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57 Halloween Party Ideas for Toddlers

If you’re throwing a toddler Halloween party then you’re probably looking for some cool and easy ideas to make it a spooktacular event!

Halloween is great fun for all ages, but of course with toddlers you want them to get into the spirit of the holiday without it being too scary. 

Halloween toddler party

These fun Halloween party ideas are perfect for toddlers, with activities, crafts, party games and food they will love!

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Halloween party activities for toddlers 

These are great Halloween party activities that work for toddlers and preschoolers to keep them busy during a get together. 

You could set some of these up on a craft table or two so that kids can stay entertained during the party!

1. Spooky printable activities 

Grab my free Halloween printable activities that are perfect for toddlers to enjoy!

Once you download this freebie you can print it off as many times as you like.  

2. Halloween colouring pages 

My free Halloween colouring pages feature fun and recognisable Halloween characters such as witches and vampires. All are just right for toddlers, with happy and cheerful illustrations. 

You can download the Halloween colouring for toddlers here. 

3. Halloween Guess Who 

This fun free printable Halloween Guess Who game is perfect for toddlers at a party!

Download the free printable cards and then each player takes a card and takes it in turns to ask the others questions about the spooky character on their card. Whoever guesses right wins!

4. Scavenger hunt

This fun Halloween scavenger hunt is a perfect activity for a toddler party. It’s best for parties with a small number of kids. 

Toddler scavenger hunt Halloween

You can grab a free download and print the free PDF from Mama of Minis then hide the clues around the house then help your toddler by reading the clues to them as they go. 

5. Play dough station 

Grab some orange, black and green play dough, along with some Halloween themed cookie cutters. 

Then challenge toddlers to roll out the play dough and cut out some cool Halloween shapes. 

They could put their Halloween shapes together to create a little Halloween play dough scene as well. 

6. Painting mini pumpkins 

One of my favourite activity to do with the kids at Halloween is to paint little pumpkins!

Tiny pumpkins that fit in the palm of your hand aren’t ideal for carving, but you can decorate them with kid-safe paint. 

Once the kids are done decorating then you can use the pumpkins as part of your Halloween decorations. 

7. Costume prizes 

Encourage all of the toddlers coming to the party to dress up and then give out awards to each of them. 

You could have “best scare”, “cutest costume”, “most creative costume”, “funniest costume”, etc. 

8. Fizzy Pumpkin Science experiment

Science experiments and demonstrations are a brilliant way to entertain toddlers at a party.

This Halloween-themed science experiment involves a pumpkin shape made of baking soda that they can play with before pouring on vinegar and making it fizz. They will love it!

Halloween party games for toddlers

Want to organise some games for toddlers at a Halloween party to play? These are simple and spooky themed so they can have an amazing time!

9. Halloween egg hunt

Who says egg hunts have to just be for Easter? If you won’t be going trick or treating then this is a great alternative to get the kids moving around and having a great time.

You can even buy Halloween-themed eggs for the hunt!

10. Roll the dice

Grab your free printable Halloween dice game from the link above and then get playing!

Let the kids sit in a circle with their Halloween candy (or give them a small pile of candy to begin). Each kid can take turns tossing the dice. Following the game instructions for whichever it lands on.

11. Musical chairs 

It’s a classic and popular game for a good reason! Play some fun kid-friendly Halloween music – think Ghostbusters theme tune – and encourage the kids to dance around some chairs before racing for a seat when the music stops. 

12. Halloween-themed pin the tail game 

Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, you could find a pin the nose on the witch or something along those lines that is for Halloween! 

Why not try this fun pin the nose on the pumpkin game?  

13. Apple bobbing 

Apple bobbing is a classic autumnal game and children will love to take party!

You just need a bucket or tray filled with water and some apples to float inside. Then challenge kids to grab an apple with their mouth only.

14. Pass the pumpkin 

Instead of pass the parcel get a hollowed out pumpkin and fill it with sweet treats. Then get the kids to sit in a circle just as they would in pass the parcel and pass the pumpkin along the circle as music plays. 

When the music stops, the child holding the pumpkin takes a treat then the music resumes. 

15. Guess the Ghost 

Have someone place a white bed sheet over themselves – they are the ghost – and then get the kids to guess who it is!

The ghost could be another kids or one of the adults. 

16. What’s the Time Mrs Witch 

This is just like What’s the time Mr Wolf. One person is Mrs Witch and they must stand with their back to the other players at one of the room (give them a witch’s hat as a prop too!). 

Now the players must ask out loud “what’s the time Mrs Witch”. The witch then shouts back the time and the players must take the same number of steps towards the witch. 

When the players get close to the witch, the witch can then shout “midnight” and chase the other players. Whoever the witch catches is out. 

Halloween party crafts for toddlers 

These Halloween crafts are perfect for parties where you have a bit of space of if you only have a few toddlers coming along. 

Crafts like these are especially good if you’re throwing a party that also has adults, as the crafting table can be the kids zone where they have some fun while adults are socialising. 

17. Paper plate monsters 

This easy craft is very simple for little ones but the results will have them super happy! 

You will need: 

  • Paper plates 
  • Paint or pens 
  • Stick-on googly eyes 

Challenge your toddler to decorate their paper plate any way they want for their monster’s face. They can just scribble if they want! 

Then get them to stick on googly eyes. These can be placed as two eyes on the face of the plate, as you could add lots to create a real monster feel!

18. Halloween pipe cleaner monsters

These fun pipe cleaner monsters look great and are easy to make.

You’ll need stick-on eyeballs, some pipecleaners and craft sticks.

19. Paper plate pumpkin 

You can also use paper plates to create a fun pumpkin face!  

This is much easier for toddlers than carving a pumpkin, as they won’t be able to use the knife. 

20. Halloween ghost 

I love this Halloween puffy ghost because its super easy for toddlers to do on their own without too much help.

You’ll need cotton balls to stick onto the ghost, and you can grab a free ghost template to cut out for the project from blogger Mom Brite. 

21. Bat tissue paper sun catcher 

This bat tissue paper sun catcher is a colourful creation for your kids to put together. They will love the bright colours of the tissue paper. 

Let them choose which colours they get to use!

22. Halloween luminaries

I love this craft project because it involves reusing empty bottles. It’s always great to teach your toddler about recycling and reusing things wherever you can! 

Kids can create a Frakenstein or vampire and then add battery operated tea lights inside so they light up for Halloween. 

23. Halloween slime

 This fluffy Halloween slime and green and gloopy which means kids will love to play with it!

You could hide some little spider toys inside the slime and challenge the toddler guests to have a look for them in the slime.

You can find this Halloween slime recipe here.

24. Lollystick spiderwebs 

Whenever I’ve done this toddler craft with my kids I stick the lollysticks together in a star shape using a glue gun first, then get them to wrap wool or string around it however they want.

The will love to create patterns with the string!

You can find a guide for how to do this over on my top Halloween crafts for toddlers.

25. Toilet roll monsters 

There are so many things you can do with toilet rolls, and making monsters is a great one for Halloween.

Kids can decorate a toilet roll to look like a Frankenstein, mummy or vampire. They can use paint and pens, or you could cut out some shapes from card and they can stick the various parts of the face on however they want.

26. Pumpkin apple stamps 

This is a great way to use up any bruised fruit you won’t be eating. Take some apples and cut them in half, then use the fruit side to dip in paint and stamp onto paper or card. 

Then encourage your toddler to add a little green stem so it looks like a pumpkin! They can create their own pumpkin patch painting. 

27. Monster rocks 

Painting rocks is a great activity because you can first challenge kids to collect some up from the garden or on their way to the party. 

This can stay a simple activity for kids as they can simply paint the whole rock in one colour – try using super bright neon paint for an extra bit of fun. 

Then get them to stick googly eyes on the rocks to bring the monsters to life. 

28. Pumpkin play dough  

This fab pumpkin play dough features pumpkin spice scent making it a perfect sensory activity for kids. 

Once they have mixed up the play dough they can then play at creating pumpkins out of play dough. 

29. Spider paper plates 

This is another great paper plate craft! I love that kids can add as many spider eyes as they want to the plate. 

They will also love sticking the legs randomly to the plate to create a scary spider. 

30. Pipe cleaner spiders 

This craft is minimal effort but kids can then enjoy playing with the spider when they are done! 

Use pipe cleaners (I tend to use play ones) and twist them into a spider with eight legs. 

You can then tie small string to the spider and your kids can hang them as decorations around the house. 

31. Paper bag monster puppets

This monster puppet craft is perfect because kids will love to make them and then they can use them to put on a Halloween play! 

32. Pumpkin bead craft

I love these sweet little pumpkins. Kids will need supervision with this craft but I think toddlers will really enjoy putting this together! 

33. Halloween witch craft

Toddlers will need a bit of help putting this one together but if you can pre-cut some of the items then they can help to assemble and draw on a face for the witch.

34. Spider cup craft  

Once kids have put together this cool spider cup they can then enjoy playing with it. 

Or they could add some string and hang it as a decoration at the party. 

35. Tissue paper ghost

This very simple tissue paper ghost is so easy to make and you probably have all of the supplies you need to make it at home already! 

36. Paper ghost

This is a simple Halloween craft that kids will find easy to do.

They will love to decide whether the ghost should have a shocked face or a happy face!

Halloween party food and drink for toddlers 

The food and drink at a Halloween party is where you can really dial up the fun for toddlers! 

These are some amazing and creative spooky food ideas that preschoolers will really enjoy. 

37. Halloween cake pops

It’s not Halloween without a little sweet treat! I love how great these Halloween cake pops look, although I’m sure little hands will be snapping them up to eat them very fast!

38. Halloween pancakes

Not sure what to serve to toddlers at a Halloween party? Pancakes are always a crowd-pleaser!

I love these fun monster and spiderweb pancakes.

39. Halloween cookies

These colourful Halloween cookies are bound to inject some fun into the party!

40. Halloween Charcuterie board

This charcuterie board is the perfect centrepiece for a kids’ Halloween party food table.

I love all the different treats that have been used to put this colourful board together! It looks so fun.

41. Juice box covers

When it comes to drink the juice boxes you serve to toddlers do not have to be boring. Try adding these cute Halloween juice box covers.

I love these free download and print covers which make it super easy for you to do this at home.

42. Skeleton veggie tray

Candy and chocolate is great at Halloween, but if you want to offer a healthier alternative then this skeleton veggie tray is perfect!

Take inspiration from the layout here or arrange some of your toddler’s favourite veggies on a board in a skeleton shape yourself.

You could also try something similar with fruit.

43. Halloween fruit tray

Need ideas for how to layout a Halloween fruit tray? Check out this super fun and scarily tasty Halloween selection of fruit.

Halloween fruit tray for a toddler party

I particularly love the ghost bananas.

44. Mummy cookies

Toddler mummy cookies for Halloween party

Any toddler party needs a tray of cookies! These fun mummy cookies look so perfect and are easy to make – with no baking required.

45. Frankenstein smoothie

What a drink with a difference at your toddler Halloween party? Check out this incredible blueberry smoothie.

I love the green colour and the fun decorations on the glass.

46. Orange sherbert punch

This is another fun drink to serve to kids at a Halloween bash.

The bright orange colour of the drink makes it look really great in a glass with some pumpkin decorations to go with the spooky theme of the party.

47. Halloween brownie bites

These simple Halloween brownie bites look delicious. There are lots of ideas for how you can decorate them with icing and edible eyes!

48. Mummy pizza

When deciding what to serve toddlers at a Halloween party, pizza is a pretty great option.

It’s one you know that most child and adult guests will love. I really like how olives have been used here for the eyes!

49. Ghosts on a boat

This fun ghosts on a boat snack is super sweet and easy to put together.

50. Monster Rice Krispie treats

These Monster Rice Krispie Treats are going to be so much fun as a Halloween treat!

These multi-eyed monsters are so cute in their bright colours and kids and adults alike will love them.

51. Halloween chex mix

This spooky chex mix is perfect if you want to put out bowls of snacks for your party guests.

It features a mix of cereals, plus some M&Ms and pretzels, and candy eyeballs to make it the perfect Halloween snack!

52. Oreo spiders

Using Oreo cookies to make spider snacks is an inspired idea for a Halloween party.

Just add pretzel sticks and edible eyes – it could not be simpler!

53. Halloween strawberries

These spooky strawberries would make perfect sweet snacks for toddlers at a Halloween party.

Halloween strawberries for toddler party

The bright colours used here make them a great way to bring some fun to your food table.

54. Petri dish treats

These cool petri dish treats are something a little different to put out for your Halloween party for toddlers!

Petri dish treat for toddler party Halloween

They’re made of gelatin so are completely edible and will delight children.

55. Healthy clementine pumpkins

Want to put out some healthy toddler snacks at the party? These clementine pumpkins are perfect.

They’re super simple to put together as well!

56. Fang cookies

Fang cookies

These easy no-bake fang cookies are a perfect treat for preschoolers enjoying a Halloween party.

57. Halloween Monster Cookies

These soft, chewy and buttery sugar cookies are loaded with candy eyes and Halloween M&Ms.

Final thoughts

I hope these amazing toddler Halloween party ideas have given you plenty of inspiration for keeping little ones entertained.

If you are planning on celebrating Halloween in a more lowkey way then you may also like these ways to celebrate Halloween at home.

Toddler Halloween party ideas

Vicky Smith is a mother of two daughters and a journalist. She has been writing and vlogging about parenting for over five years.