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The best toys for 3-4 year olds

Looking for the best toys to give as gifts to kids aged 3 to 4?

This is such a wonderful age for toys as your child will start to play with more complex and challenging things. 

3 year old playing in a play tent toy

They’re much more physically able and confident at this age, especially with their fine motor skills which opens up a whole world of new things for them to play with. 

This gift guide will give you inspiration for what to buy a 3 to 4 year old as a present. 

When buying a toy for any child always check out the manufacturers’ recommendations on the age suitability. Also think about how long your child will be able to play with it plus if there are any cartoons or characters they love now, will they definitely still love them in a year’s time?

Think about longevity as a toy bought at age three can easily still be tons of fun at age six if it’s the right thing. 

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Gift ideas for 3 to 4 year olds 

Play shop toys 

Kids love to play make-believe and while imaginative play involving mythical creatures like unicorns and dragons is fun, they also love to pretend to be grown-ups too!

Play shop toys are a great gifts for pre-schoolers because there are a ton of different shapes and sizes you can choose depending on the space you have at home. 

You could buy a pretend shop front, such as the ones from Great Little Trading Company (GLTC), or just a simple little till and a few pieces of pretend food your child can play at selling. 

For a compact option I just love the Fish and Chip Shop from GLTC, which was gifted to us. It’s easy to move around the house and it has got such fabulous detail. 

GLTC also do larger scale shop fronts as well. 

We have the LeapFrog scoop and learn ice cream cart which I thoroughly recommend. The kids have had it for nearly two years now but still play with it regularly every single week. You can check out my review of the ice cream cart here.

Play kitchen

Following on from the theme of the play shop toys and pretending to be grown ups, a pretend kitchen is also a fabulous toy for a three to four year old. 

We have our play kitchen set up in the corner of our actual kitchen, so that my kids can cook along at the same time as me. 

Most play kitchens should come with a few accessories at least, such as pots and pans, maybe a little bit of food and things such as salt and pepper shakers. 

You can bulk buy packs of play food from places such as Amazon, but I do really recommend looking for wooden food as it lasts longer. Some of the plastic food tends to get quite squashed over time. 

Cuddly toys

A new cuddly friend is always a welcome gift for a child!

I love the Jellycat range of soft toys, which feature almost every type of animal you can imagine from big cats to reptiles and birds. 

My kids loved getting Paw Patrol soft toys at this age because they were such huge fans of the show. 

As something a bit more unusual and very cute I love the range of Maileg mice and rabbits. I love this little mouse who comes in a tiny suitcase.

The mice come in little match boxes and there’s a whole range of cute little characters to collect. There’s something really magical about the design of these little toys. 

Maileg also says larger bunny toys plus a range of clothes and accessories to go with the mice and rabbits. 


Many little girls and boys love having their own baby to care for at the age. 

There are lots of toy dolls that behave in very realistic ways to how a baby would, including crying and wetting their nappy. 

The Baby Annabell range of dolls gets particularly good recommendations and we have one which as survived being dragged all around the house quite roughly. 

I recently discovered the pretty stuffed dolls at Meri Meri which are like something you would see in a nursery decades ago. They are so gorgeous and come with some lovely outfits. 

Dressing up 

Getting dressed up adds a new dimension to imaginative play for little minds. 

Little ones may love to get a pretty tutu so that they can pretend to be a ballerina. Meri Meri has some very pretty tutus, as well as wands, hats and wings. 

You can get lots of different costumes based on your child’s favourite characters over on Amazon. 

Supermarkets such as Asda and Sainsbury’s also have a big range of dressing up outfits. 


If your child does not already have a scooter then age three to four is the perfect time to introduce them to one. 

The scooters from Micro Scooter are perfect for this age, as the three-wheeled ones provide stability as they learn to use it. 

They are extremely sturdy and will last for several years until your child gets too tall and needs to upgrade to a bigger one. 

Play tent 

All kids love to build a den. While draping a sheet over some chairs makes a perfectly good den, getting an actual play tent gives them something a little more permanent to play with. 

There are tons on the market and you could spend anything from £15 to over £100 for a wigwam type tent. 

You could hang fairy lights inside the den or fill it with cosy cushions to make it into a nice reading area. 


Books are one of my favourite gifts to give to my children and have been since they were born. 

There’s always something new you can discover!

My current favourite range of books are the Little People Big Dreams books. These are about real people and their extraordinary achievements. 

I’ve been reading them to my three and five year olds for several months now. The subject matter can be hard going, but the books present it in a way that’s easily accessible for little ones. 

The girl’s favourite books include David Attenborough and Jane Austin. 

I also really recommend a personalised book. There are tons of different ones on the market but I do love the Lost My Name books by Wonderbly which you can add your child’s name to the story. 

Other great books for three to four year olds that I thoroughly recommend are: 

The best toys for 3 to 4 year olds

The categories above should have given you some great inspiration for gift ideas for kids aged 3 to 4.

Here are some top picks for toys that 3 to 4 year olds will love:

Melissa and Doug Learn to Play Piano

Help your child learn how to play piano with this fab little miniature version.

It includes a colour-coded song book featuring nine tunes for them to learn.

Check out the Learn to Play Piano on Amazon.

Seaside Fish and Chip Shop

A gorgeous play shop featuring beautiful wooden food. You can read my full review over here.

Yoto Box 

This fab little box is an audio book player, music player, radio and night light all rolled into one.

Cards are inserted into the top containing music or stories for your child to listen to. The pictures on the front change as the stories or music is played.

You can buy the Yoto Box on Amazon.

Blume Baby Pop 

If your kids love collecting things then they will love Blume Baby Pops.

These cute little dolls come hidden inside little plants which your child must pop open to reveal the dolls and extra surprises.

They are so fun to unpackage and then play with. You can read our full review on the Blume Baby Pops here.

Check the Blume Baby Pops out on Amazon.

Nuzzy Luvs

I saw these Nuzzy Luvs toys at the annual London Toy Fair and they are brilliant.

They are small enough to fit in your child’s hands and they react to touch and sound by moving and making noises.

VTech Kidizoom Duo Camera 

The perfect first camera for your child! It’s extremely durable and can handle the rough treatment your three-year-old will probably throw its way.

As well as taking picture and video the Kidizoom also has games plus various filters your child can use when taking photos.

Tonies TonieBox 

My girls received a TonieBox last year and they absolutely love it. It’s a speaker that lets your child easily switch between stories simply by placing a different character on top of it.

It’s a bit similar to the Yoto Box but instead of cards pushed into the top of the speaker you place action figures on top and these contain the stories.

You can purchase a range of popular stories such as The Gruffalo and Room on the Broom, as well as download content to the speaker.

Sylvanian Families 

This is the perfect age to begin your Sylvanian Families collection!

With different houses, vehicles and families to collect you can create an entire town out of the Sylvanian Families collection.

The red roof cosy cottage is a great starting point!

The best toys for 3 to 4 year olds - gift ideas

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