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100+ Beautiful Southern Girl Names 

Looking for stunning Southern girl names with timeless country charm?

These vintage, unique and pretty names are perfect if you love names with character and a country-feel to them. 

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Many of these girl names also have a real old money feel to them, such as Alice, Charlotte and Elizabeth. They’re full of vintage character and never go out of style! 

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Short Southern girl names

These short girl names are just one or two syllables. 

Alice: A name of Germanic origin, meaning noble or noble one.

Ada: Of Germanic origin, meaning noble or nobility.

Adair: Scottish origin, meaning oak tree ford or shallow place in the river where oak trees grow.

Ava: Meaning bird.

Bailey: Old English origin, meaning bailiff or steward.

Bea: A nature-inspired name.

Belle: Meaning beautiful. 

Betsy: A diminutive of Elizabeth, meaning pledged to God.

Birdie: A nature-inspired name.

Celia: Of Latin origin, meaning heaven or celestial.

Cate: A diminutive of Catherine, meaning pure.

Clara: Meaning bright.

Daisy: A flower name, symbolising innocence and purity.

Dixie: Meaning tenth. 

Dolly: A diminutive of Dorothy, meaning gift of God.

Effie: A diminutive of Euphemia, meaning well-spoken or to speak well.

Ella: A variant of Eleanor, meaning light or torch.

Emma: Germanic origin, meaning whole or universal.

Faith: Meaning trust or devotion. 

Grace: English origin, meaning grace or favor.

Greer: Scottish origin, meaning watchful or vigilant.

Hattie: Meaning home or estate ruler. 

Helen: Greek origin, meaning bright or shining one.

Harper: Old English origin, meaning harp player or minstrel.

Hope: English virtue name, symbolising optimism and expectation.

Irving: Scottish origin, meaning green water or fresh water.

Iris: Greek origin, meaning rainbow.

Ima: Possibly a variant of Emma, meaning whole or universal.

Ida: Germanic origin, meaning work or industrious one.

Julep: Meaning rose water. 

Jane: Hebrew origin, meaning God is gracious.

June: After the month – a summery name full of sunshine. 

Kay: A gender neutral name meaning pure. 

Kelley: Irish origin, meaning bright-headed or warrior.

Kit: A diminutive of Katherine, meaning pure.

Kasey/Kacie: Irish origin, meaning brave or vigilant.

Leigh: English origin, meaning meadow or clearing.

Lyla: Variant of Lila or Lilah, meaning night.

Lane: English origin, meaning narrow path or small road.

Lottie: A diminutive of Charlotte, meaning free man or petite.

Mae: English origin, meaning bitter or pearl.

Mabel: Meaning loveable. 

Maisie: Meaning child of light.

Martha: Aramaic origin, meaning lady or mistress.

Minnie: A diminutive of Minerva, meaning intellect or wisdom.

Nora: Irish origin, meaning light.

Posey: Meaning bunch of flowers. 

Ruth: Hebrew origin, meaning compassionate friend or companion.

Sally: A diminutive of Sarah, meaning princess or noblewoman.

Ruby: A gemstone name, symbolising passion and vitality.

Rose: Of Latin origin, meaning rose, a symbol of love and beauty.

Sloane: Irish origin, meaning warrior.

Sadie: A diminutive of Sarah, meaning princess or noblewoman.

Tess: Greek name meaning harvester or to reap. 

Tilly: Meaning mighty in battle. 

Zelda: Yiddish origin, meaning blessed or happy.

Zadie: Meaning prosperous or abundance. 

Long Southern girl names

Longer girl names are full of elegance and sound soft but strong. 

Addison: Meaning son of Adam. 

Adeline: Meaning noble. 

Amelia: Derived from the Germanic name Amalia, meaning work.

Annabelle: A combination of Anna (meaning grace) and Belle (meaning beautiful).

Abigail: Hebrew in origin, meaning my father’s joy or father’s source of joy.

Adelaide: Of Germanic origin, meaning noble or nobility.

Bettina: A diminutive of Elizabeth, meaning pledged to God.

Blanche: French origin, meaning white or fair.

Bonnie: Scottish origin, meaning beautiful or cheerful.

Caroline: A feminine form of Charles, meaning free man or strong.

Cricket: A nature-inspired and whimsical name.

Constance: Latin origin, meaning constant or steadfast.

Charlotte: French origin, meaning free man or petite.

Daphne: Greek origin, meaning laurel or bay tree.

Delilah: Hebrew origin, meaning delicate or weakened.

Dottie: A shortened version of Dorothy, meaning gift of god. 

Elizabeth: Hebrew origin, meaning pledged to God or God is my oath.

Eloise: Of Germanic origin, meaning famous in battle.

Emerson: Old English origin, meaning son of Emery or bravery.

Florence: Latin origin, meaning flourishing or prosperous.

Frances: Latin origin, meaning free one or from France.

Genevieve: Old German origin, meaning tribe woman or woman of the family.

Georgia: Greek origin, meaning farmer or earthworker.

Georgina: Feminine form of George, meaning farmer or earthworker.

Henrietta: Feminine form of Henry, meaning home ruler.

Hannah: Hebrew origin, meaning grace or favor.

Isabelle: A variant of Isabel, meaning pledged to God.

Julia: Latin origin, meaning youthful or downy.

Josephine: Feminine form of Joseph, meaning God will add or God will increase.

Joanna: Hebrew origin, meaning God is gracious.

Jolene: A combination of Jo (short for Josephine or Joanna) and lene, possibly meaning light or torch.

Katherine: Greek origin, meaning pure.

Lucille: French origin, meaning light.

Luella: A combination of Louise and Ella, meaning famous warrior or light.

Lillian: A diminutive of Lily, symbolising purity and beauty.

Louisa: Feminine form of Louis, meaning famous warrior.

Lydia: Greek origin, meaning woman from Lydia.

Louise: Feminine form of Louis, meaning famous warrior.

Magnolia: Named after the magnolia flower.

Maribelle: A combination of Mary (meaning bitter or beloved) and Belle (meaning beautiful).

Montgomery: Traditionally a boy’s name but now growing in popularity for girls. It means mountain belonging to the ruler. 

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Myrtle: Greek origin, meaning myrtle, a type of evergreen shrub.

Nancy: A diminutive of Anne, meaning grace.

Nellah: A variant of Nellie, meaning bright, shining one.

Nellie: A diminutive of Eleanor, meaning light or torch.

Olympia: Greek origin, meaning from Mount Olympus, the home of the gods in Greek mythology.

Olivia: Of Latin origin, possibly derived from the word oliva, meaning olive.

Opal: A gemstone name, symbolising hope and purity.

Phoebe: Greek origin, meaning bright, radiant, or shining one.

Patricia: Latin origin, meaning noble or noble one.

Penelope: Greek origin, meaning weaver or duck.

Priscilla: Latin origin, meaning ancient or venerable.

Rosemary: A combination of Rose and Mary, symbolising remembrance and fidelity.

Shelby: Old Norse origin, meaning estate with sheds or village with a shed.

Stella: Latin origin, meaning star.

Savannah: Native American origin, meaning open plain or treeless plain.

Scarlett: English origin, meaning red or scarlet.

Sarabeth: A combination of Sarah and Elizabeth, meaning princess of God.

Sienna: Meaning reddish brown colour.

Sylvie: French origin, meaning wood or forest.

Talullah: Native American origin, meaning leaping water.

Tabitha: Aramaic origin, meaning gazelle or graceful beauty.

Theresa: Greek origin, meaning harvest or summer.

Tinsley: Old English origin, meaning Tun’s meadow or clearing.

Virginia: Latin origin, meaning maiden or virgin.

Violet: A flower name, symbolising modesty and faithfulness.

Vivian: Latin origin, meaning alive or lively.

Velma: Of Germanic origin, meaning protection or helmet.

Whitney: Old English origin, meaning white island or white water.

Wendy: Of English origin, meaning fair or blessed.

Wilma: Germanic origin, meaning will or desire.

Pretty Southern names for girls

These unique and bright names are rarely used but so pretty.

Aubrey: Meaning noble ruler.

Bellamy: Meaning beautiful friend.

Blakely: Meaning dark meadow.

Callie: Meaning beautiful.

Collins: Meaning descendant of Cuilein.

Dylan: Meaning born of the ocean.

Hadley: Meaning heather field.

Hailey: Meaning meadow.

Haisley: Meaning from the basilica.

Jessie: Meaning gift.

Kennedy: Meaning helmeted chief.

Kinsley: Meaning royal meadow.

Lacey: Meaning braid.

Mackenzie: Meaning child of the fair one.

Madeline: Meaning high tower.

Millie: Meaning strong worker.

Paisley: Meaning from the basilica.

Peyton: Meaning from the warrior’s tower.

Rylie: Meaning brave one.

Shay: Meaning majestic.

Tatum: Meaning cheerful bringer of joy.

Willa: Meaning resolute protection.

Double Southern names

A big trend in Southern girl names is to double barrel the name, combining two names to make a single first name. 

This can create a unique name, or combine two meaningful names that you love together. Here are a few cute examples. 

  • Ellie-Jo
  • Nora-Beth
  • Ava-Mae 
  • Ella-Mae
  • Nora-Anne
  • Amy-Jo
  • Betsy-Mae
  • Hattie-Jo
  • Laura-Mae
  • Sammi-Jo
  • Cora-Beth
  • Ricky-Jo
  • Jamie-Lynn

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Southern names for girls
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