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Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet review

I’m not sure who is a bigger fan of the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet, myself or my kids. 

My children love their Amazon Fire tablets because there’s an absolute abundance of content for them to enjoy and it’s all right up their street – from Disney to Peppa and beyond!

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

For me I have peace of mind because I know the content they are accessing is age-appropriate plus Amazon Kids+ has lots of educational as well as fun games and apps for kids to enjoy. 

It keeps them thoroughly absorbed and entertained when using it, but if I want to limit screen time I can control their tablets from my phone. Easy. 

We bought the girls an Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet each for Christmas (these Fire tablets were purchased with my own money so you can rest assured this is an honest review).

These aren’t the first tablets we’ve bought for the kids, as they have previously each had a LeapFrog LeapPad. The LeapPad is much more basic than the Amazon Fire but it’s a cheaper and simpler start to using a tablet for toddlers. You can read more about it on our review of the LeapPad

What appealed about the Amazon Fire for kids was its a proper tablet. Whereas some of the other kids’ tablets have very limited content, this has so much to offer kids but is nowhere near the eye-watering price of an iPad. 

It’s also reassuring to know it comes with a hardy case that cushions it should your child fling it around the room (and let’s face it we know they will at some point) and Amazon will replace it if it breaks within two years of purchase. 

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Key features of the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids tablet 

  • 8inch tablet with kid-proof case and stand
  • Parental controls – create screen-time limits and set educational goals remotely. 
  • 1 year free Amazon Kids+ (Fire for Kids Unlimited) featuring apps, games and videos. 
  • 2 year worry-free guarantee – if it breaks Amazon will replace it for free. 
  • 32GB storage built in. 
  • MicroSD card slot for up to 1TB of additional storage. 
  • Case comes in blue, pink or purple 
  • Up to 12 hours battery life. 
  • 3.5mm stereo jack. 
  • Front and rear camera.
  • Wi-Fi ready. 
  • Weight: 550g

How to set up the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids tablet 

I şet my kids’ Amazon Fire tablets up before wrapping them up and handing them over as a gift. 

I thoroughly recommend you do this too so that they are ready to go before handing them over to your child. You don’t want an excited child shouting at you while you try to type in the WiFi password! 

The set-up takes around 10 to 15 minutes and is very easy to follow. 

Once you switch the tablet on you follow a series of instructions asking for the WiFi details, your child’s name and age so it can set up their profile and your Amazon account information so you can be registered for free Amazon Kids+ for one year. You also set a pin code for the device.

When all of that is done it’s simply a matter of handing it over to your child and they can start downloading apps, streaming TV shows and movies and reading books on the tablet. 

When I was getting tablet ready I also wanted to check the battery life before I handed it over to the kids but it was very nearly at 100% so I didn’t need to charge the tablets. 

What can kids do on the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition 

Your kids can play games, check out educational apps, read books, watch movies, surf YouTube and find their favourite TV shows available on Amazon Prime on the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

The Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is a proper tablet that can be used by you as an adult to do all the stuff on a tablet you would normally do – surf the internet, watch TV shows, download books etc. 

When you set it up for kids you tell the tablet what age your child is and set a pin code so that you have ultimate control over what they can and cannot do via the Amazon Kids+ subscription. 

My children only use the Amazon Kids+ content on their tablets. This is free for one year when you purchase one of the Amazon Fire Kids tablets and features all of the content listed above. 

What’s great about Amazon Kids+ is the content is appropriate for your child’s age and there are no in-app purchases. Everything on Amazon Kids+ is available under the subscription and it’s aimed at kids aged three to 12 – you set the age limits for the type of content you want them to see. 

The usual price of Amazon Kids+ if you have Amazon Prime is £1.99 a month per child. If you don’t have Prime then it’s £3.99 a month per child. 

Under Amazon Kids+ your child has no access to the internet or social media – something I think is important for children of my two’s age (five and four). 

The tablets have a front and rear camera for taking pictures (expect lots of shots of your pet and pictures of the inside of your child’s nose).

Camera on the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

It’s also worth mentioning you can have up to four profiles on one tablet – just in case you want your children to share the tablet. 

There are just three buttons on the side of the tablet – an on/off button (hold for three seconds to switch off or a push once to go into standby) and volume up and down buttons.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition buttons and charging point

The rubber case makes it easy for kids to grip onto the tablet plus there is a stand which is great for standing it upright on their laps or on a table.

Amazon Fire Kids 8 tablet standing up with the case stand

How good is the Amazon Fire battery life?

We found the battery life to be pretty great. 

The children spent basically all day Christmas Day when they received the tablets playing on them. 

So I would say they got about 10 hours of usage and the battery had run down to nearly zero by this time. 

Charging the power back to full from zero takes around five hours, so it’s not a quick charge. 

Can you add extra memory to an Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition?

Adding extra space to your Amazon Fire Kids tablet’s memory is easy. 

It takes a MicroSD card up to 1TB in size. 

To access the memory card slot you simply need to slip the tablet out of the cover. The slot is located down one side of the tablet and the slot cover can be easily lifted with your finger. 

To install a MicroSD card into your Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids tablet you will need to do the following: 

  • Switch to an adult profile on the tablet. We couldn’t get the tablet to recognise the card while on the children’s profiles. 
  • Pop your SD card into the slot with the side with the writing on facing the same side as the screen. 
  • Next you will need to head to your tablet’s settings and click on storage. 
  • Tap the option to format the SD card. This will take around five minutes to complete. 
  • Now your tablet has extra storage you can switch back to your kid’s profile on the tablet! 

What do my kids think of the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

The girls (age four and five) have been using their Amazon Fire Kids tablets for over a month now and they absolutely love them. 

The 2.0 GHz quad-core processor means it is super speedy – so your kids don’t have to wait long for their favourite apps to open. 

If I’m honest sometimes they love the tablets a little bit too much and we have to pry them out of their hands for a screen break. This is where the parental controls can come in handy. 

The girls have played a huge variety of games on the Fire tablets – from My Little Pony to one where they need to make ice creams and smoothies. 

They also often use it to watch their favourite Amazon Prime Kids TV shows such as Teen Titans Go and Peppa Pig. 

Because a lot of what they do on the tablet is quite noisy we’ve been getting them to use headphones with their tablets. We got some super cute pink ones from Amazon. 

Amazon Fire 8 Kids tablet in action on the home screen

We got one tablet in pink and another in purple. Both colours look great. We decided to get them different colours to make it easier to tell them apart, but it’s worth adding your child’s name appears at the top of the screen when the device is switched on at the homepage. 

How does the parent dashboard work?

The parent dashboard, which I can access from my smartphone and computer or tablet, controls the children’s Fire tablets. 

It lets me see how long they used the tablets for, which apps they accessed and what category of content they spent most time in. My kids tend to play on the apps the most. 

If I want to I can limit usage of specific apps or categories and only permit them to look at books on the tablets, if I decide I want to control what they are doing on there. 

I can also completely cut off usage at specific times of day or after a particular length of time. 

I love this degree of control, and being able to see exactly what they have done and for how long. It just means I can monitor their screen time and that helps me make choices for them if I feel they are using it too much. 

Is the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition worth the money?

You can check Amazon for the latest price on the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition. 

But ahead of purchasing I had noticed that Amazon discounts its Fire tablets at certain points during the year. 

So I picked mine up in the Black Friday sale ahead of Christmas 2020 for £84.99. Considering I bought two of these tablets it was definitely a saving worth making. 

Given all that the tablet does I would say it’s definitely worth the price tag but knowing that Amazon does regularly discount the price I would keep an eye out for sales. 

Final verdict on our Amazon Fire 8 Kids tablet review

The Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is a great value tablet that is packed with features your kids will love. 

It’s very easy for children to use and is robust enough to stand the sticky and heavy-handed use the tablet will experience from kids. 

The parental control settings and features give you ultimate control over how long your child uses the tablet for. 

However even when not placing limits on the usage of the tablet you can rest assured that your child will not be accessing inappropriate content when using the tablet. 

The 32GB inbuilt memory plus MicroSD card slot for adding up to 1TB of extra memory means you can download content to use the tablet on long journeys where you may not have access to WiFi. 

This is a fantastic first tablet for children that will provide them with tons of fun at the swipe of a tiny finger, but still keeps the parents in the driving seat with ultimate control over what kids do on the tablets.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet review

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