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My Fairy Garden review

Wondering if My Fairy Garden kits are any good?

The kids received the My Fairy Garden Fairy Garden and Fairy Light Garden as gifts from family so I thought I would share an honest review of what we thought! 

The My Fairy Garden kits let your child build and grow their very own magical fairy garden – arranging the cute figures and garden features any way they want. 

First of all there are a few differences between the two kits. 

The Fairy Garden has a smaller house and just the one fairy figure. The Fairy Light Garden comes with a two-storey house, with a light-up and magical sound feature in the top section, a bridge, and two fairies. 

However the basic set-up is the same, with a wide pot, colourful pebbles to create a path, grass seed, some decorative figures and items, house and magic fairy stars. 

My Fairy Light Garden

It’s very important to note that these My Fairy Garden kits do not come with soil or compost so you will need to get some in order to put the garden together. Each one needed around four to six garden trowels of soil to fill them. 

These are a great way to get started with gardening with your kids. If you love doing this with your kids then maybe next time you could try making a DIY fairy garden from scratch!

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What age is My Fairy Garden for?

The product states it is for children ages four and up. 

While younger children may enjoy it, the kit comes with very small parts that could be a choking hazard. 

My kids are age four and six and both could scoop the soil into the pot and do most of the other steps needed to put the garden together. 

There were a couple of things they couldn’t do, such as clipping in the roof and doors of the houses. This was a bit fiddly and even I struggled! 

So younger kids need supervision to put the My Fairy Garden kits together however ages eight and over can probably manage to do most of it on their own. 

The instructions with My Fairy Garden are clear with pictures and text so a child who can read well will be able to follow the step-by-step guide to put the garden together. 

Fairy Garden review 

The Fairy Garden kit from My Fairy Garden features a house, mouse and other cute little details to use to decorate the garden. 

This My Fairy Garden takes around 20 to 45 minutes to put together, depending on how long your child wants to take setting out their garden. 

The instructions to put the house together are clear and it’s very simple. There are certain things little hands can’t quite manage to do as they need a little force to click the pieces into place. It’s mainly putting the house together your child may struggle with. 

However kids can scoop the soil into the pot and place all of the components together. 

I struggled to put the roof on the houses as it didn’t seem to want to click into place but my husband managed to do this in the end. 

My two needed help tying the washing line on the two small plastic poles. This is quite a fiddly bit as the string is so small and the knot needs to be tight. 

It’s easy for kids to place everything though as it just needs pushing into the soil. They can rearrange everything as many times as they want. 

The kids enjoyed sprinkling the grass seeds around the most, as the kit comes with a small bottle of mini stars which are the “magic” they sprinkle on the seeds to make them grow. Of course it does need a little water too! 

The grass grew in around 10 days and once it got started growing it sprouted up to 2ins tall really quickly! 

Maintenance of the Fairy Garden is easy as it then just needs watering regularly and the grass needs to be trimmed occasionally too to keep it neat. 

The Fairy Garden makes a love decoration on the shelf in the kids’ playroom. 

Once the garden has been created kids can then pick the fairy figure up and move her around. It’s mainly a toy to look at once the garden has been put together and the grass has grown rather than one that has loads of features to play with. 

If your child does decide to frequently rearrange their garden you will find soil spills out of the pot quite a bit, so be prepared to tidy up a few messes. 

What’s in the box?

  • Fairy garden bowl 
  • Fairy figure 
  • Dormouse
  • Shell
  • Fairy house 
  • Clothes line with pegs
  • Blanket for clothes line 
  • Pack of grass seed
  • Coloured pebbles for path 
  • Dormouse flower house 
  • Fairy stars
  • Fairy flowers

Fairy Light Garden review 

My Fairy Light Garden

The principle of the Fairy Light Garden is pretty much the same as the Fairy Garden however this one has some really cool extra features. 

My Fairy Garden instructions

It’s a little larger and features the bridge which you could place inside the garden, but for space really needs to run from the garden out. 

My Fairy Light Garden

The light in the fairy house switches on when you blow into the window at the top of the house. When the light turns on it makes a cool musical fairy-type noise and it also makes a noise when you blow in the window again to switch it off.

This garden comes with two pretty fairy figures and a little hedgehog too.

My Fairy Light Garden

The bunting is a nice extra decoration for the garden. It’s a bit fiddly putting the bunting together – the kit comes with a set of diamond shaped stickers that need to be folded over the string to make the bunting. This was a bit too tricky for my kids to do without help.

My Fairy Light Garden being made

The images inside the guide to put the Fairy Light Garden together make it look a lot bigger than what it is in reality. It’s quite tricky fitting all of the components into the pot in the way the images suggest but the kids loved making it.

What’s in the box?

  • Fairy garden bowl 
  • Light-up musical fairy house 
  • Raised growing bed 
  • Raised decking with hedgehog house 
  • Heather fairy 
  • Elvie fairy 
  • Hedgehog
  • Unicorn 
  • Mushroom 
  • Bridge with flowers 
  • Posts with cord and bunting sticker sheet 
  • Grass seed 
  • Coloured pebbles for path 
  • Fairy dust  
  • Fairy flowers 

Can you use the Fairy Light Garden as a night light?

The light is pretty dim so in my opinion it works pretty well as a night light to give just a very gentle glow for the room. 

However it is battery operated so if your child wants to have a light on all night then eventually you’re going to get a situation when the batteries run out in the middle of the night. 

This may not be a huge issue if your child is already asleep, but it’s something to consider if you want to rely on it as a night light. Changing batteries (which you need a screwdriver to access) is not fun in the middle of the night! 

My Fairy Garden instructions 

The instructions for the My Fairy Garden kits are easy to follow with pictures and text instructions. 

It’s important to follow the instructions in the right order, particularly with the house as this needs to windows, roof and doors put on in a particular order. 

Young kids will need help with following the instructions however they’re not too complicated!

Is My Fairy Garden any good?

Some of the assembly stages are a little fiddly (so grown-up supervision is definitely required) but the kids do go absolutely crazy for these kits. 

The assembly of them is exciting, and they especially love sprinkling the seeds and magic fairy stars onto the garden towards the end of the process. 

It’s a little tricky making the garden look as pretty as it does in the pictures on the box, partly because I think there’s not quite as much space in the pots as implied in some of the images. 

However this is also down to kids putting together the garden themselves in a slightly haphazard way, which is lovely to see. 

Once the grass began to grow this made the whole process even more exciting for both kids. They loved seeing the process through from start to finish and still more the fairy and other pieces of the garden around. 

The Fairy Garden is a lot cheaper than the Fairy Light Garden and takes up a bit less space. The Fairy Light Garden does have some cool features but I wouldn’t say the light in this is a great night light so I wouldn’t purchase it with the aim of using it as one regularly, simply because the batteries would be a pain to change regularly. 

The My Fairy Garden kits are a lovely gift for a child age four to 10 and I would thoroughly recommend them! 

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