Felix 

Meaning happy and prosperous. 

Theodore Finn

An Irish form of Fionn, meaning fair or white. 

Theodore Fintan

Meaning little fair one. 

Theodore Flynn

An Irish name meaning red. 

Theodore Garrett

Rules by the spear. 

Theodore Gatsby

A name made famous by the F Scott Fitzgerald book The Great Gatsby. Means from Gaddesby. 

Theodore Graham 

Meaning gravel homestead. 

Theodore Hamish

Meaning god protects. 

Theodore Hendrix

Rules his household. 

Theodore Henry

House ruler. 

Theodore Heston

An English name meaning from Heston, which is a part of London. 

Theodore Hunter

One who hunts. 

Theodore Huxley

An English name meaning Hugh’s meadow. 

Theodore Huxon

From a Latin word meaning just. 

Theodore Idris 


Theodore Isaac

One who laughs. 

Theodore Jace

Greek name meaning healer. 

Theodore Jack

God is gracious. 

Theodore Jackson

Son of Jack. 

Theodore Jacob 


Theodore Jake

Meaning god will protect. 

Theodore Jaxon

God is gracious. 

Theodore Jett

Black stone. 

Theodore Jonah 


Theodore Jonas

Dove or peaceful being. 

Theodore Joseph 

God will give. 

Theodore Justin 

Meaning just or righteous.

Theodore Kade 

A Scottish name meaning from the wetlands. 

Theodore Kai

A Hawaiian name meaning sea. 

Theodore Kayden 

Son of Cadan or battle. 

Theodore Kit

Meaning pure. 

Theodore Knox

An English name meaning from the small hill. 

Theodore Kobe 


Theodore Korbyn

Meaning raven. 

Theodore Krew

An English name meaning group. 

Theodore Kyle 

Meaning strait, referring to a narrow channel of water. 

Theodore Kincaid

Meaning battle leader. 

Theodore Kingsley 

King’s wood. 

Theodore Kingston

Meaning king’s town. 

Theodore Landon

Long hill. 

Theodore Landry 

Meaning ruler. 

Theodore Larson 

Meaning crowned with laurel. 

Theodore Levi

Meaning united. 

Theodore Loki 

Loki was the god of mischief according to Norse legend. The word also means airy. 

Theodore Louis 

Meaning famed warrior. 

Theodore Lucas 

Meaning bringer of light. 

Theodore Mason

Tradesman or artisan who works in stone. 

Theodore Matthew 

Gift of god. 

Theodore Maxim

The greatest. 

Theodore Maxton

An English name meaning from Maccus town or greatest. 

Theodore Maxwell 

Great steam. 

Theodore Michael 

Meaning who is like god or gift from god. 

Theodore Nathan 

Meaning gift. 

Theodore Niall

Irish name meaning champion. 

Theodore Owen 

An Irish and Welsh name meaning noble or youthful warrior. 

Theodore Pax


Theodore Paxton

Meaning peaceful settlement. 

Theodore Phoenix

A unisex name meaning dark red. 

Theodore Quill

Meaning plume or feather. 

Theodore Quinn

Meaning wise or counsel. 

Theodore Reign

Rule or sovereign. 

Theodore Rhett

Meaning advice. 

Theodore Rigby

An English name meaning lives in the ruler. 

Theodore Riley 

Wood clearing. 

Theodore Ripp

Meaning strength or ripe. 

Theodore Rocco

An Italian name meaning rest. 

Theodore Roman 

Meaning strong and powerful. 

Theodore Rowan

An Irish and English name meaning river in paradise. 

Theodore Royce

Meaning royal. 

Theodore Russell 

Meaning red haired or red skinned. 

Theodore Ryatt 

An alternative spelling for Wyatt. Means just or beautiful boy. 

Theodore Ryder

Meaning horse rider. 

Theodore Samson 

Of the sun. 

Theodore Sawyer


Theodore Silas

A Greek and Latin name meaning wood or forest. 

Theodore Sloan

Fighter or warrior. 

Theodore Tate


Theodore Tatum

Tate’s homestead. 

Theodore Thomas 

Meaning twin. 

Theodore Titan


Theodore Vaughn

A Celtic name meaning small. 

Theodore Victor 

Meaning conqueror. 

Theodore Vincent


Theodore Vin


Theodore Walker

An English name meaning cloth walker. 

Theodore Wallis


Theodore Walt

Commander of the army. 

Theodore Walter

Commander of the army. 

Theodore Warner 

Meaning defending warrior. 

Theodore Winston 

An Old English name meaning joy or stone. 

Long middle names for Theodore 

These perfect matches for Theodore are longer middle names of three or more syllables. 

Theodore Abraham

Meaning exalted father. 

Theodore Alistair 

Scottish name meaning to defend. 

Theodore Anthony 

Priceless one. 

Theodore Atticus 

Meaning belonging to Attica, a region where Athens is located. 

Theodore Benedict 

Meaning blessed. 

Theodore Broderick 

An Welsh name meaning son of Rhydderch. Also meaning blood brother in Old Norse. 

Theodore Cameron 

Meaning crooked river or nose. 

Theodore Damian 

From the Greek name Damianos which means to overcome or conquer. 

Theodore Daniel 

God is my judge. 

Theodore Dominic 

Meaning belonging to the lord. 

Theodore Donovan 

Meaning dark. 

Theodore Edison

Son of Edward. 

Theodore Ellery

A unisex name meaning cheerful. 

Theodore Elias 

Meaning the lord is my god. 

Theodore Elliott

Meaning the lord is my God or boldly and rightly. 

Theodore Finnegan 

Meaning son of fairhaired. 

Theodore Gabriel 

God is my strength. 

Theodore Gideon 

Meaning feller. 

Theodore Giovanni 

Meaning god is gracious. 

Theodore Gregory 

Watchful and alert. 

Theodore Harrison

House ruler. 

Theodore Isaiah 

Meaning god saves. 

Theodore Jeremiah 

Meaning god will uplift and weeping prophet. 

Theodore Jonathan 

God has given. 

Theodore Joshua 

God is deliverance. 

Theodore Julian 

Youthful or sky father.

Theodore Killian

Meaning little church. 

Theodore Mateo 

Meaning gift of god. 

Theodore Maverick

Independent. We think this will become a popular middle name with parents due to the hit Top Gun sequel released in 2022.

Theodore Maximilian 

Meaning greatest. 

Theodore Nathaniel 

Meaning gift of god. 

Theodore Nicholas 

Victory of the people. 

Theodore Orion

Meaning boundary or limit. 

Theodore Rafferty 

Meaning prosperity. 

Theodore Sebastian 


Theodore William 

Resolute protector or strong will warrior. 

Theodore Tobias 

Meaning goodness of the lord. 

Theodore Zachary

Meaning god remembers. 

Variations of Theodore 

  • Teodor 
  • Teyo 
  • Thio
  • Tio

First names for Theodore as a middle name 

What if you want to use Theodore as a middle name? There are some wonderful first names for Theodore as a middle name! 

  • Alfie Theodore 
  • Alfred Theodore 
  • Aidan Theodore 
  • Benjamin Theodore 
  • Calvin Theodore 
  • Elliott Theodore 
  • Elijah Theodore 
  • Frederick Theodore 
  • George Theodore 
  • Henry Theodore 
  • Joseph Theodore 
  • Joshua Theodore 
  • Isaac Theodore 
  • Sebastian Theodore 
  • Walter Theodore 
  • William Theodore 

Sibling names for Theodore 

Need to pair the name Theodore with a sibling name? If you are expecting twins or already have a child called Theodore then check out these super cute sibling names that work with Theodore. 


  • Alexander  
  • Dexter 
  • Elliot 
  • Ethan 
  • Felix 
  • Frederick  
  • Hugo 
  • Isaac 
  • Jasper 
  • Linus 
  • Louis 
  • Maddox 
  • Maxwell 
  • Oliver 
  • Sebastian 
  • Stanley 
  • Wilfred 
  • Zachary 


  • Amelia 
  • Ava 
  • Charlotte 
  • Dulcie 
  • Ella 
  • Imogen 
  • Marianne 
  • Martha 
  • Octavia 
  • Penelope 
  • Scarlett 
  • Tia 
  • Violet 

Similar names to Theodore 

  • Benedict 
  • Frederick 
  • Harry 
  • Henry 
  • Jacoby 
  • Jonah 
  • Jonathan 
  • Joseph 
  • Leo  
  • Logan 
  • Luca 
  • Matthew 
  • Max 
  • Miles 
  • Nathaniel 
  • Owen 
  • Roman 

Nicknames for Theodore 

  • T
  • T-dor 
  • Ted
  • Teddy 
  • Thed
  • Theo
  • Dory 

How to choose a middle name for Theodore 

When it comes to making a final decision on a middle name for your baby you may be struggling to agree on a favourite in your family. 

To help with the process try these tips: 

  • Consider sentimental middle names. There may be a particular middle name that has sentimental meaning to your family. You don’t have to have a middle name that has a historic connection to relatives and loved ones, but lots of people do like to use a middle name from a relative. 
  • Sound it out. Say the name in full out loud so that you get a sense for how the first and middle name options sound with your surname. 
  • Write it down. Always write down your top choices in full so you can see what the name would look like. 
  • Take a pause. If you are struggling to agree on your favourite then each write down your top five middle name options. Place them on the fridge and take a week to consider them. You may find your mind has changed in that time. 
  • Consider the initials. Always think about what the initials of the baby’s full name would spell out, as you don’t want this to be anything unfortunate like Aidan Samuel Smith! 
  • Ask yourself if the name will suit an adult. Consider whether the name will work well for your child once they have become an adult. Something that seems quirky and cool for a baby may not be so great once they are grown up! 
Middle names for Theodore
Middle names for Theodore

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