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Beautiful Names Meaning Dream (For Boys & Girls)

Having your baby is a dream come true and so it’s understandable that baby names meaning dream will appeal. 

There are dozens of dreamy baby names for boys and girls you will adore in this list, with their meanings. 

Baby dreaming

Some of these names will be familiar – such as Ashling, Dream and Jacob. There are also lots of unique and rarely used names in this list, such as Alora, Isra and Lorien. 

A dreaming baby name has a feeling of calm and peace.

If you love these names you may also enjoy these boho baby names which are also full of dreamy meanings and whimsy. 

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Names meaning dream

Girl names meaning dream 

These dreamy girl names either mean dream or have connections to stars and nighttime that conjure up thoughts of dreams. 

Ahlam –  A name of Arabic origins, this sweet baby girl’s name means she with the beauty of dreams.

Aisling/Aislin –  Meaning vision or dream in Gaelic. 

Ala –  Meaning dream in Yoruba.

Alora –  Meaning my dream.

Ametsa –  The Basque word for dream.

Anisha – A name of Sanskrit origin meaning nightless. 

Ashling – An Irish name meaning dream or vision. 

Asteria – A Greek name meaning of the stars or starry one. 

Aurora – A Roman name meaning dawn. Aurora was also the sleeping princess in Sleeping Beauty. 

Ayumu – A Japanese name meaning dream, vision or walk.

Bhranti –  A Gujarati name that means daydream.

Breksta –  Breksta was a Lithuanian goddess of twilight and dreams.

Breuddwyd –  Meaning dream in Welsh. 

Brizo – A Greek name meaning to slumber. 

Caer – A Welsh name meaning fortress. Caer Ibormeith was a Celtic goddess of dreams. 

Chimere –  Meaning dreamy.

Dream – The perfect choice for a girl if you love the idea of a name that means dreams or to dream. 

Eislyn –  Meaning beautiful dream.

Elora – Meaning my dream. 

Esperanza –  This Spanish name means hope or expectation. 

Imena –  This hopeful name has Arabic roots too and means faith.

Isleen –  Meaning vision and dream, this sweet name has Irish origins.

Isra –  This Arabic name means journey of the night.

Kala –  Meaning dream in Telugu.

Kalpana –  Kalpana means imagination and creativity.

Kamaria –  Meaning moonlight.

Lourdes –  Meaning dreams, this girl’s name has French origins.

Maya –  Meaning illusion, dream and magic. 

Niorun –  After a Norse goddess of dreams.

Nisa –  A Thai name meaning dream. 

Oniria –  This Spanish name means dream-like.

Pasithea –  In Greek mythology Pasithea was the wife of Hypnos, the god of sleep. She was the goddess of rest, relaxation, and meditation.

Reverie –  Meaning daydream or a dreamlike state.

Roya – An Arabic name meaning vision or dream. 

Ruya/Ruyah –  Meaning vision, sight, or dream.

Sadira –  Meaning lotus tree. In Homer’s Odyssey the lotus tree bears a fruit that brings on a peaceful drowsiness.

Sanja –  From Croatian/Serbian roots, this lovely name means she dreams.

Sapna/Sapana –  This Hindi name means a dream come true.

Swapnika –  Meaning dreams in Sanskrit.

Yume –  A Japanese name meaning dream. 

Boy names that mean dream

These cute and stylish boy names either mean dream or have strong connections to visions and nighttime. 

Aaru – An Egyptian name, Aaru was a field of heavenly reeds in Egyptian mythology where people’s souls would travel to and live peacefully. 

Abhidhyan –  Meaning wish, dream or deep consideration. 

Almos –  This Hungarian name means dream, sleepy, or drowsy.

Amets –  A name of Basque origins meaning dream.

Arman –  A Persian and Armenian name meaning dream or people of the sun. 

Arian – A name of English and Persian origin meaning noble. It is also a celestial baby name, coming from the star sign Aries. The star connection makes this a perfect dreamy baby name. 

Bhranti – A Sanskrit name meaning illusion. 

Bruatar/Bruadar –  Meaning dream. 

Chayan – A Russian and Sanskrit name meaning to dream or hope. 

Chelem – A cute name meaning dream. 

Cimon – A Greek name meaning sleepy. 

Daimu – A Japanese name meaning big dream. 

Daniel – A Hebrew name meaning god is my judge. In the Bible Daniel was a prophet employed to interpret the dreams of the King of Babylon. 

Endri –  An Albanian name meaning dreamer.

Erebos –  Meaning land of dreams.

Hulum –  Meaning dream in Arabic.

Icelus –  Another God of dreams.

Ikelos – Ikelos was the Greek god of nightmares. It’s a slightly edgier connection to the term dream. 

Jacob –  Jacob means supplanter. However Jacob is also connected to the Biblical story of Jacob’s ladder, which centres around a dream. 

Joseph –  Meaning God will add. In Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat, Joseph interpreted dreams for the pharaoh. 

Khamari –  An African name meaning dreamer.

Lorien – Meaning god of dreams, this name was invented by the author Tolkien, who wrote the Lord of the Rings books. 

Morpheus –  Meaning god of dreams. 

Okanu –  An African God of dreams.

Oneiroi –  A Greek word for dream spirits.

Phantasus –  A Greek word meaning phantasm, part of the dream deities.

Phobetor –  Greek for to be feared, another of the Gods of dreams.

Rasui –  An Egyptian name meaning dream.

Swapan –  Meaning dream.

Swapnadeep –  Meaning king of dreams in Sanskrit.

Swapnesh –  An Indian name meaning king of dreams.

Swapnil –  An Indian name meaning seen in a dream.

Unisex baby names meaning dream

Need a name that works for a boy or a girl? Check out these gender neutral choices. 

Amani –  Meaning aspirations and wishes, this name has Arabic origins.

Amets – A Basque name meaning dream. 

Azlin –  Meaning dream.

Brizo – In Greek mythology Brizo delivered prophecies through dreams. 

Bruadar –  A strong name with Gaelic origins, Bruadair means dream.

Chelem –  Meaning dream in Arabic.

Chintana – A Thai name meaning dream. 

Guifi –  Meaning dream in Chamorro.

Hayal –  Meaning dream.

Kanasu –  A Hindu name meaning dreamy. 

Moeuhane –  Meaning dream in  Hawaii.

Nyx – Meaning night. 

Reve –  A name of French origins meaning dream.

Riyo –  Meaning dream in Somali.

Baby names that mean dream

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