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200+ Best Middle Names for Finley (boys & girls)

Once you’ve decided on the perfect first name your search turns to a brilliant middle name to go with it! 

Luckily there are lots of middle names for Finley to choose from!

Finley is a beautiful baby name of Scottish origin. Its soft sounds and short two syllable length means it can be paired easily with lots of delightful middle names! 

Little baby boy in wicker box

If you’re looking for middle names for Finley we’ve got over 200 options – including ideas to go with Finley as a girl’s name too! 

What does Finley mean?

Finley is a Scottish name meaning fair or blond warrior. 

The name was traditionally a common surname but has surged in popularity as a first name, driven by the trend for surnames as first name such as Clark and Parker. 

Some people prefer the shortened version of this name, Finn, which is also in the top 100 most popular baby names for boys in the UK. 

Is Finley a boy or girl’s name?

Interestingly the name Finley is primarily used for boys in the UK, whereas it is more popular for girls in the US. 

For this reason this list will feature options for middle names for both boys and girls called Finley! 

Whether you use this name for a boy or a girl is totally up to you as its use has been very much unisex over recent years. It’s s trendy name to use for either a boy or a girl. 

Is it Finley or Finlay?

Both of these spellings are acceptable when it comes to the name Finley, however it is Finley that is the most popular version. 

Finley comes in at number 16, according to data from the ONS on the most popular boy names England and Wales, while Finlay is number 168 for 2020 (the most recent year for the data). 

Finlay is the way this name is typically spelt in Scotland, so if you hail from that part of the UK or just prefer this spelling then by all means you can go with it! 

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Best middle names for Finley 

These top picks are our favourites when it comes to middle names for Finley. These work perfectly in terms of sound and tone. 

Boys names

Finley Adam 

Meaning son of the red earth. 

Finley Alexander 

Defender of men. 

Finley Beau

French name meaning beautiful. 

Finley Brandon 

Meaning  from the beacon hill. 

Finley Caden

Spirit of battle. 

Finley Caleb

A Hebrew name meaning faithful or brave. 

Finley David

Meaning beloved. 

Finley Dawson

Son of David. 

Finley Dexter

Right handed or fortunate. 

Finley Dylan 

Son of the sea.

Finley Ellis

Meaning kind or benevolent. 

Finley Ethan 

A Hebrew name meaning strong and solid. 

Finley Evan

A Welsh name meaning youth or god is gracious. 

Finley Frederick 

Peaceful ruler. 

Finley George 

Meaning farmer. 

Finley Gray

After the colour. 

Finley Hamish

Meaning god protects. 

Finley Harrison

House ruler. 

Finley Idris 


Finley Jack

God is gracious. 

Finley James 


Finley Joseph 

God will give. 

Finley Luca

Bringer of light. 

Finley Lucas

Meaning bringer of light. 

Finley Matthew 

Gift of god. 

Finley Micah/Mykah

Who is like god. 

Finley Milo/Mylo 

Dear or beloved. 

Finley Nathan 

Meaning gift. 

Finley Niall

Irish name meaning champion. 

Finley Nicholas 

Victory of the people. 

Finley Noah

Meaning rest or comfort. 

Finley Patrick 


Finley River

Water that flows to the sea. 

Finley Samuel 

Meaning god has heard. 

Finley Sawyer


Finley Sebastian 


Finley Theodore 

Gift of god. 

Finley William 

Resolute protector or strong will warrior. 

Finley Winston 

An Old English name meaning joy or stone. 

Finley Wren

A unisex name meaning bird. 

Finley Wilfred

Meaning peace. 

Girls names

Finley Ada

Meaning noble or nobility. 

Finley Adele 

Meaning nobility. 

Finley Adeline/Adelyn

Noble one. 

Finley Amelia 


Finley Anne 

Favour or grace. 

Finley Aoife 

Meaning beauty. 

Finley Beatrice 

Bringer of joy. 

Finley Charlotte 

Petite or feminine. 

Finley Edith 

Meaning prosperous in war. 

Finley Eleanor 

Meaning light hearted or shining light. 

Finley Elena 

Shining light. 

Finley Elise 

God is my oath. 

Finley Eliza 

A shortened version of Elizabeth. 

Finley Elizabeth

Pledged to god. 

Finley Ella 


Finley Elle 

A French name meaning she.

Finley Ellen 

Meaning light.  

Finley Emma 

Meaning whole or universal. 

Finley Emmaline 

Peaceful home. 

Finley Enid 

Meaning spirit or life. 

Finley Faith

To have belief or trust.  

Finley Faye 

Meaning fairy. 

Finley Freya 

From an Old German word meaning lady. 

Finley Grace 

A delicate and feminine name meaning goodness and generosity. 

Finley Hannah

Meaning favour or grace. 

Finley Iris 

A name of Greek origin meaning rainbow. 

Finley Isabella 

Meaning god is my oath. 

Finley Isla 

A Spanish and Scottish origin name meaning island. 

Finley Isobel 

Meaning pledged to god.

Finley James 

This has become more and more of a gender neutral choice. 

Finley Jasmine 

Meaning gift from God. 

Finley Jane 

God is gracious. 

Finley Laura 

Meaning bay laurel plant. 

Finley Lauren 

Meaning crowned with a laurel. 

Finley Luna 

Meaning moon. 

Finley Mae/May 

Bitter or pearl. 

Finley Nicole 

People of victory. 

Finley North 

An adorable unisex name.

Finley Nova

Meaning new.

Finley Phoenix 

A name of Greek origin meaning dark red. 

Finley Poppy 

After the pretty flower. 

Finley Rose 

After the pretty flower. 

Handsome boy middle names for Finley

If you’re still on the hunt for middle names for Finley there are hundreds more ideas here for you to choose from! 

Finley Abel 

Meaning breath or vapour. 

Finley Ace

Number one or best. 

Finley Aiden 

A Gaelic name meaning little fire. 

Finley Alan 

Meaning handsome in Irish or precious. 

Finley Alistair 

Scottish name meaning to defend. 

Finley Ames 

French name meaning friend. 

Finley Andrew

Strong and manly. 

Finley Anthony 

Priceless one. 

Finley Archer

Meaning bow or bowman. 

Finley Arlen 

Pledge or oath. 

Finley Arthur

A Celtic name meaning bear. 

Finley Asher 

Happy or blessed. 

Finley Ashton

A unisex name meaning ash tree town. 

Finley Atlas


Finley Arlo 

Meaning rock hill or fortified hill. 

Finley Arrow

After the projectiles you fire from a bow. To fly straight and true. 

Finley Atticus

An Old Roman name meaning man of Attica. 

Finley Augustus 


Finley Axel

Father is peace. 

Finley Ayden

An Irish name meaning little fire. 

Finley Aymes


Finley Bailey

A unisex name meaning bailiff. 

Finley Barrett 

Mighty as a bear. 

Finley Beck 

Meaning stream. 

Finley Beckett

Meaning bee cottage. 

Finley Bennett

Meaning blessed. 

Finley Benjamin 

Son of the right hand. 

Finley Birch 

A nature baby name meaning bright, shining and the birch tree. 

Finley Blake

An Old English name meaning black. 

Finley Blaze

Meaning fire or flame. 

Finley Boden

Shelter or one who brings news. 

Finley Bodhi 


Finley Boone 

Blessing or lucky. 

Finley Boston

After the city in the US. Also means town by the woods. 

Finley Bowen

Welsh name meaning son of Owen. 

Finley Brae 

A French name meaning cry out or borderland. 

Finley Bridger 

Meaning bridge. 

Finley Brixton

After the district in south London. 

Finley Bronson 

An English name meaning son of brown haired one. 

Finley Brooks 

Meaning dweller by the brooks. 

Finley Callum 

A Scottish Gaelic name meaning dove. 

Finley Calvin

Little bald one. 

Finley Carson

Son of marsh-dwellers. 

Finley Carter

A British baby name meaning transporter of goods. 

Finley Cashel 

Meaning castle. 

Finley Chance

Good fortune. 

Finley Chase 

A French name meaning to hunt. 

Finley Colton

Old English surname meaning coal town. 

Finley Conrad 

Brave or bold ruler. 

Finley Cooper 

Barrel maker. 

Finley Cormac

An Irish name meaning charioteer. 

Finley Cosmo

A Greek name meaning order or beauty. 

Finley Cruz

A Spanish name meaning holy cross. 

Finley Dalton

From the valley town. 

Finley Damian 

From the Greek name Damianos which means to overcome or conquer. 

Finley Dane 

God will judge. 

Finley Daniel 

God is my judge. 

Finley Dante 

Meaning enduring. 

Finley Dash

Meaning to run quickly. 

Finley Dax

A French name meaning water. 

Finley Dayton 

A British name meaning David’s settlement. 

Finley Deacon 

A Greek name meaning servant or messenger. 

Finley Declan 

Man of prayer. 

Finley Dermot

Free man. 

Finley Dekker

Meaning roofer or piercing. 

Finley Dominic 

Meaning belonging to the lord. 

Finley Donovan 

Meaning dark. 

Finley Drake 

English name meaning dragon or serpent. 

Finley Eames

An Irish name meaning wealthy protector. 

Finley Edison

Son of Edward. 

Finley Edward 

Meaning wealth or fortune. 

Finley Egan

Fiery or forceful. 

Finley Ellery

A unisex name meaning cheerful. 

Finley Eli

A short and sweet name, meaning high or elevated. 

Finley Elijah

Meaning my God. 

Finley Emerson

Meaning brave or powerful. 

Finley Emery

A Latin name meaning brave or loving. 

Finley Emmett

A name of Hebrew, German and English origin meaning universal. 

Finley Enzo

Home ruler. 

Finley Everest 

After the tallest mountain in the world. 

Finley Everett

Meaning brave or strong boar. 

Finley Exton 

Meaning town on the river

Finley Ezra 

Meaning help or protect. 

Finley Ezrael

Meaning just. 

Finley Fallon

An Irish name meaning superiority. 

Finley Felix 

Meaning happy and prosperous. 

Finley Fenwick 

An Old English name meaning village on the marsh. 

Finley Flynn

An Irish name meaning red. 

Finley Ford

River crossing. 

Finley Forest

A name of French origin meaning woodsman or woods. 

Finley Fox

An unusual nature baby name after the wild animal. 

Finley Francis 

Free man. 

Finley Franklin 

Free man. 

Finley Gabriel 

God is my strength. 

Finley Garrett

Rules by the spear. 

Finley Gibson

An English name meaning son of Gilbert. 

Finley Gideon 

Meaning feller. 

Finley Graydon

Meaning son of grey or grey settlement. 

Finley Grayson

Meaning son of grey or grey settlement. 

Finley Gregory 

Watchful and alert. 

Finley Griffin

An English and Welsh name meaning lord or prince. Word also refers to a mythical creature with the head of an eagle and body of a lion. 

Finley Gunner


Finley Hendrick

Meaning home ruler. 

Finley Hendrix

Rules his household. 

Finley Heston

An English name meaning from Heston, which is a part of London. 

Finley Hiro

A Japanese name that can be for boys or girls. Means abundant or tolerant. 

Finley Horatio

Meaning timekeeper. 

Finley Hudson

Son of huddle. 

Finley Hugh

Bright in mind and spirit. 

Finley Hunter

One who hunts. 

Finley Huxon

From a Latin word meaning just. 

Finley Ilias 

Child of the sun or sunlight. 

Finley Inacio 

Meaning fire. 

Finley Irwin 

English name meaning boar or sea friend. 

Finley Isaac

One who laughs. 

Finley Jace

Greek name meaning healer. 

Finley Jackson

Son of Jack. 

Finley Jacob 


Finley Jake

Meaning god will protect. 

Finley Jameson

Son of James. 

Finley Jasper 


Finley Jaxon

God is gracious. 

Finley Jensen 

A Scandinavian name meaning son of Jens. 

Finley Jonah 


Finley Jonas

Dove or peaceful being. 

Finley Jonathan 

God has given. 

Finley Jordan 

To flow down or descend. 

Finley Joshua 

God is deliverance. 

Finley Jude

A Hebrew name meaning praised. 

Finley Julian 

Youthful or sky father. 

Finley Justin 

Meaning just or righteous. 

Finley Kade 

A Scottish name meaning from the wetlands. 

Finley Kai

A Hawaiian name meaning sea. 

Finley Kayden 

Son of Cadan or battle. 

Finley Kasen

A Scandinavian name meaning pure. 

Finley Keaton

Place of hawks. 

Finley Kendrick

From the Welsh word meaning greatest champion. 

Finley Kent

A county in England and also surname. Means white. 

Finley Killian

Meaning little church. 

Finley Kincaid

Meaning battle leader. 

Finley Knox

An English name meaning from the small hill. 

Finley Kobe 


Finley Krew

An English name meaning group. 

Finley Kyle 

Meaning narrow. 

Finley Landon

Long hill. 

Finley Larson 

Meaning crowned with laurel. 

Finley Lathan

An English surname derived from a village in Lancashire in England. 

Finley Lawson

An English name meaning son of Lawrence. 

Finley Ledger

Meaning spear tribe. 

Finley Lennon

Meaning lover. 

Finley Lennox

Meaning with many elm trees. 

Finley Leo 

Latin word for lion. 

Finley Leonardo 

Meaning brave as a lion. 

Finley Liam 

Strong-willed warrior. 

Finley Lincoln 

Meaning town by the pool. 

Finley Linden

Meaning linden tree hill. 

Finley Logan

A Scottish name meaning hollow. 

Finley London

After the English capital. 

Finley Luke 

Meaning light. 

Finley Madden

Little dog. 

Finley Maddox


Finley Mason

Tradesman or artisan who works in stone. 

Finley Maverick


Finley Max 

A shortened version of Maximilian or Maxwell, meaning greatest. 

Finley Maxim

The greatest. 

Finley Maxton

An English name meaning from Maccus town or greatest. 

Finley Maxwell 

Great steam. 

Finley Memphis

After a place in America. Means established and beautiful. 

Finley Merrell

Meaning sparkling sea. 

Finley Miller

One who grinds grain. 

Finley Noble 

Meaning aristocratic. 

Finley Nolan

Meaning famous or champion. 

Finley Oak 

After the tree.

Finley Oliver 

Meaning ancestor’s descendants. 

Finley Orion

Meaning boundary or limit. 

Finley Orson 

Meaning bear. 

Finley Otto

Wealth and prosperity. 

Finley Owen 

An Irish and Welsh name meaning noble or youthful warrior. 

Finley Parker

Park keeper. 

Finley Pax


Finley Paxton

Meaning peaceful settlement. 

Finley Phoenix

A unisex name meaning dark red. 

Finley Porter

An English name meaning gatekeeper. 

Finley Preston

A place in Lancashire in England, also means priest’s town. 

Finley Quaid

Meaning son of Uaid. 

Finley Quentin 


Finley Quinn

Meaning wise or counsel. 

Finley Quirin

Meaning spear. 

Finley Ranger 

An English name meaning forest protector. 

Finley Rasmus


Finley Reign

Rule or sovereign. 

Finley Remington

Meaning settlement on a riverbank. 

Finley Rex

Meaning king. 

Finley Rexton

Meaning ruler. 

Finley Rhett

Meaning advice. 

Finley Roan

Meaning small red-head. 

Finley Rocco

An Italian name meaning rest. 

Finley Rockefeller

Comedian Jimmy Carr chose this name for his baby son. Its connected to the wealthy American family of the same name and means “from Rockenfeld, Germany”

Finley Ross

Meaning the steed or horse. 

Finley Rowan

An Irish and English name meaning river in paradise. 

Finley Royce

Meaning royal. 

Finley Russell 

Meaning red haired or red skinned. 

Finley Ryatt 

An alternative spelling for Wyatt. Means just or beautiful boy. 

Finley Ryder

Meaning horse rider. 

Finley Salinger

Meaning peace. 

Finley Samson 

Of the sun. 

Finley Silas

A Greek and Latin name meaning wood or forest. 

Finley Slade

An English name meaning from the valley. 

Finley Sloan

Fighter or warrior. 

Finley Soren

Strict or stern. 

Finley Steel

After the strong metal, means hard and strong. 

Finley Storm 

Meaning rough weather. 

Finley Sullivan

An Irish name meaning dark-eyed. 

Finley Talon 

Meaning the claw of a bird of prey. 

Finley Tate


Finley Tatum

Tate’s homestead. 

Finley Theo

Meaning gift. 

Finley Thomas 

Meaning twin. 

Finley Titan


Finley Tobias 

Meaning god is good. 

Finley Toby 

God is good. 

Finley Toivo

Meaning hope. 

Finley Tyrion


Finley Tyson 

Meaning high spirited. 

Finley Ulysses 

A Greek name meaning wrathful. 

Finley Urban

Meaning citizen. 

Finley Vaughn

A Celtic name meaning small. 

Finley Victor 

Meaning conqueror. 

Finley Vincent


Finley Vin


Finley Walker

An English name meaning cloth walker. 

Finley Wallis


Finley Walter

Commander of the army. 

Finley Wyatt

Meaning brave in world. 

Finley Xander 

A shortened version of Alexander. Means defender of men. 

Finley Xavier 

Meaning new house or bright. 

Finley Zach

Meaning god remembers. 

Finley Zane 

Meaning god’s gracious gift. 

Finley Zeke

God strengthens. 

Finley Zion

A Hebrew name meaning Israel. 

Pretty girl middle names for Finley 

If you would like to use Finley as a first name for a girl here are some stunning middle name ideas that work perfectly! 

Finley Abigail

Meaning cause of joy. 

Finley Acadia 

A French naming meaning place of plenty. 

Finley Alexa

Defender of human. 

Finley Alexandra 

To ward off or protect. 

Finley Alexandria 

Defender of mankind. 

Finley Alexia 

Defender of men. 

Finley Alexis 

Helper or defender. 

Finley Alice 


Finley Alina 

Meaning noble or bright. 

Finley Allegra 

An Italian name meaning joyful or happy. 

Finley Alma 

Nourishing in Latin. Also means the soul in Spanish. 

Finley Alyssa 


Finley Amara 

Meaning bitter in Italian, or immortal in Sanskrit. 

Finley Amaliya 

Rival or eager work. 

Finley Amber 

Meaning jewel in Arabic. 

Finley Ana 

God is gracious. 

Finley Anastasia 

Meaning resurrection. 

Finley Anais 

Gracious and merciful. 

Finley Angel

Meaning messenger of god. 

Finley Angelina 

Meaning angel or messenger. 

Finley Anise 

A pretty and unusual name meaning spice. 

Finley Aniya 


Finley Aurelia 


Finley Aurora 

From the Latin word aurora, which means dawn. 

Finley Autumn 

After the season. 

Finley Arabella 

Meaning yielding to prayer. 

Finley Arden 

Valley of the eagle. 

Finley Aria 

Meaning song or melody in Italian. 

Finley Astrid 

Divinely beautiful. 

Finley Ava 

A name of Latin origin meaning life, bird or water. 

Finley Avalon 

A Welsh name meaning apple island. 

Finley Bea

A shortened version of Beatrice or Beatrix, meaning bringer of joy. 

Finley Beatrix 

German name meaning voyager. 

Finley Belle 


Finley Beth 

A shortened nickname from Elizabeth. Meaning pledged to god. 

Finley Blake 

A unisex name meaning pale blond. 

Finley Blaire

Plain or field. 

Finley Blanche 

Meaning white. 

Finley Blithe


Finley Blue 

A cute name if you love the idea of colours as a middle name. 

Finley Brianne 

Meaning high or noble. 

Finley Briar 

A thorny patch. 

Finley Bridget 

Meaning exalted one. 

Finley Brooke 

Meaning stream or purity. 

Finley Cadence 

Meaning rhythm or beat. 

Finley Calliope 

Beautiful voice. 

Finley Caitlin

Meaning pure. 

Finley Camila 


Finley Cara 

Meaning beloved or friend. 

Finley Caroline


Finley Catherine 

Pure or clear. 

Finley Cecilia 

Meaning blind. 

Finley Cerise 

Meaning cherry. 

Finley Christina


Finley Chi 

Meaning energy 

Finley Chloe 

Blooming or fertility. 

Finley Claire 

Clear or bright. 

Finley Clara 

Clear, bright or famous. 

Finley Clea 

Meaning to praise or famous. 

Finley Clio


Finley Coco 

A cute middle name meaning chocolate bean. 

Finley Constance 


Finley Cora 

Just or honest. 

Finley Coralie 

French name meaning coral reef. 

Finley Corinne 

Meaning girl or maiden. 

Finley Cosette 


Finley Courtney

Meaning short nose. 

Finley Dahlia 

A Scandinavian name meaning Dahl’s flower or valley. 

Finley Daisy 

After the pretty wild flower. Also means day’s eye. 

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Finley Daphne 

Meaning laurel. 

Finley Davina 

Meaning beloved.

Finley Dawn 

After the start of the day. Meaning new beginnings. 

Finley Delilah 


Finley Delphine 

A Greek baby name meaning dolphin. 

Finley Delta 

Meaning born fourth. 

Finley Demi 

Meaning half or small. 

Finley Echo 

Meaning reverberating sound. 

Finley Eden 

A place of pleasure or delight. 

Finley Eloise 

Meaning healthy or wide. 

Finley Elspeth 

Chosen by God. 

Finley Ember 

Spark or burning low. 

Finley Enya 

An Irish name meaning fire. 

Finley Erin 

Meaning Ireland. 

Finley Esme 

Meaning loved or esteemed. 

Finley Esmeralda 

Meaning emerald. 

Finley Estelle 

Meaning star. 

Finley Esther 

Meaning star. 

Finley Etta 

French name meaning keeper of the hearth. 

Finley Eva 

Meaning life or living one. 

Finley Evangeline

Meaning bearer of good news. 

Finley Eve 

Meaning life or animal. 

Finley Evelyn 

Wished for child. 

Finley Fable 

Meaning story. This is a cute gender neutral name. 

Finley Fern

After the green shade-loving plant, a pretty nature baby name. 

Finley Fleur 


Finley Florence 

This is the name of a beautiful city in Italy and also means flourishing or prosperous. 

Love the idea of Florence as a first name? Check out these middle names for Florence.

Finley Frances 

From France or free man. 

Finley Francesca 

Italian name meaning French or free. 

Finley Frieda 

Meaning peaceful ruler. 

Finley Genevieve 

Woman of the race. 

Finley Georgia 

Meaning earth or farmer. 

Finley Georgina 

Meaning farmer. 

Finley Gianna 

God is gracious. 

Finley Harlow 

Pile of rocks or hill. 

Finley Harper 

Harp player. 

Finley Harriet 

Meaning home. 

Finley Havana 

Havana is the Cuban capital. The name is also thought to derive from the word for heaven. 

Finley Haven 

Meaning safe place. 

Finley Hazel 

Meaning hazel tree. Also relates to brown eye colour. 

Finley Helen 

Shining light. 

Finley Hope 

A joyful name meaning to hope. 

Finley Imogen 

Meaning maiden. 

Finley India 

Taken from the name of the country. Also means river. 

Finley Ireland 

A pretty destination baby name. Meaning fertile land. 

Finley Jade

After the precious green stone. 

Finley Jadis 

Meaning magic or sorcery. 

Finley Jean 

Meaning god is gracious. 

Finley Jemima 


Finley Jennifer 

Meaning the fair one. 

Finley Jessica 

God beholds. 

Finley Jewel 

A name that means precious. 

Finley Josephine 

Meaning he shall increase. 

Finley Joy 

Meaning great happiness. 

Finley Juliet 


Finley June 

From the name of the month, this is derived from the name Juno. 

Finley Juno 

Queen of the heavens. 

Finley Jupiter 

A gorgeous celestial baby name meaning supreme god. 

Finley Kenna 

A Scottish, Irish name meaning fiery. 

Finley Kirsten 

Meaning follower of christ. 

Finley Kit 

A cute one syllable baby name meaning carrier of christ. 

Finley Kristen 

Meaning follower of christ. 

Finley Kyra 

Meaning lord. 

Finley Lara 

Bright or famous. 

Finley Lark 


Finley Leah

From the Hebrew meaning weary or Latin meaning lionness. 

Finley Leigh 

Meadow or delicate. 

Finley Liana 

My god has answered. 

Finley Lila 

Meaning night or beauty. 

Finley Lilian 

Meaning lily. 

Finley Liliana 

A Spanish and Italian name meaning lily or flower. 

Finley Lilith 

Meaning belonging to the night. 

Finley Lola 


Finley Louisa 

Fame, loud or fighter. 

Finley Louise 

Renowned warrior. 

Finley Love 

A gorgeous and unusual choice for a name meaning to adore. 

Finley Lux 

Meaning light 

Finley Lyla 


Finley Lyric 

Meaning song words but also connected to the Greek word lyre, a type of stringed instrument. 

Finley Madeline 

An English name meaning high tower. 

Finley Madison 

Son of Matthew. 

Finley Maeve 

Meaning purple flower or queen in Celtic. 

Finley Malin 

Little strong warrior. 

Finley Margaret 


Finley Margot 


Finley Matilda 

Meaning might and strength. 

Finley Maven 

Meaning one who understands. 

Finley Maya 

Meaning good mother. 

Finley Megan/Meghan/Meaghan 

Meaning pearl. 

Finley Melissa 

Meaning honeybee. 

Finley Meredith 

Meaning great and noted ruler. 

Finley Mia 

Meaning mine. 

Finley Mila 

Miracle or dear one. 

Finley Monica 

Meaning to advise. 

Finley Monroe

A Scottish name meaning from the hill. 

Finley Mya 

Beloved or great. 

Finley Myla 


Finley Natalia 

Meaning Christmas Day. 

Finley Nell 

Bright or shining one. 

Finley Nevaeh 

This name is heaven spelt backwards. 

Finley Niamh 

Bright or radiant. 

Finley Nina 

Meaning little girl. 

Finley Nix

Meaning crimson. 

Finley Noelle 

A great Christmas baby name! This actually means Christmas! 

Finley Nora 

Meaning light or honour. 

Finley Nox  


Finley Nur 

Meaning light. 

Finley Ocean/Oceane

Meaning sea. 

Finley Octavia 

Meaning born eighth. 

Finley Oda 

Meaning wealth or fortune. 

Finley Odette 

A French naming meaning wealthy. 

Finley Olive 

Meaning olive tree. 

Finley Olivia 

Meaning olive tree. 

Finley Orla 

Meaning golden princess. 

Finley Opal 

Meaning gem. 

Finley Ophelia 


Finley Ottilie 

Prosperous battle. 

Finley Paige 

Meaning assistant or helper. 

Finley Parker 

Meaning park keeper. Has been a boy’s name but is increasingly being used as a unisex name. 

Finley Paris 

After the capital of France. 

Finley Payton 

An Irish name meaning fighting man’s estate. 

Finley Pear 

An unusual baby name that taps into the trend for fruit inspired names, other examples include Apple, Plum and Clementine. 

Finley Pearl 

A precious baby name. 

Finley Penelope 

Meaning weaver. 

Finley Piper  

Pipe or flute player. 

Finley Poet 

A whimsical baby name choice. 

Finley Posey 

A bunch of flowers. 

Finley Primrose

Meaning first rose. 

Finley Promise 

Meaning vow. 

Finley Quinn 

Wise or counsel. 

Finley Rae 

Well advised protector. 

Finley Rain 

A stunning nature baby name that is perfect if you want an unusual and stormy name. 

Finley Rebecca 

Meaning to tie or bind. 

Finley River

A unisex name that is increasingly popular as a boho baby name choice. 

Finley Robyn 

Meaning bright fame. 

Finley Rosa 

Rose or flower. 

Finley Rue 

Meaning herb or regret. 

Finley Ruth 

Meaning companion or friend. 

Finley Rylie 

An Irish name meaning brave. 

Finley Sadie 

Meaning princess. 

Finley Sage 

A Latin name meaning wise. 

Finley Sailor 

A unique baby name meaning person who sails. 

Finley Samara 

Meaning guardian. 

Finley Saoirse 

An Irish name that means freedom. Pronounced “seer-sha”. 

Finley Sarah 

Meaning princess. 

Finley Savannah 

Meaning large or grassy plain. 

Finley Scarlett 

Meaning red. 

Finley Selena 

Meaning moon. 

Finley Sera

A Hebrew name meaning princess. 

Finley Serena 

Meaning peaceful or quiet. 

Finley Sia 

Meaning victory. 

Finley Sienna 

Meaning orange-red. 

Finley Sky/Skye 

A cute boho baby name

Finley Skylar 

Noble scholar. 

Finley Sloan 

Meaning expedition. 

Finley Snow 

A pretty name that works great for a winter baby. 

Finley Soleil 

A French name meaning sun. 

Finley Star 

A pretty and delicate celestial baby name. 

Finley Stella 

Meaning star. 

Finley Summer 

After the warmest season. 

Finley Tatum 

Old English name meaning Tate’s homestead. 

Finley Taylor 

Cutter of cloth. 

Finley Teagan 

Meaning wise poet. 

Finley Temperance 

Moderation or self-control. 

Finley Tessa 

Summer or harvester. 

Finley Thea 

A Greek name meaning goddess or godly. 

Finley True 

Meaning truthful or honest. 

Finley Valentine 

Vigorous or strong. 

Finley Victoria 


Finley Viola 

A name of Italian and Latin origin meaning violet. 

Finley Violet 

After the pretty purple shade and flowers. 

Finley Vittoria 


Finley Vivienne 

A French name meaning alive. 

Finley Willa 

Resolute protection. 

Finley Willow 

Meaning freedom or willow tree. 

Finley Winona 

Meaning first born daughter. 

Finley Winter 

After the coldest season. 

Finley Wren 

Meaning small bird. 

Finley Wyatt 

An old English name meaning brave. 

Finley Xena 

Greek name meaning guest or stranger. 

Finley Yasmine

Meaning jasmine, a pretty flower.  

Finley Zara 


Finley Zoe

A Greek name meaning life. 

Finley Zuri 

Meaning good and beautiful. 

Middle names for Finley

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