Ever catch yourself having a genuine, in depth conversation with your other half about your child’s favourite TV programme?

They’re made for fun and yet I often find myself wasting actual, valuable breath on talking through whether this episode of Ben and Holly is actually a statement on humanity’s pointless pollution of the planet.

I know these programmes so well and they’re on so bloody often in our house these days, I am guilty to confess, that I chat about them more than shows I should be talking about like Breaking Bad.

So does this make it official? My life is actually over.

Here’s some of the inane conversations we’ve had about kids’ TV in our house.

Is that BoJo in Ben and Holly?

Boris Johnson is in Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom! He’s the mayor and comes complete with the floppy blond hair and silly mayoral sash.

Why were we, as grown adults, so interested to spot this little nod to the real world?

That sounds like Brian Blessed!

Wow, actor in having voiceover job shock! Brian Blessed is the voice of Grampy Rabbit in Peppa Pig.

We would recognise that booming voice anywhere. But the real question is, when will there be a character called Gordon who has a nasty accident, yet survives, so Grampy can say “Gordon’s alive????? *”.

* If you haven’t watched Flash Gordon, never mind.

There’s always a jelly or ice cream flood

I know this is like saying the sky is blue, but kids TV can become a bit repetitive.

It’s for kids and they love seeing the same funny stuff happening again and again.

Case in point, the jelly or ice cream floods that frequently happen in the Little Kingdom.

We discuss which one we think it will be in this episode. Argh, just shoot me now!

Bubble Guppies is totally low budget

Bubble Guppies, if only that big fish would eat them

Our toddler loves it, but honestly it’s a bit s**t. Unlike other cartoons that have a few in-jokes for adults so we don’t keel over from boredom, this show is utterly bland and devoid of any creativity.

Its one redeeming factor is it teaches a bit of maths and other useful stuff for kids.

Wally the walrus is a right evil b*****d

The Pups are speeding their way to save the day! Why then does Wally the walrus always pop up at crucial moments wanting a biscuit or a fish? Because he’s evil, that’s why.

We have spent actual time out of our busy day debating this issue, if you can care enough to call it an issue.

Daddy Pig gets a totally raw deal

An episode of Peppa Pig rarely goes by without Daddy Pig being ridiculed in some way.

He either eats all the cake, spills or drops stuff, forgets to do important things or can’t cope with putting the kids to bed.

He is then totally mocked by the rest of the pig family. I reckon he’ll be asking for a divorce in the next series, I blame Peppa for being so bloody irritating.

In our house we end up discussing modern-day sexism as a result of Daddy Pig’s misfortune. Seriously!

Do you ever catch yourself talking with your other half about kids’ television? Do you laugh at yourself for getting sucked into the storylines? I would love to hear from you.



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