Being a mum of two toddlers I expected to have lots of tea parties during these early years of imaginative play. 

The girls love playing house so it was perfect to be sent the LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party set. 

This fun toy brings tea parties to life thanks to the bright colours and the musical tea pot, which sings, teaches colours and makes pouring sounds when tilted. 

The light inside also moves from side to side when the pot is tilted, to make it appear as if there really is tea swilling about inside. 

The girls took to the tea set immediately. My youngest is only 18 months but loves pouring the “tea” into cups and then presenting it to whoever asks for a brew. 

There is very limited assembly required of the cake stand and this was quick and easy to do. The tea pot came with batteries, though I would imagine these are tester batteries so may not last too long.

The little cups were a sweet purple and pink colour, which were great for engaging the littles ones.

How does it work?

The tea pot has two volume settings. With noisy toys I always pick the lower volume, because it tends to be plenty loud enough for the children to hear without being too intrusive to anyone else in the immediate vicinity. 

Once the tea pot comes in it springs to life and features realistic tea pot whistling sounds. The tea pot speaks to give children instructions on what to do. 

Once the tea has all been poured, the pot makes dripping sounds and the child is instructed to press the heart button on the front to refill the tea pot. 

There are also songs which are catchy and fun for tea time, and the tea pot encourages children to match different flavoured tea with the colourful slices of cake. 

The cake stand comes with a base that is big enough to hold the two tea cups and the pot. The second tier is divided into five sections for each slice of cake.

My girls love dividing up the cake to share out between us and then putting it all back together on the tray again.

Each slice of cake also has a number, so the set is fab for teaching both colours and numbers. 

What did the girls think?

Both girls have loved playing with this set. It’s perfect for children aged one to three and they were able to play with it really nicely because it came with two tea cups.

It’s lovely to have a toy that they can enjoy playing with together. 

What’s included

Musical tea pot

Two cups

Cake stand

Five numbered cake slices in different colours

Key features

Tea pot lights up in five different colours.

Pouring tea sound effects triggered by pouring the tea pot.

Nine tea-time learning songs and 80 phrases and sounds.

Teaches colours and matching, and manners. 

Suitable for ages one to three. 

My verdict

At less than £30 from Amazon I think this is a fantastic toddler toy and would make a perfect gift. Thanks to the interactive tea pot, kids are able to play with the toy independently plus it has the added benefit of encouraging children to learn more about colours and numbers.