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Best Christmas movies for toddlers on Netflix 2021

Toddler watching Christmas movies on Netflix with family

Wondering what Christmas movies there are on Netflix for your toddler to watch?

The selection of festive movies on the digital streaming platform gets bigger and bigger every single year!

From romantic comedies to dramas and animated adventures to heartwarming stories, there’s something for absolutely everyone. 

If you are looking for the best Christmas movies for toddlers on Netflix this holiday season then I have got a great selection for you!

I’ve divided this list of Christmas movies for young kids on Netflix into shorter movies that are under one hour and longer movies. 

The shorter ones are ideal for kids who have a short attention span, from age one to three. 

The longer ones are also age appropriate for this age group, but can be watched and enjoyed as a whole family. There’s nothing that will be inappropriate for little ones, but they will appeal to the older members of the family just as much as the toddlers!

If you do ever want to double check if a movie is appropriate for your child you can visit Common Sense Media

All kids have their own worries about certain content in movies – for my youngest daughter she gets very worried when the main character is in any kind of peril. She copes fine when I’m sitting with her to watch the movie but it’s just something I need to be aware of.  

I hope you love this list of Christmas movies as much as I do! Which ones are your favourites? For me it has to be Arthur Christmas!


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Short Christmas movies for toddlers on Netflix 

This is a selection of shorter Christmas movies for toddlers. Some are based on popular TV shows on Netflix but others are standalone short stories. 

All of them are great fun and appropriate for all ages. 

Super Monsters: Santa’s Super Monster Helpers (2020)


Santa needs some serious help with getting all his presents ready to be delivered on Christmas Eve!

Luckily the Super Monsters are there to lend a hand, and some monster magic.

A Toot Toot Cory Carson Christmas (2020)


A familiar-looking stranger crashes in without a memory, so Cory helps him remember the magic of Christmas. 

This is a special featuring the characters from the Toot-Toot Cory Carson TV series. The show is about kid car Cory Carson and his adventures on the winding roads of childhood in Bumperton Hills. 

It’s based on the hit Toot Toot toys, which your kids may be familiar with. This one is perfect for young kids with a short attention span!

Angela’s Christmas (2017)


Set in Ireland in the 1910s, Angela’s Christmas is a story about the power of family and a child’s innocent wish to keep everyone safe and loved at Christmas time. 

Angela takes a trip to church with her family on Christmas Eve and it gives her an extraordinary idea to help others. 

This short movie is based on a children’s book written by the author Frank McCourt. 

Angela’s Christmas Wish (2020)


In this sequel to Angela’s Christmas, Angela sets out to reunite her family In time for Christmas. Her father is far away working in Australia for the holidays, but Angela has a plan!

It’s a brand new holiday adventure with seven-year-old Angela and is set to be as heart-warming as the first movie.

Alien Xmas (2020)


I love this Christmas movie as its a little different compared to all of the other Christmas movies available on Netflix. 

A young elf mistakes a tiny alien for a Christmas gift. But the naughty alien is planning to destroy earth’s gravity, and steal all of the presents too!

It’s kind of like the Grinch but with aliens. Great fun to watch this Christmas!

Bob’s Broken Sleigh (2015)


An overly eager elf improves Santa’s sleigh, but then it crash lands far from home!

Three odd critters pitch in to help send him back to the North Pole and save Christmas.

Trolls Holiday (2017)


The stars of the Trolls movie are back – including Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick – for a holiday special!

Queen Poppy decides to help the Bergens celebrate Christmas. She heads off on a journey with her friend Branch to reach Bergen Town and give the Bergens some holidays to celebrate. 

But it doesn’t all go to plan when Bridget the Bergen gets angry with Poppy. It’s all a happy ending though when the Bergens decide Christmas is worth celebrating after all. 

Dragons: Rescue Riders: Huttsgalor Holiday (2020)


A part of the Dragons: Rescue Riders series of Netflix specials. The main characters are getting ready for Odinyule – the Viking holiday of giving.

But crazy weather may cancel the tradition unless the Rescue Riders can swoop in.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Best Gift Ever (2018)


Twilight and her pony friends search all over Equestra to find the perfect gift.

The My Little Pony series is one of my children’s favourite shows. It’s all about friendship and kindness. This Christmas special is great fun – my kids have watched it five times already!

A Storybots Christmas (2017)


Storybots is one of my favourite kids’ shows on Netflix. In every episode the Storybots must look for the answer to a question from a child.

In this Christmas special Bo mistakenly believes that her Storybots pals won’t like her gifts so she sets off to find Santa to help her make better presents.

She learns along the way that Christmas is about much more than the perfect gift.

True Winter Wishes (2019)


True and the Rainbow Kingdom is a great series for toddlers and pre-schoolers. It’s full of magic and wishes.

In this Christmas special an ice crystal from a frosty realm is freezing everything in the Rainbow Kingdom.

True sets out to save her friends and the Winter Wishfest.

Christmas movies for the whole family on Netflix 

These movies available on Netflix are longer and have a little more in them to suit all ages. 

They are perfect if you want to sit down together and enjoy a festive movie as a family. 

Dr Seuss’ The Grinch (2018)

1h 25mins

This animated movie is based on the best-selling Dr Seuss story The Grinch.

It’s about a grump with a mean streak who plots to ruin Christmas for the people of Whoville.

But one little girl might be able to change his mind.

This adaptation of the classic story features the voice of Benedict Cumberbatch.

Arthur Christmas (2011)


Arthur Claus, voiced by James McAvoy, is the son of Father Christmas.

He works in the mailroom of the family business answering letters written to Santa.

He discovers that one present has not been delivered, so embarks on a mission to save one little girl’s Christmas.

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey (2020)


This is a live-action movie and has received great reviews since it landed on the Netflix platform this year.

It’s quite a long movie to maybe not great for 18-month-olds but will be enjoyed by pre-schooler children.

The story follows a once-joyful toymaker who finds new hope when his kind and curious granddaughter comes into his life.

The movie stars Forest Whitaker and Hugh Bonneville.

Christmas Chronicles (2018)


Two children, Kate and Teddy, spot Santa Claus as he visits their home.

They climb into his sleigh for a ride, but it malfunctions and crash lands. All the Christmas presents are lost, so Santa and the kids must team up to save Christmas.

It stars Kurt Russell as Father Christmas.

Christmas Chronicles: Part Two (2020)


Kate, one of the children from the original movie, is now a cynical teen. She’s unhappy about her mom’s new relationship and while running away is reunited with Santa!

They team up as a naughty elf threatens to cancel Christmas forever. Kurt Russell is back starring in this movie and this time he is joined by his off-screen wife Goldie Hawn!

Klaus (2019)


A selfish postman and a reclusive toymaker form an unlikely friendship. They join forces to deliver joy to a cold, dark town that desperately needs it!

The story seeks to tell about the origins of Christmas.

The Magic Snowflake (2013)


Mr and Mrs Claus are retiring to Sydney, Australia and leaving a new Santa, Nicholas, in charge. 

He starts to feel stressed and is growing a white beard on his face! He is losing his Christmas spirit so all the former Santas join forces to help him rediscover his festive joy. 

It’s a lovely tale of the true meaning of Christmas. It will appeal to adults as well, who will totally relate to the feeling of being overwhelmed with the build-up to Christmas. 

Christmas movies for toddlers on Netflix

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