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Delicious Christmas mocktails to enjoy during pregnancy

Avoiding alcohol over the festive season during pregnancy does not have to mean your drinks are boring!

There are so many delicious alcohol-free cocktails, or mocktails, you can make when you are pregnant. They taste just as good!

These drinks are suitable for the entire family, including the kids, so why not make up a whole batch for everyone to enjoy together.

My personal favourite is anything with cranberries in, as I just love the taste, plus that pretty red colour is perfect for a festive drink.

There are a few cocktail ingredients to be aware of during pregnancy, such as raw or unpasteurised eggs which may appear in some eggnog recipes.

You could try soy nog instead which does not include eggs or dairy products. If the eggnog is cooked properly and the eggs are pasteurised then it is safe to drink. Alcohol-free of course.

Check out these delicious non-alcoholic festive drinks to enjoy when you are pregnant!

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25 Christmas mocktails to enjoy during pregnancy

If you’re looking for non-alcoholic drinks to help you celebrate your Christmas and New Year then you are in the right place!

There’s something for every taste, from fruity to spicy and warm to chilled.

These mocktails are perfect for pregnant ladies and kids! Happy Christmas!

Spiced citrus mulled juice

I love the look of this cocktail, and it’s packed with vitamin C!

It features fresh fruit including apple and orange, plus tasty festive spices such as cardamom and cloves.

Check out how to make this beautiful alcohol-free cocktail on Savory Spin.

Hibiscus tea frozen fizz

Ditch the gin from this recipe to create a delicious mocktail to enjoy at Christmas!

I love the addition of the lemon sorbet to add a tart flavour to the drink. The colours in this one look beautiful!

Find the full recipe over on A Little and a Lot.

Non-alcoholic mulled wine

Christmas isn’t Christmas without a little mulled wine. If you thought pregnancy meant you couldn’t enjoy a drink of mulled wine they think again!

This non-alcoholic version of the popular festive tipple looks great and tastes just as good.

Find the recipe on That Girl Cooks Healthy.

Mock cranberry cocktail

This beautiful mocktail with cranberry juice uses one of the most recognised Christmas flavours!

It’s also very simple to create with club soda and some fresh mint.

You can find the recipe on Berly’s Kitchen.

Cranberry mimosa

Another cranberry recipe and this one is truly fit for a festive celebration.

Adding rosemary sprigs at the end gives it a lovely Christmas touch.

Find out how to make it on Watch What U Eat.

Sugar-free cranberry mocktail

This is a wonderful option if you are keeping an eye on your sugar consumption during pregnancy.

It’s such a beautiful colour and features herbs such as citrus peel for extra flavour.

You can find it on Oh Sweet Mercy.

Vegan coquito

If you’re looking for something a little different to drink at Christmas during pregnancy then this is definitely one to try!

It’s a Caribbean-style drink featuring coconut milk, almond milk and spices such as nutmeg and cloves.

You can find the recipe at That Girl Cooks Healthy.

Frosty peppermint hot chocolate bombs

This is a holiday drink with a real difference!

You make the bombs up and then drop them into a glass and cover with steaming water or milk. Watch the hot chocolate bomb melt and and create a delicious drink full of flavours of the season.

Find the recipe at Dana Vento.

Grinch Punch

If you want to make something that your kids will enjoy too then this festive Grinch Punch is a real show-stopper.

It’s simple to make but look at those colours!

Find the recipe on Recipes from a Pantry.

Sweet spicy watermelon paloma mocktail

The vibrant reds and greens in this drink are pure Christmas!

Watermelon is such a refreshing flavour as well, which is perfect for when you are expecting.

Find the recipe on Savory Spin.

Saffron and rose infused mocktail

This is such a pretty and refreshing drink featuring the delicious taste of lemons.

It’s the perfect drink to make you feel refreshed.

Find it over on Profusion Curry.

Pomegranate lime non-alcoholic spritzer

This festive mocktail features the holiday favourite pomegranate.

The result is a pretty and refreshing drink that looks beautiful for any holiday celebration.

Find the recipe on The Organic Kitchen.

Santa’s Hat Shirley Temple

Just look at this beautiful drink! The kids will be wanting a few these for themselves over the festive period.

I love the finishing touches and it features amazing ingredients including coconut and cherries.

Find this over on The Kitchen is my Playground.

Sugar-free lemon pomegranate spritzer with chia

Look at this gorgeous pink drink! It’s the perfect drink for a pregnant lady looking to indulge without taking any risks this festive season.

This recipe can be found at The Organic Kitchen.

Pineapple hibiscus mocktail

This lovely pineapple drink features ginger to give it a spicy kick.

It’s the perfect winter warmer.

Find the recipe on Dessert for Two.

Cranberry mint mocktail

This is a simple but tasty mocktail to drink during Christmas parties when you’re pregnant.

Find the recipe at Simply Stacie.

Christmas brunch punch

Looking for a Christmas mocktail to serve with brunch? This one is a winner, at any time of day!

It features the flavours of non-alcoholic apple cider and orange juice. Just look at the colour, which is perfect for Christmas.

Find the recipe on Goodie Godmother.

Orange cranberry mimosa

With the flavours of orange and cranberry this is the perfect drink to toast with at Christmas time.

Find the recipe on Rhubarbarians.

Eggnogs without eggs

Craving eggnog? You can make it without the eggs, just to be super cautious, with this yummy recipe.

Find the recipe on Savvy Mama Lifestyle.

Bellini mocktail

For me bellinis are the ultimate in celebratory cocktails!

This lovely non-alcoholic version can be enjoyed by the whole family to toast in Christmas and the New Year!

Find the recipe on Snacks and Sips.

Non-alcoholic cranberry Moscow mule

This cocktail features ginger beer, which is a non-alcoholic soft drink and is perfect for adding delicious flavour to a mocktail.

It also includes lime, which is one of my favourite flavours!

Find the recipe on Gastronom.

Warm cherry orange non-alcoholic Christmas punch

If you’re feeling the chill of the season then this is a wonderful alcohol-free drink to enjoy.

It features apple cider and spices such as cloves and allspice for festive flavour.

Get the recipe on Savvy Mama Lifestyle.

Christmas morning punch

A refreshing drink featuring orange, pineapple and cranberry juice.

Its intended to be drunk with your Christmas breakfast or brunch, but would be a delicious option at any time.

The recipe can be found at Neighbor Food Blog.

Ginger cranberry kombucha mocktail

Check out the pretty reds and greens in this drink. I love the finishing touch of adding frozen sprigs of rosemary and cranberries in cubes here too.

The recipe is on Veggie Desserts.

Apple, cider, raspberry and tonic mocktail

In this tasty drink raspberries are combined with lemon juice and apple cider.

Find the recipe at Simple Bites.

Delicious festive mocktails to enjoy during pregnancy over Christmas

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