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40 toddler Christmas stocking fillers for under £5

toddler christmas stocking filler ideas for under £5

Looking for toddler stocking fillers that won’t break the bank this Christmas?

Stockings are one of the most exciting parts of Christmas day. 

Although getting a big present is exciting, there’s nothing quite like the fun of digging through a stocking a seeing lots of different presents wrapped up. 

Every family has a different tradition. Some let the kids rip open everything in their stocking first thing in the morning while still in their PJs. 

Other families save the stockings for the Christmas table just before dinner. 

However you hand out the stockings, it’s a lovely tradition to have. 

But Christmas is an expensive holiday, especially if you are catering for people at your home and have a lot of family to buy gifts for. 

There are easy ways to put together a lovely Christmas stocking for your toddler without spending a whole lot of cash!

Before we get to the toddler Christmas stocking fillers for under £5, here’s a few rough ideas for what you can pop into your toddler’s stocking. 

What to put in your toddler’s stocking

Your toddler will be excited just by the spectacle of having a festive stocking and having lots of things to unwrap. 

When it comes to packaging up the Christmas stocking for your toddler, you could go all out and get a personalised stocking. 

Make sure you pick one that’s roomy, as some you may find a really tight fit to get toys into!

You could put the gifts into a simple gift bag, it doesn’t have to be in an actual stocking hanging up by a fireplace (most of us don’t even have a fireplace in our home). 

When it comes to what what goes into the actual stocking, have a think about what your child likes and is enjoying in general. 

If they love music and noisy toys, a CD or small musical instrument could be great. 

All children will enjoy a nice new book to read, and a Christmas-themed one is perfect for bedtime on Christmas Day. 

Sticker books are another fantastic gift to put in a toddler’s Christmas stocking. Pick festive ones with lots of Santa stickers, or books based on your child’s favourite TV show. 

A pair of socks is a classic whatever age you are. Get your child socks featuring their favourite cartoon character. 

You’re probably already mindful of age restrictions and toys your baby could choke on. Anything you do put in the stocking, be sure you are comfortable with your child playing with it. 

Some items may be things you will do with them together, such as craft activities so you can be a bit more relaxed as long as you are always supervising them when they use it. 

Hopefully you will find some lovely ideas from this list of toddler Christmas stocking fillers that won’t break the bank!

Many of these are under £2 and they are all less than £5!

This post contains affiliate links. That means I get a small commission for any sales made via the link but it does not cost you a penny more.

Peppa Pig Christmas Fun sticker activity book

This lovely sticker book is perfect for little Peppa Pig fans. It features Peppa and George in snowy festive scenes. It will keep your little one entertained while you have a rest after Christmas lunch. 

Christmas Puzzle Book

Have fun going through the different puzzles with your little one! It’s got word searches and more, which is great for helping your child learn about letters and words. 

Festive jigsaw puzzle

Get them in the festive spirit with these festive jigsaw puzzles. They’re small so should be easy for little hands to manage. 

Christmas fun stickers

Give your toddler something to do on Christmas Day at the dinner table with these fun stickers. 

Christmas glider

Gliders are a staple item of party bags everywhere but they also work great for Christmas stockings! These festive ones are perfect. 

Christmas pencils

If your toddlers are anything like mine then they can’t get enough of drawing. Get them inspired to make some festive pictures with a Christmas pencil. 

Funky Christmas ducks 

These fab Christmas ducks are the perfect addition to a Christmas Day bath! They’re all kitted out in festive themed outfits and will be fun to play with all year round. 

Christmas character parachutes

Show your child how to make them fly and watch them squeal with delight! These are so cheap but will keep them entertained for ages. Just try to keep the parachute strings untangled though!

Reindeer jump ups

Show your child how to push them down and then they will be chasing these reindeer jump ups all around the room for ages. 

Santa chocolates

Christmas is all about indulgence. Give your little one a festive treat with these Santa chocolates. A lovely snack for after Christmas dinner. 

Christmas kaleidoscope 

This is a lovely little sensory toy that your child will enjoy playing with again and again. 

Mini Christmas notepads

These notepads are the perfect size to squeeze into your bag so that you always have something for your child to doodle in to pass the time in waiting rooms or when out and about. 

Christmas bingo

A tiny version of bingo that’s perfect for little ones to play with their parents. 

Pin the nose on the snowman game

This takes the party classic pin the tail on the donkey and gives it a festive twist. This will keep toddlers happy for a while on Christmas day. 

Dinosaur egg

These eggs are fun! Immerse them in water and watch the egg dissolve to reveal a dinosaur. Your toddler will be so excited every morning when they wake up to see how much more the dinosaur has hatched. 

Christmas sticker book

This is a lovely sticker book with loads to do to keep little hands busy well beyond Christmas day. 

Grow your own Christmas tree

A lovely activity to do with your child. This is a full mini Christmas tree growing kit. Teach them all about how to plant and grow seeds!

Foam Christmas masks

Dressing up is one of the best activities when you are a toddler. These festive themed Christmas masks are brilliant!

Snowflake stampers

A great crafting activity for winter. Your toddler can create snowy winter scenes with these snowflake stampers. 

Elf snap cards

A game of snap is great for the whole family to play. These elf themed one is ideal for a toddler Christmas stocking. 

Santa teddy chocolates

A tasty treat that your toddler will love! These Santa teddies are really cute.

Paw Patrol socks

Anyone got a child who is obsessed with Paw Patrol? Treat them to these fab socks featuring their favourite pups. 

Peppa’s Christmas Wish story book

A Christmas story featuring Peppa Pig! This is a lovely story to read to your child before bedtime on Christmas Day. 

The Christmas Bear lift the flap book

Lift the flap books are perfect at engaging toddlers in reading! This story about a Christmas bear is ideal as a stocking filler. 

Dear Santa book

A lovely children’s story for Christmas, and in board book form so your toddler can pull the pages without causing any damage!

Favourite nursery rhymes CD

The music may not be to your taste, but your toddler will love singing along to this nursery rhymes CD! It’s the perfect size for a stocking filler. 

Toy microphone

Unleash their inner singing superstar with this cute little cordless microphone. They could pretend to be auditioning for The X Factor or sing their favourite tune for everyone on Christmas Day. 

Wooden recorder toy

This is a beautiful wooden toy at such a reasonable price! This recorder will be perfect for any toddler and will nurture their love of noisy toys!

Erasable magic drawing board

These magic drawing boards are brilliant for long car journeys. Your toddler can draw and doodle then wipe the board clean to start all over again. 

Jumbo crayons

Kids tend to go through crayons pretty quickly at this age! Restock their crayon collection with this handy little tub of crayons which are the perfect size for small hands. 

Flashing fairy magic wand

Sprinkle a little magic over Christmas with this flashing fairy wand. Your toddler will be casting spells before you know it. 

Penguin Pairs game

A wintry themed game for you to play together as a family, this is a perfect stocking filler!

Rainbow shaker musical instrument

Your toddler will be fascinated by the pretty coloured balls inside the shaker and love shaking it to make a noise. 

Bath fun basketball hoop

A bath toy that any toddler will love. Stick the hoop to the side of the bath and encourage your child to aim and throw balls into the hoop. Great for their hand-eye coordination!

Peppa Pig Little Library

This little selection of Peppa Pig stories comes in a handy little box. It’s not Christmas themed but is perfect for all year round. 

It’s tiny, so will fit in a stocking no problem. 

Little Shopper fruit and veg basket

This is such a great value little basket of play food. Kids love playing shops, and this is a lovely set. It features a shopping basket just like mum and dad use plus a selection of plastic food. 

Bath water flutes

This is such a clever toy! You tune the five flutes by filling them with water and then your child can practice playing the different notes. 

Rattle and roll toy car

Your toddler will love racing around the room with this little toy car. 

Wooden rattle stick

Featuring beautiful colours and pretty bells, this is a lovely toy for your child to play with all year round. The bells on this pretty rattle stick will have you reaching for the ear plugs, but your toddler will absolutely love it.

Wooden tambourine 

Another musical instrument toy, but toddlers just love having toys they can make a sound with! This tambourine is great value for a wooden toy. 

Hopefully this has given you lots of ideas for what to put in your toddler’s stocking! There are so many good value, simple toys out there, so you should be spoiled for choice!

Christmas stocking fillers for toddlers
toddler stocking filler ideas

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