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11 pretty girl bedroom decor ideas

Planning a makeover for a girl bedroom and looking for decor ideas?

I’ve just finished making over both of the girl’s bedrooms and I am so pleased with the results. 

Girls bedroom ideas

My daughter’s bedrooms had felt cluttered and the walls were looking very grubby, so giving them a new lease of life has been high on my to-do list for a while. 

Although I have bought a few new decorative items, I did not spend a lot on redoing their rooms! Including paint the total spend has probably been about £200. 

This could have been cheaper if I hadn’t bought a couple of new pictures, wall stickers and shelving to hang on the walls, but I really wanted to add a few finishing touches to their rooms. 

Both rooms have had a fresh coat of paint – we used Dulux serene white – and the artwork has either been refreshed or moved around to give it a different look. 

The two bedrooms are very different in terms of space, with my youngest girl’s bedroom being half the size of her older sister’s room. 

Ice cream wall stickers girls bedroom

This presents challenges in terms of toy and book storage for her room, but with this latest makeover of her bedroom I think I’ve managed to strike a good balance. 

The themes of both bedrooms are playful and feminine. I didn’t want to get too strict on colour schemes, but both do heavily feature pastel rainbow shades with pink being the most prominent colour. 

If their colour preference ever changes then it’s easy for us to roll with that, because we stuck with white paint for the walls. The wall stickers also easily peel away without damage the walls. 

I’m sharing some of the key tips that helped me makeover the girl’s bedrooms to give you some inspiration for your own little girl’s room. 

My daughter’s are aged 3 and 5. I think the decor in these rooms is perfect for toddlers to age nine when their tastes my shift and mature a little. 

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Girls bedroom transformation

One of the key things I did in Bella’s room was to add some decorative shelves to one of the longer walls.

On the shelves I’ve added a few treasured items like her stuffed rabbits plus some decorative ones.

I love the “dream” and “read” wool-wrapped wire words that came from Hey Kiddo Studio. I also got the extra heart and star shapes. These could be hung on the wall but I like them just propped on the shelves.

The ice cream garland hung from the shelf in Bella’s room comes from Velveteen Babies. They also made the raindrop garland that is in Jessica’s room.

There is a bit of an ice cream theme to Bella’s room as she also has a picture of ice cream on the opposite wall. Plus once the the paint has had a few weeks to settle, I will be adding some ice cream and sprinkles wall stickers to the corner where her bed is.

The hearts with their initials on in both girl’s bedrooms come from a small business called Bow in the Sky. She makes beautiful rainbow decor items which add a lovely finishing touch to a child’s bedroom.

Another recent addition to both bedrooms is a better bedside lamp which came from Made. I wanted them to have lights that made it easy to read books, as they both love to read once they are tucked up in bed.

Girl bedroom ideas 

Pick a few key colours 

A room tends to look more “put together” if you have chosen a particular colour scheme. 

You could go really bold with a couple of strong colours, even choosing a black and white theme for something really striking. 

I’ve gone with pastel colours in both of my daughter’s rooms, with an emphasis on pink. 

The result is that they both look pretty and feminine but not overly girly. 

Get the balance right for small bedrooms

When it comes to a small bedroom the biggest challenge is fitting everything in that you need. 

Kids tend to collect a lot of stuff even in the early years as loved ones buy them toys and keepsakes. 

You need to try and strike a balance in a smaller bedroom between practical and letting your child enjoy all of the wonderful toys they have.

Shop around for smaller furniture. For example if you want a desk for your little girl’s bedroom then there are some great ladder desks you could try which include some shelving for decorative items and stationery.

You may also want to try a bed that features a desk and storage underneath. These are better for older children, as the height of the bed may be a little unsafe for younger kids.

Decorative shelving 

Small floating shelves and units can not only provide valuable storage but also an opportunity to make your child’s room look pretty.

Decorative shelving for a girls bedroom

Dress up the shelves with books, small wooden toys, decorative garlands and treasured items that evoke memories of happy occasions. The set of floating shelves in Bella’s room comes from a French company called Maison du Monde.

Practical book storage 

As a baby your child maybe only had a few books. But by the time they reach their toddler years their library may have expanded quite considerably.

Adapting IKEA spice racks to book storage is a handy and cheap option but may not be so practical if you have tons of books to store.

We have a large bookcase from Argos and a Great Little Trading Company floating book shelf which holds our kids’ book collection well.

Book storage in a girl's bedroom - Great Little Trading Company book shelf

Hide away the toys in cube storage 

Cubed storage units with buckets, baskets or boxes are a brilliant way to store toys.

Our cubed storage units come from Great Little Trading Company. You can also get similar from IKEA which are much cheaper.

I try to keep mine organised in categories such as:

  • Soft toys
  • Building toys
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Action figures
  • Dressing-up clothes

For the children’s Sylvanian Families collection I use an IKEA unit with big drawers where we can dump all of the small pieces when they are done playing for the day.

Kids bedroom Sylvanian Families toy storage

Wall stickers 

There is a huge range of wall stickers for kids that you could choose from.

I got the latest stickers for my kids’ bedrooms from a company called Made of Sundays.

But there are lots more places you can get wall stickers and decals, such as Not on the High Street.

Kids bedroom wall sticker dots cascading from corner of ceiling

They are a great way of bringing in colour pops and tying together a theme without needing wallpaper. Plus when used right you can remove them without damaging the walls if you decide it’s time for a change.

Rethink your layout 

Moving the furniture around in both girl’s bedrooms not only made them look different and feel fresh, but it made them appear bigger too.

We moved large pieces of furniture away from the door of the smallest bedroom and pushed them to the back wall of the room. This opens up a space you step into when entering the room.

With a small kids bedroom try to rethink if there is any furniture that is surplus to your needs.

Can you replace anything that is floor-standing to something wall-mounted to give more floor space? This can make a huge difference with things like book storage.

Create a wall gallery

Bring together pictures, frames and decorative items that fit together and form a gallery wall to add colour to the bedroom.

Girls' bedroom wall gallery featuring pastel pink and rainbow colours

I love how on this wall in my eldest daughter’s room I have tied together different types of decor to make a pretty and colourful corner.

The picture of the elephant you can see to the right of the picture above is a framed piece of wallpaper from my nursery when I was a baby. My daughter may be a little old for this now at age five, but she insists she wants to keep the picture for now so I’m more than happy for it to stay as it is so sentimental.

The Hello sign is by a small business called House of Hooray, who you can find on Not on the High Street.

Use underbed storage 

Both of the girls have built-in single wardrobes in the rooms which is where most of their clothes are kept. 

But underbed storage has been really important in my eldest daughter’s bedroom and I really recommend getting drawers that slide under the bed.

I use them to store her PJs and school clothes. It’s a great way of keeping things tidy and out of sight.

Get creative with IKEA furniture 

IKEA furniture and storage solutions can be used to organised every bit of your child’s room.

There are also some really clever hacks you can use when decorating a bedroom. I have some great IKEA nursery hacks over on this blog post. Although they are aimed at nurseries, they also work for toddlers and older children too.

Make the storage look pretty

I love the metal trunks, which were purchased from Habitat, in my eldest daughter’s room.

These are great for storing a whole range of things, from artwork we want to keep to toys and books.

The little wicker basket on top of the trunks was purchased from Amazon a while ago. I use it to gather up small toys and pieces from puzzles that have been left out at the end of the day.

Once a week I then return the little pieces to where they belong. It’s just a good way of keeping stray pieces in one place!

Final thoughts on girl bedroom ideas

I hope these pictures from our own kids’ bedrooms left you feeling inspired.

We did not have to buy a load of new furniture in order to give the rooms a new look.

A fresh coat of paint, reordering the wall decor and changing the layout was enough to make them both look so much better. So I hope this shows you that you don’t need to spend a ton of cash to upgrade your kids’ bedrooms.

Feminine girl bedroom decor ideas

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