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How many baby wipes do I need?

Wondering how many baby wipes you need to stock up on ahead of your baby arriving?

I remember starting out with five packs of baby wipes before my first baby was born. Little did I know at that stage that this really was a drop in the ocean. 

Mum with newborn baby after nappy change

If I could change anything about what I did and did not buy ahead of becoming a parent for the first time, I would have definitely stocked up on the wipes! 

One of the benefits of buying in bulk is that it works out cheaper in the end. 

Knowing how many baby wipes you actually need can help you with your newborn essentials checklist and help with budgeting for baby in the first year. 

We’re going to start off small with calculating how many baby wipes you actually need, beginning with how many wipes you will need each day and then moving up to how many wipes you will need in the first year. 

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How many baby wipes in a pack?

First of all how many baby wipes do you actually get in an average pack? 

It varies depending on your preferred manufacturer but the big brands Huggies and Pampers sell in packs of 56 wipes and Water Wipes sells in packs of 60. 

In the US Pampers sells wipes in packs of 72 wipes, so as you can see this varies a lot. I’ve broken everything down here by the number of wipes so you can see exactly how many you need depending on your preferred brand. 

How many baby wipes per day?

New parents will need roughly 30 baby wipes per day. This is going to vary – remember if you’ve got multiple babies to increase that total – depending on a few factors. 

The amount of wipes you go through may increase if you are also using wipes to clean the changing mat between changes or if you are liberal with the wipe usage when changing a messy nappy. 

A newborn baby will, on average, need a wet or dirty nappy changed 10 times per day according to the NHS.  

At each nappy change you can expect to use between one and five wipes. You’ll use maybe one for a wet nappy change but a few more for cleaning up poo. 

Newborn baby poos can be small, but because they’re runny they can be very messy. 

For a very explosive nappy you may find yourself using a few more – that is for the poops that go all of the way up baby’s back and somehow end up absolutely everywhere, including all over the changing mat. 

Putting that together you can calculate how many baby wipes you need per day using the following information: 

  • You need five wipes for cleaning up after a nappy with poop. 
  • You need one wipe for a wet diaper. 

So assuming you use three wipes per nappy change, on average, this means you may get through 30 wipes per day. 

Of course this is for a newborn baby. As babies get older they will poop less and as they move to solids their poops will become firmer.

The NHS says that older babies need to be changed at least six to eight times a day. 

Assuming you may get through two wipes per nappy change, on average, for an older baby this means you can expect to get through around 16 wipes per day with a six month old baby.  

How many baby wipes per month?

New parents will get through roughly 900 wipes a month for a newborn baby. An older baby may need 480 wipes per month. 

Assuming you are buying packs of wipes with 56 wipes in them, you will need around eight to 16 packs of wipes per month for your baby. 

How many baby wipes do I need for the first year?

The number of wipes you will need in the first year will vary depending on a few factors but you will get through roughly 8,280 wipes. Please note this is for nappy changes only. 

This would mean you need around 148 packs of wipes, assuming each pack contains 56 wipes. 

You may need more if you are more liberal with the wipes. For me personally, I used a ton of wipes for a clean up because my babies’ nappies were very messy at times and I was happy to grab a fresh wipe rather than try to fold the one I was using in half and use it again. 

If you’re using wipes to wipe down your baby’s high chair after they have eaten or their face – which many parents do – then you’ll use even more. 

If you consider that when your baby is six months you may use up to three wipes per mealtime you could add another 1,620 wipes to the total that you need. 

How many baby wipes do I need

How many wipes can you stockpile?

Because baby wipes do not expire you can stockpile your entire year’s supply ahead of your baby being born. 

However baby wipes do have a shelf life of around two years and this may be less if they aren’t kept in a cool place, or you don’t keep the packs sealed until you actually need them. 

Of course storing 148 packs of baby wipes for a year’s usage may be tricky, so it’s worth considering that before rushing out to buy every wipe you’ll need for baby’s first 12 months. 

You may be interested in my article about the shelf life of baby wipes.

How much is a year’s supply of baby wipes?

A year’s supply of wipes would set you back roughly £120 in the UK and $235 in the US.

This is based on Amazon’s prices for bulk packs of Pampers Baby Wipes. Please note this price may be cheaper if you use Amazon’s Subscribe and Save.

How many baby wipes should I buy?

Before your baby is born it’s wise to buy around a month’s supply of baby wipes, which for a newborn would work out at around 16 packs of wipes. 

Buying in bulk ahead of your baby being born means no rushing out to stock up when you suddenly run out. 

It’s nice to be able to sit back and relax during the first few weeks after baby is born, so cutting back on what staples you may need to rush out to buy will help a lot. 

How to save money on baby wipes

There are several ways you can save money on baby wipes in baby’s first year and beyond. 

Buy in bulk 

You can bulk buy nappies through Amazon with its Subscribe and Save discount. This offers savings over time. 

Plus when you have it on a subscription you will, hopefully, never run out of wipes! 

Choose supermarket own brand wipes 

The difference in price of a pack of wipes from Pampers compared to one from a supermarket’s own brand range can be huge. Over the course of a year we’re talking a huge difference. 

Baby wipes stash

Also wipes with a hard plastic lid are a lot more expensive. They were my favoured choice at one stage because you could seal them easier and the wipes didn’t dry out so quickly. 

However it’s worth shopping around to get something that is both good value and that you are happy to use on your baby. Of course if your baby has particularly sensitive skin then you may need to select a particular brand, such as Water Wipes, to be gentle on their skin. 

Switch to reusable baby wipes 

I’ve focused on disposable baby wipes in this article but one of the best ways to save money and the environment is to switch to reusable baby wipes. 

You can buy reusable baby wipe kits or just put together your own! 

All you need is a plastic box (a Tupperware box will do) and some wash cloths. 

Every morning soak your wash cloths in a little water in the box and then you’ve got a box of wipes ready to use. 

Some brands, such as Cheeky Wipes, offer oil blends which you can add to your wipes to give them a fresh scent. 

Add wipes to your baby registry 

Loved ones will want to buy you gifts ahead of your baby’s birth and while wipes may not seem an exciting gift to them, it’s something you will be using every single day. 

How many baby wipes do I need?

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