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150+ Authentic & Unique Southern Boy Names

If you want a country classic baby name then these adorable Southern names are the way to go! 

Southern boy names are the perfect blend of timeless classics and style. 

These names are packed full of charm and include names that will be familiar to you, as well as uncommon rarely used names. 

You’ll find over 150 boy names, plus their meanings, in this list.

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Popular Southern boy names

Austin: Of English origin, meaning great or magnificent.

Banks: Meaning edge of the river. Love nature names? Check out these nature baby names.

Beau: French for handsome or beautiful.

Bradley: English name, meaning wide meadow.

Brody: Meaning pride or dignity.

Cameron: Scottish origin, meaning crooked nose or bent nose.

Colton: Old English origin, meaning coal town or settlement of charcoal burners.

Connor: Irish origin, meaning lover of hounds or wolf lover.

Curtis: Of French origin, meaning polite or courteous.

Deacon: Greek origin, meaning messenger or servant.

Declan: Irish origin, meaning man of prayer or full of goodness.

Emmett: Of Germanic origin, meaning universal or whole.

Garrett: Old German origin, meaning spear strength or brave with a spear.

Garth: Norse origin, meaning groundskeeper or enclosure.

Gatlin: Possibly derived from Gatling, meaning wandering man.

Gentry: English origin, meaning aristocracy or well-born.

Granger: English origin, meaning granary worker or farm overseer.

Henry: Germanic origin, meaning ruler of the household or estate ruler.

Huck: A diminutive of Huckleberry, the origin is unclear, but it’s a literary and nature-inspired name.

Jack: Originally a diminutive of John, meaning God is gracious or gift of God.

Jackson: Meaning son of Jack or son of John. Currently the 79th most popular baby boy’s name in the U.S.

James: Hebrew origin, meaning supplanter or one who follows.

Landon: Old English origin, meaning long hill or ridge.

Miles: Of Latin origin, meaning soldier or merciful.

Parker: English origin, meaning park keeper or gamekeeper.

Prescott: Old English origin, meaning priest’s cottage or priest’s dwelling.

Preston: Old English origin, meaning priest’s town or town of priests.

Sawyer: Occupational name, meaning wood cutter or sawer of wood.

Tanner: Occupational name, meaning leather tanner or worker in leather.

Theodore: Of Greek origin, meaning gift of God or God-given.

Travis: French origin, meaning tollgate-keeper or collector of tolls.

Trevor: Welsh origin, meaning from the large village or great settlement.

Wade: English origin, meaning to go or river crossing.

Wyatt: Old English origin, meaning brave in war or little warrior.

Unique Southern boy names

Ace: English origin, meaning one or unity.

Archer: English origin, meaning bowman or one who uses a bow.

Bentley: Old English origin, meaning meadow with coarse grass.

Blaine: Gaelic origin, meaning thin or slender.

Boden: Old English origin, meaning hill or shelter.

Bowen: Welsh origin, meaning son of Owen or young warrior.

Bridge: English origin, referring to a structure crossing water or other obstacles.

Briggs: Old English origin, meaning bridges or lives near a bridge.

Brock: Old English origin, meaning badger.

Brooks: English origin, meaning small stream or a water feature.

Buck: Old English origin, meaning male deer.

Camden: Scottish origin, meaning winding valley.

Clayton: Old English origin, meaning town with good clay or settlement on clay land.

Crawford: Old English origin, meaning ford where crows gather.

Cyrus: Persian origin, meaning sun or throne.

Dallas: Scottish origin, meaning skilled or from the dales, valleys.

Dalton: Old English origin, meaning valley settlement.

Dixon: English origin, meaning son of Richard.

Easton: Old English origin, meaning east-facing place.

Edison: Old English origin, meaning son of Edward.

Ellington: English origin, meaning Ellis town or settlement of Elli’s people.

Emerson: Old English origin, meaning son of Emery or bravery.

Gage: Old French origin, meaning pledge or oath.

Garrison: Old English origin, meaning son of Garret or spear strength.

Gray: Old English origin, meaning gray-haired or grey meadow.

Hart: Old English origin, meaning stag or male deer.

Maddox: Welsh origin, meaning son of Madoc or fortunate.

Merritt: Old English origin, meaning boundary gate or keeper of the boundary.

Nash: Old English origin, meaning by the ash tree or at the ash tree.

Oakley: Old English origin, meaning oak wood or clearing.

Patton: Old English origin, meaning fighter’s town or warrior’s town.

Porter: Old French origin, meaning transporter or gatekeeper.

Reeves: Old English origin, meaning bailiff or official.

Remington: Old English origin, meaning raven or place on a riverbank.

Saylor: English origin, meaning boatman or one who navigates.

Wells: Old English origin, meaning spring or well.

Weston: Old English origin, meaning from the western town or western settlement.

Vintage Southern boy names 

Aaron: Hebrew origin, meaning exalted or high mountain.

Abel: Hebrew origin, meaning breath or vanity. In the biblical context, Abel was the second son of Adam and Eve.

Abbott: Old English origin, meaning father.

Abel: Hebrew origin, meaning breath or vanity. In the biblical context, Abel was the second son of Adam and Eve.

Albert: Germanic origin, meaning noble or bright.

Alden: Old English origin, meaning old friend or wise protector.

Ambrose: Greek origin, meaning immortal or divine.

Beckett: Old English origin, meaning stream or brook.

Brent: Old English origin, meaning hill or high place.

Carlisle: Old Norse origin, meaning fort at the crossroads.

Clifford: Old English origin, meaning ford by a cliff or river crossing near a cliff.

Clinton: Old English origin, meaning settlement on a hill or enclosure.

Cooper: Occupational name of English origin, meaning barrel maker or cooper.

Dawson: English origin, meaning son of David.

Drew: Old English origin, meaning wise or courageous.

Duke: English origin, meaning leader or noble title.

Finn: Irish origin, meaning fair or white.

Hank: Diminutive of Henry, meaning ruler of the household.

Harrison: Old English origin, meaning son of Harry or son of Henry.

Huck: Diminutive of Huckleberry, derived from Old English, meaning berry.

Jasper: Persian origin, meaning treasurer or bringer of treasure.

Jefferson: English origin, meaning son of Jeffrey or son of Geoffrey.

Rhett: English origin, meaning advice or counsel.

Rowan: Gaelic origin, meaning little red-haired one or tree with red berries.

Smith: Occupational name, meaning blacksmith or worker in metal.

Thatcher: Old English origin, meaning roof thatcher or roof maker.

Whittaker: Old English origin, meaning white field or white acre.

Waylon: Old English origin, meaning land beside the road or roadside land.

Cutest Southern boy names

Bailey: Old English origin, meaning bailiff or steward.

Barrett: Old German origin, meaning bear strength.

Bates: Old English origin, meaning son of the trenches where seeds are planted.

Bennett: Latin origin, meaning blessed.

Chester: Latin origin, meaning fortress or walled town.

Crew: Old English origin, meaning group or team.

Cruz: Spanish origin, meaning cross or crossing.

Ellis: Welsh origin, meaning benevolent or kind.

Emory: Germanic origin, meaning industrious or brave.

Franklin: Old English origin, meaning free landholder or free man.

Hamilton: Old English origin, meaning treeless hill or flat-topped hill.

Hayden: Old English origin, meaning hedged valley or heathen valley.

Hemingway: Old English origin, meaning home settlement.

Hendrix: German origin, meaning son of Hendrick (a form of Henry).

Holden: Old English origin, meaning hollow valley.

Hollis: Old Norse origin, meaning holy or dweller at the holly trees.

Jagger: Middle English origin, meaning peddler or hawker.

Jameson: English origin, meaning son of James.

Kennedy: Irish origin, meaning misshapen head or helmeted head.

Kingston: Old English origin, meaning king’s town.

Knox: Scottish origin, meaning round hill or hilltop.

Lawson: Old English origin, meaning son of Lawrence.

Levi: Hebrew origin, meaning joined or attached.

Pax: Latin origin, meaning peace.

Soren: Danish origin, meaning stern or severe.

Tripp: English origin, meaning the third or traveler.

Cool Southern boy names 

Ashton: Of Old English origin, meaning ash tree town.

Andy: A diminutive of Andrew, which means manly or brave.

Atticus: Latin origin, meaning man of Attica or man of Athens.

Augustus: Latin origin, meaning great or majestic.

Bentley: Old English origin, meaning meadow with coarse grass.

Billy: A diminutive of William, meaning resolute protection.

Bo: Old Norse origin, meaning to live.

Boone: Meaning blessing or lucky.

Braxton: Meaning Brock’s settlement.

Brooks: English name, meaning of the Brook.

Buck: Vintage nature name, meaning male deer.

Buddy: A casual name, often a nickname meaning friend.

Caden: Irish origin, meaning battle.

Cash: Inspired by Johnny Cash, meaning wealth or money.

Chase: French origin, meaning to hunt.

Clayton: English name, meaning boundary with clover.

Clyde: Scottish roots, earthy sound, meaning heard from a distance.

Colt: Rising in popularity, meaning young horse.

Colton: Formal version of Colt, meaning from the coal.

Crew: Uniquely American moniker.

Dallas: Meaning skilled.

Darius: Meaning possessing goodness.

Darryl: Old-fashioned name meaning dear one or beloved.

Deacon: Greek origin, meaning messenger.

Dean: Meaning church official.

Duke: Term for English nobles, rooted in the South.

Emmett: Hebrew origin, meaning universal.

Finch: Literary and nature name, rare and distinct.

Ford: Country-style name with various associations.

Forest: Charming rustic name.

Garth: Norse name, meaning groundskeeper or enclosure.

Gatlin: Short form of Gatlinburg, meaning wandering man.

Gentry: Meaning aristocracy.

Grant: French origin, meaning tall or large.

Harlan: Meaning rocky land.

Harley: Meaning hare clearing.

Harper: A name associated with the famed author Harper Lee.

Hartford: Meaning shallow place in the river. 

Hawk: Nature-inspired, sharp and resilient.

Houston: A Texas town name.

Huck: Inspired by Huck Finn, an undeniably southern move.

Hunter: Meaning one who hunts, popular in the South.

Jackson: Meaning son of Jack.

Jim: Vintage name, short for James, popular in the South.

Judd: Strong and firm, meaning flowing down.

Knox: Meaning unknown, boosted by celebrity usage.

Lance: English name, meaning land.

Landon: Popular southern name, meaning long hill.

Lyle: Vintage name making a comeback, meaning island dweller.

Martin: Meaning warrior or dedicated to Mars.

Mercer: Meaning merchant.

Montgomery: Classic boy’s name, meaning mountain belonging to the ruler.

Oakley: Nature-inspired, meaning oak wood or clearing.

Otis: Vintage name making a comeback, meaning wealthy.

Presley: Meaning priest’s meadow.

Raylan: Modern name meaning wise.

Remy: French name meaning oarsman.

River: Evocative nature name.

Sawyer: Inspired by literary and TV characters.

Scout: Literary name, works well for boys.

Sutton: Meaning from the southern homestead.

Tennessee: Named after the vibrant state.

Travis: French name meaning tollgate-keeper.

Truman: English name meaning loyal one.

Tucker: Southern-sounding, giving off casual country vibes.

Ulysses: Southern and epic name.

Vernon: Rare vintage name, meaning place of alders.

Virgil: Meaning staff bearer.

Wade: Meaning at the river’s crossing.

Walker: Occupational name with southern and literary connections.

Waylon: A southern-sounding name, associated with country music.

Southern baby boy names
Rustic southern boy names

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